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  • Keynote Speaker Tala Raassi

    She is devoted to celebrating the beauty of women with her designs & empowering women all around the world to follow their dreams.

  • Keynote Speaker Rachael Bozsik

    Confidence strategist, millennial entrepreneur and CEO empowering the next generation of women in the workplace.

  • Keynote Speaker Kare Anderson

    An Emmy-winning former NBC and Wall Street Journal reporter, connective behavior speaker & columnist for Forbes & Huffington Post.

  • Keynote Speaker Bill Rasmussen

    The Founder of ESPN who changed the face of sports.

  • Keynote Speaker Steve Jones

    Sponsored speaker for Discover Colorado – July 23-25, 2017

  • Keynote Speaker Walter Bond

    A former NBA player, Mr. Accountability forces his audience to be responsible for whatever situation they are in for the win

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Keynote Speaker Scarlett Lewis
Keynote Speaker Paul Assaiante
Keynote Speaker Janine Shepherd
Keynote Speaker Norm Bossio
Keynote Speaker David Romanelli
Keynote Speaker Jay Jacobs

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