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Keynote Speaker David Romanelli

Bestselling author, wellness innovator, and entrepreneur, David will bring a unique approach to the hardships of work-life balance

Keynote Speaker Scarlett Lewis

Make this world better by helping people choose love over anger, gratitude over entitlement with forgiveness and compassion.

Keynote Speaker Janine Shepherd

As an Olympian who was hit by a truck during a training bicycle ride, her story of defying the odds is both moving and inspiring

Keynote Speaker Dan Buettner

Blue Zones author shows audiences strategies for longevity, wellness, and happiness

Keynote Speaker Shawn Achor

Teaching organizations how to increase happiness and meaning for their employees, effecting a positive change to their bottom line

Keynote Speaker Heidi Hanna

Shows people how to increase productivity, performance, brainpower, & manage stress with nutrition, exercise & positive thinking

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