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Speaker Sponsorships

The Goodman Speakers Bureau is fully committed to advancing the role of professional speakers in the meetings industry. Professional speakers add great value and significance to every meeting, large or small, regardless of topic or industry. We are equally enthusiastic about meeting planners who seek to learn about keynote speakers and how to better make use of their talents.

We are actively involved in the sponsorship of several key events attended by meeting planners, association executives, and others who use professional speakers. These events provide valuable opportunities for professionals to hear keynote speakers first-hand, and learn how to use them more effectively, creatively, and strategically to meet all their meeting objectives.

2009 - Sponsored Speaker FICP Great Lakes/Midwest Regional Meeting

  • Dan Coughlin

    Makes it his mission as a business speaker to work with executives and managers to achieve great performance in a sustainable way

2009 - Sponsored Speaker Northeast Chapter FICP

  • Garrison Wynn

    He appeals to wide variety of audiences by delivering serious, result-driven information with professionally honed humor.

2009 - Sponsored Speaker FICP Educational Forum

  • Lynne Lancaster

    Lynne’s special talent of bridging generation gaps in the workplace allows for a better communication & work environment.

2009 - Sponsored Speaker CMP Conclave

  • Sam Glenn

    Called “The Chalk Man” Sam’s side-splitting humor brings his stories to life while hiding a message that inspires audiences

2008 - Sponsored Speaker FICP Annual Conference

  • Steve Gilliland

    Steve is a motivational speaker & master storyteller who uses the power of humor to entertain and empower his audience

  • Scott Burrows

    Inspiring organizations to stand up to any challenge through a clear vision, a determined mindset and unstoppable grit.

2008 - Sponsored Speaker CMP Conclave

  • Dale Irvin

    The perfect Emcee, Dale keeps the audience fully engaged as he entertains with his humorous stories

2008 - FICP Northeast Chapter

  • Mike Hourigan

    Mike captivates audiences with his real-world wisdom, quick insights, lively participation, and memorable stories.

2007 - Financial Services Marketing Association

  • Brian Holloway

    Not just another athlete he inspires transformational outcomes for groups who must break through to an extraordinary future

2007 - CMP Conclave 2007

  • Wayne Cotter

    A hilarious and attention grabbing comedian and emcee, perfect for any event that is in need of a vivacious entertainer

2007 - FICP 2007 Education Forum

  • Linda Edgecombe

    She is a best selling author who energizes every room as she leads people to loosen up, lighten the load and laugh

  • Duane Cashin

    Duane's motivational speeches spark your passion for success & drive you to achieve your personal best in business, sales and life