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Matt Mayberry

Matt Mayberry, a former NFL linebacker for the Chicago Bears, is currently one of the most read columnists for Entrepreneur Magazine, as well as an acclaimed keynote speaker, consultant and peak performance strategist. As the CEO of Matt Mayberry Enterprises, a training and consulting company, he specializes in maximizing the performance of individuals and organizations all over the world. He inspires audiences with a combination of powerful stories, current research, and past experiences from his own life and athletic success. He is known for his innovative ideas teaching people how to dominate, turn failure into gifts, improve sales effectiveness, and elevate their potential. Matt will re-energize audiences while providing key ideas and practical strategies that are applicable to increase performance immediately. He encourages all people to not settle for average when they can be great.

Tom Connellan

Tom Connellan energizes and inspires audiences with actionable ideas that quickly build traction and momentum in teams or with customers. Founded on research and his experience as a CEO, entrepreneur, and New York Times best-selling author, Tom’s presentations deliver rock-solid value. Rock-solid value is why Tom was the only outside speaker at a global conference series sponsored by Fortune magazine. Rock-solid value is why he was named one of “seven tough talking and truth telling keynote speakers” by Selling Power magazine. And rock-solid value is why Tom regularly keynotes meetings for organizations such as FedEx, Marriott, Canadian Tire, TD Canada Trust, Acura, Target, GlaxoSmithKline, BMW, Lockheed Martin, Neiman Marcus, Home Depot, ASAE, and MPI. Tom’s methods for building traction and momentum work because they’re based not on opinion but on research, testing, and real-world application.

Michell Smith

Passionate, bold and inspiring, Michell draws on her achievements as a young woman in business to address the themes of high performance, motivation, leadership, commitment, the power of goals, teamwork, and doing whatever it takes. Michell opened her own sales company at the age of 21. In the next 4 years she scaled that business to over 1000 sales reps, 29 locations and over 10 million dollars in annual commissions. It was the biggest and most successful direct sales team ever built in Canadian history. She is the bestselling author of the Six Questions and creator of the popular program, Confidence Kickstart™. A highly entertaining, dynamic and captivating speaker, Michell uses her first hand experiences to deeply connect with her audience and leaves them feeling unstoppable, educated & inspired.

Kevin O'leary

From his modest beginnings, Kevin O’Leary built a company worth more than $4 billion dollars. He speaks openly about his upbringing, including important lessons he learned from his parents and from his stepfather. He also delves into what it’s like to be a Shark on ABC’s hit TV show, Shark Tank. He shares the details of his relationships with the other Sharks and what it takes to get a deal on the show. Kevin’s years of experience as a successful repeat entrepreneur are a valuable source of insights. Above all, Kevin ensures that his audiences understand his fundamental, personal beliefs about success, entrepreneurship, money, hard work and sales. No matter what stage you are at in your career, in your business and in your life, Kevin O’Leary’s lessons will add value to all of your endeavors.

Randy Fine

Randy Fine is the President of Robert Fine & Associates, an insurance and financial services firm located in Framingham. His company specializes in wealth accumulation, life insurance planning, tax-deferred savings and business and estate planning for a diverse range of clients. Mr. Fine is a sought-after speaker in the areas of insurance, financial services, marketing and business management. Randy has been a recipient of the National Quality Award and the National Sales Achievement Award of the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors (NAIFA). He was elected and served as President of NAIFA Boston in 2002.

Chip Eichelberger

Chip Eichelberger is a proven performer who teaches that success within a business first starts with success within the individuals. Previously, Chip has worked with the world renowned Tony Robbins, winning Sales Leader of the Year twice. He hired, trained and led sales teams around the U.S. and became Robbins’ international point man planting the flag for Tony in Australia and the UK. When Chip speaks, audiences won’t listen to a lecture- they will participate in an interactive experience that will challenge, enlighten, and motivate them. Chip brings great energy, a strong message and engages the audiences through collaborations and discussions.

Anthony “AB” Bourke

Anthony “AB” Bourke is a highly experienced F-16 fighter pilot who has flown tactical missions in countries all over the world. As a United States Air Force fighter pilot, Bourke learned early in his career that the key to keeping individuals and organizations performing at their peak is a constant communication system. Team members should receive honest feedback on a regular basis delivered in a format that they expect. Bourke has taken the tools and techniques he learned as a fighter pilot and applied them to the business world. He has over 20 years of high level management and leadership experience with some of the world’s top organizations. Bourke will help your organization master the critical tools that fighter pilots use to improve performance and stay alive in a rapidly changing environment.

Dan Waldschmidt

Since birth Dan Waldschmidt has been refusing to accept business as usual. Dan helps companies all over the world arrive at business-changing breakthrough ideas by moving past outdated conventional wisdom, social peer pressure, and the selfish behaviors that stop them from being high performers. Dan is the author of Edgy Conversations: How Ordinary People Can Achieve Outrageous Success. His blog was called one of the Top 7 sales blogs by The Wall Street Journal. Dan is an internationally recognized award winning billion dollar strategist who ultimately teaches that success is now about what you do. It’s about how you think. How you approach problems, how you fundamentally see the world determines your outcome.

Kevin Strong

Kevin Strong, is a personal development expert, business innovator, and author of Being Wise. He uses humor and illustrations with business insight to show individuals and organizations how they can unleash their inherent potential. This is done by overcoming 6 detriments and shifting to what his 5 years of research have found to be 6 advantages to our greatest factor for success. He has built 2 businesses and worked in sales and management for several years in a Fortune 500 company. Kevin has also served in the Boy Scouts of America Program, on the board of the Ute Football Conference and on the board of the Las Vegas chapter of the National Speakers Association.

Ed Brodow

In today's challenging economy, clients want (1) high content with (2) a positive business message to accompany (3) a dynamic presentation. No topic delivers all three better than negotiation. Ed Brodow's keynotes emphasize that you can overcome the current economic malaise and overtake the competition by using core negotiation skills, such as aiming high, challenging negative assumptions, and improving listening skills. Ed's stories – exciting, funny, and to the point – provide the dynamic pacing. As a nationally recognized television personality, Ed has appeared as a negotiation guru on PBS, ABC National News, Fox News, Inside Edition, and Fortune Business Report. Ed is also the bestselling author of six books. His latest book is entitled In Lies We Trust: How Politicians and the Media Are Deceiving the American Public. The ability to negotiate is paramount in business and no one understands it better than Ed.

Dan Roam

The problem? We talk so much that we don’t think very well. The solution: Vivid Thinking. Dan Roam shares with his audiences the power of visual thinking. Dan is the founder and president of Digital Roam Inc., a management-consulting firm that uses visual thinking to solve complex problems. He is also the author of several books including the international bestseller, The Back of the Napkin: Solving Problems and Selling Ideas with Pictures, which was named the innovation and creativity book of the year by Fast Company, BusinessWeek, and the Times of London. Dan shows us how to find the underlying message in any idea and cut out the blah-blah-blah forever.

4 Sales Tips for Success

Wednesday, February 15, 2017 - 11:00

Are you ready to face your fears and move forward in your career? If you are determined to make a change, Bill Wooditch and his concept of Always Forward! can serve as your toolkit and guide in this journey.

Below are 4 of Bill’s Sales Tips for Success:

  1. Think and Do
  2. - Most people think and wait too long to take action. The shorter the distance between thinking and doing, the more likely you are to succeed.

  3. Time Waits for No One
  4. - You have to be on time, people do not like to be kept waiting.

  5. Find a Way or Make a Way
  6. - It is necessary to have personal accountability to finish what you start.

  7. Walk Away Power
  8. - Know when it is time to walk away from a sale.

To learn all 7 of Bill’s 7 Tips for Sales Success, check out his book, Always Forward!

 Bill Wooditch 

Robert Cialdini

Dr. Robert Cialdini has spent his entire career researching the science of influence earning him an international reputation as an expert in the fields of persuasion, compliance, and negotiation. His books including, Influence: Science & Practice, are the result of decades of peer-reviewed research on why people comply with requests. Influence has sold over 3 million copies in over 30 languages and is a New York Times Bestseller. His new book, Pre-Suasion: A Revolutionary Way to Influence and Persuade, quickly became a Wall Street Journal and a New York Times Bestseller. Because of the world-wide recognition of Dr. Cialdini’s cutting edge scientific research and his ethical business and policy applications, he is frequently regarded as the “Godfather of influence.”

Michael Veltri

Michael Veltri is a top-rated business transformation keynote speaker with an exclusive system for achieving peak performance in business and life. The ideal intersection between inspiring and practical, Michael creates dynamic, must-attend keynotes, workshops, and seminars that masterfully fuse inspiring wisdom with results-based practical applications. The outcome: your audience will be moved and inspired - as well as armed for battle - to achieve peak performance in any situation. In addition to keynote speaking, Michael is a Nationwide Bestselling author, consultant and leadership expert for elite organizations such as the Central Intelligence Agency and many Fortune 500 companies. As a professional athlete, C-suite executive, and two-time cancer survivor, Michael shares his message of resilience and indomitable spirit with audiences worldwide.

George Walther

Acclaimed for three decades as a professional speaker and author whose business-boosting works are published around the world, George Walther is now also celebrated as the "Traveling Twain of the 21st Century." He presents keynotes and workshops for diverse businesses, ranging from Starbucks and Microsoft to dentists and entrepreneurs. George Walther is an acknowledged expert at boosting your communication effectiveness. People who manage, sell, collect past-due accounts, negotiate, serve customers, and seek to project a more positive image, regard his Phone Power book, seminars, and audio/video tapes as classic guides. On stage, George combines tales from his adventures in 99 countries, as featured in USA Today, with 33 years of business authorship and consulting to deliver potent, practical lessons for commerce and life.


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