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Mike Staver

The most courageous leaders look to Mike Staver for the inspiration and strategies they need to fight the battles they face. Mike Staver provides keynotes as well as coaching, consulting, and training programs that help every member of your team achieve amazing results. With a master’s degree in counseling psychology and a bachelor’s degree in business administration, he understands the importance of results and can assist your organization in the successful pursuit of its objectives. Michael’s commitment to his clients is evident in the content and delivery of his message. His message is centered on his fundamental belief that each person and every organization has the potential to achieve outstanding results. Michael has an uncanny ability to make the most complex ideas simple and memorable. His sense of humor, depth of knowledge, and caring attitude will keep your attendees engaged from start to finish.

Ryan Estis

Ryan Estis has more than 20 years of experience as a top-performing sales professional and leader. As the former chief strategy officer for the McCann Worldgroup advertising agency NAS, he brings a fresh perspective to business events. As a keynote speaker, Ryan is known for his innovative ideas on leading change, improving sales effectiveness and preparing for the future of work. He was recently recognized as one of “the best keynote speakers ever heard” by Meetings & Conventions magazine alongside Tony Robbins, Bill Gates, Colin Powell and Mike Ditka. Ryan delivers keynote speeches, courses and online learning with an emphasis on actionable content designed to elevate business performance. His curriculum emphasizes emerging trends influencing corporate culture, communication, collaboration, leadership, sales and brand experience. Ryan helps participants prepare to thrive in today’s ultra-competitive, hyper-connected business environment.

David Horsager

David Horsager, MA, CSP, is a business strategist, keynote speaker and author of the National Bestseller, The Trust Edge. His work has been featured in prominent publications such as Fast Company, Forbes, and The Wall Street Journal. David has worked to develop trusted leaders and organizations on six continents, with clients ranging everywhere from Wells Fargo and the New York Yankees to Goodyear and the Department of Homeland Security. David has enjoyed serving in a number of leadership roles, from ethics commissioner to executive producer to director on a variety of boards. David’s new book, The Daily Edge: Simple Strategies to Increase Efficiency and Make an Impact Every Day is his newest release. David delivers life-changing presentations by combining humor, illustrations, and memorable stories with research and insight. He sheds light on the confusion and misconceptions surrounding the cornerstone of personal and professional success.

J.P. Pawliw-Fry

Dr. JP Pawliw-Fry is that rare kind of leadership speaker who can change the outcome of a meeting by sharing his expertise in emotional intelligence. The way JP enthusiastically advises companies on leadership, performance, and managing change makes his audiences not only absorb the information but drives behavior to improve your organization. JP was one of the highest rated former lecturers at the Kellogg School of Management’s Executive Education Program and now is an advisor to numerous Fortune 100 companies as well as NHL and NBA teams and Olympic medal winning athletes. His lively and original keynotes engage audiences to implement his profound strategies the next day to make a real difference in their organization!

Kyle Maynard

Kyle Maynard is a motivational speaker, author, entrepreneur and athlete. Despite being born with arms that end at the elbows and legs near the knees, Kyle’s wrestled for one of the best teams in the Southeast, set records in weightlifting, fought in mixed martial arts, and most recently became the first man to crawl on his own to the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa, which awarded him his 2nd ESPY for the Best Male Athlete with a Disability. His story has been featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Larry King Live, ESPN’s Sportscenter, HBO’s Real Sports, ABC's 20/20 and Good Morning America, and as a cover story in USA Today. He continues to inspire as the author of his book, No Excuses (2005), a New York Times bestseller.

Eileen McDargh

Eileen McDargh has helped organizations and individuals transform the life of their business and the business of their life through conversations that matter and connections that count. She draws upon practical business know-how, life experiences and years of consulting. She has worked with major national and international organizations that have ranged from global pharmaceuticals to the US Armed Forces, from health care associations to religious institutions. She is the author of many resiliency and leadership books including, Work for a Living & Still Be Free to Live, and Take Ain’t Cheap-It’s Priceless. Eileen offers proactive, concise, profound yet personal insights while interacting and entertaining audiences.

Bill Driscoll

Navy Ace pilot and TOPGUN instructor Bill Driscoll demonstrates to audiences how life-or-death aerial dogfights--and the preparation for them--can help guide high-risk corporate decisions. Bill uses strategies from Driscoll's own highly successful second career in commercial real estate to reinforce the consistent patterns of underlying exceptional performance under pressure.

Rod D. Martin

Just “a poor kid from Arkansas” turned Silicon Valley success story, Rod has a unique blend of southern gentleman and savvy business acumen that is sure to stimulate, educate, inspire and motivate any audience. Rod is a Cambridge-educated serial entrepreneur with big achievements with a knack for turning everything he touches into to success. Rod’s technology career began at Silicon Valley legend PayPal, where he was a senior advisor to founder and CEO Peter Thiel during the company’s startup phase, IPO, and multi-billion dollar sale to eBay. Later, he founded his own hedge fund and struck out on his own. In 2009, Rod and one of his partners led the takeover and turnaround of Galectin Therapeutics (NASDAQ: GALT), which is now developing a drug that, in early studies, has successfully reversed fibrosis and cirrhosis of the liver.

Gary Lynn

Developer of Lean Innovation–a new approach to innovation that enables rapid experimentation. Backed by 20 years of research with leading companies including GE, Apple, Honeywell, IBM and many others. Named as one of the seven most prolific thought leaders in the field of Technology-Innovation Management by the International Association for the Management of Technology (IAMOT). And, selected as one of the top ten management gurus in the world. Gary is the author of five books on innovation. Gary’s keynotes provide real actionable activities that bring immediate value for companies that want new products, services and processes. Dr. Lynn only speaks about innovation, but can tailor it for Leadership meetings, Sales, Marketing and R&D events.

Lori Greiner

“The Shark With a Heart Who Can Instantly Tell a ‘Hero from a Zero’” Entrepreneurial business mogul, best-selling author, and star shark on the hit ABC show Shark Tank, Lori Greiner is one of today’s most prolific inventors of retail products. Lori started with one idea and turned it into a half a billion dollar international brand. She has hosted her own show for the past 16 years on QVC entitled Clever & Unique Creations by Lori Greiner and her products have been featured in top magazines such as Town & Country, O:Oprah Magazine, Women’s Day and Instyle. Lori has also been profiled in Financial Times and Success and has made television appearances on The View, CBS This Morning and Good Morning America. After creating 400 products and holding 120 US and international Patents with a 90% product launch success rate, Lori is now focused on investing in new companies and turning dreams into a reality on ABC’s Shark Tank. Who better to host your next corporate event than one of our generation’s biggest success stories?

Michelle Stacy

If you drank a cup of coffee, brushed your teeth or shaved this morning, your life has already been impacted by Michelle Stacy’s leadership. For the last 35 years, Michelle has built a career that has culminated in leadership positions at Gillette, P&G, and most recently as President of Keurig. She inspires organizations to deliver innovation, drive growth, and build powerful global brand franchises. Michelle’s key to driving exceptional growth stems from her ability to create a positive and focused culture, high employee engagement, and a company-wide commitment to lead with a higher purpose.

Ingrid Lindberg

As one of the first Customer Experience Officers (CXO) in the country, Ingrid Lindberg has been a pioneer on the leading edge of customer experience for over 20 years. She’s partnered with numerous Fortune 500 companies across Finance, Healthcare, Packaged Goods and Retail, working to create differentiating customer experience strategies and cultures. She was awarded the prestigious Stevie Maverick of the Year for having the most impact on a company or industry. Ingrid has a record of energizing sales people, rallying senior and executive leadership teams, and driving customer experience improvements to expand companies’ growth and success. She is a plain talking, jargon free truth-teller who inspires everyone to do better for the customer. A tenacious daredevil who will show you that you, too, can make big change from any seat in any sized company.

Chuck Gallagher

Every choice has a consequence. In 1987, Chuck Gallagher made some bad choices at the height of his career and went from wearing a business suit to an orange jump suit some years later. “So,” you might be asking yourself, “why would I want a former convicted felon to speak to my organization about ethics and integrity?” Because Chuck has experienced firsthand how easy it is to move from ethical to unethical. Having rebuilt his life, the lessons he learned allow him to share a unique perspective unlike any other business ethics keynote speaker. Rather than taking the usual theoretical approach to ethics—which, frankly, can put an audience to sleep—Chuck captures attention by talking about his own journey from a human perspective, then combining it with a practical application. His presentations are humorous, thought-provoking
and impactful.

Shawna Suckow

Shawna Suckow, CMP, is an award-winning speaker, author and The Customer Expert©. She has been a million-dollar buyer or influencer in the hospitality industry for more than 20 years. She is the founder and Chairwoman of SPiN, and the founder of The Hive Network. Shawna's mission is to make the buying process easier by bridging the communication gap between customers and salespeople. Honors include being named to the Top 25 Women in the Meetings Industry by M&C Magazine, a 2014 Industry Trendsetter by Meetings Focus magazine, and Top 25 Most Influential in the Meetings Industry in 2012, 2013 and 2014 by Successful Meetings magazine. Shawna is the author of two books, Planner Pet Peeves and Supplier Pet Peeves. She brings a unique understanding to how customers think, and how they've evolved following recessions, technology advancements, and culture shifts.

Joe W. Jordan

As one of the most recognized names in the industry, Joe Jordan passionately believes that financial services is the noblest profession in the world. His message inspires financial services experts to become modern-day heroes, motivating financial experts to reaffirm their purpose. Joe believes that by providing independence, dignity, and a legacy for clients, financial services professionals in turn will live a life of personal enrichment and fulfillment. By inspiring financial services experts to have courage in the face of rejection, he will rekindle the commitment and passion lost through day-to-day frustrations. Bring Joe in today and his message of significance will enable your financial services professionals to have a sense of purpose in the value they deliver to clients.

Scott Schwefel

Scott Schwefel is a talented speaker who teaches life and business skills while entertaining his audiences around the world. Scott is an experienced entrepreneur who created and sold three businesses by age 40, and now works with financial service organizations who want to leverage new communication strategies to increase sales, profits and productivity. His knowledge and expertise in addressing the complexity of corporate and executive development contribute to his great success. Scott has also published multiple books on personal and business success. He has delivered his inspirational talks to thousands for companies and organizations around the world to help people understand themselves and others better.

Mark Schulman

Having performed for over a billion people, Mark incorporates unique and valuable content with blazing multimedia and drum performances to empower, inspire and elevate audiences to an evolved mindset and new level of peak performance. With Mark’s extremely high-energy speaking style, business relevant content, drumming and interactive activities, attendees get to express their own rhythms, fortify individual strengths and enhance emotional connections with their colleagues and families. What makes Mark different is that his presentation has the excitement of a rock show with the transformational aspects of a cutting-edge keynote. Think Tony Robbins meets Bono meets Ringo with live drumming, interactive performances, compelling and emotional stories of his intimate experiences with P!NK, Billy Idol, Foreigner, Cher and other world-class artists. Mark’s presentations inspire audiences to take immediate action toward increased performance.

Bruce Turkel

As CEO of the successful brand management firm, TURKEL, Bruce Turkel has been creating and working with valuable brands for over 30 years. Bruce has worked with Hasbro, Nike, American Express, Charles Schwab, Citicorp, Discovery Networks and Bacardi, to name just a few. A captivating speaker and author, Bruce has spoken at MIT, Harvard, TEDx, and hundreds of corporate and industry conferences. He's also been a featured expert on CNN, ABC, CBS, and NPR. Bruce is the author of several books, including Building Brand Value: Seven Simple Steps to Profitable Communications. His methods are easy to understand and immediately actionable. His talks present a profound, proven, and potentially profitable way to build your brand strategy, increase sales and create real traction with your social media activities. Bruce is a master of motivation and gives audience members valuable tools they can use in their professions.

Bill Beausay

Bill Beausay is a captivating speaker with a dynamic style that connects with any audience. Bill is the former Director of Research and Development at the Academy of Sports Psychoology and the author of nearly 20 books (including 3 national best-sellers) with worldwide circulation of over 1 million copies. Bill spent 10 years in a professional clinical practice before becoming a writer and international speaker on topics of personal growth and professional success. He has spoken for dozens of Fortune 500 firms, and has been featured on radio, newspapers, television, and magazines coast-to-coast. Be sure to read Bill’s most recent books, True Greatness: Mastering the Inner Game of Business Success, Personal Power and Creating Miracles When You’re Done In, Fed Up and Stressed Out, and his newest book, The Sender. Let Bill show your audiences the mechanics to achieve a fresher, bolder, better self.

Mike Morrow

Every financial advisor should know how to effectively market their business, despite their years in the business. Mike Morrow reveals proven, one-of-a-kind marketing strategies that you can take home and implement immediately. He is the president of Ideas for Advisors, and many of the world’s most successful financial advisors have grown their businesses by implementing his grand prize winning ideas. Mike has presented to companies all over the world, including the 2012 MDRT Experience and the 2012 and 2009 MDRT Annual Meeting. Mike delivers fast-paced presentations which are packed with unique ideas that are easy to remember, easy to implement, and proven to given financial advisors income-generating results.


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