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Paul Assaiante Keynote Speaker Testimonials

Coach Paul Assaiante: "The Winningest Coach in College Sports History."

People have great things to say about Coach Paul Assaiante and his keynotes.  Whether he is speaking to a group of parents and educators about raising balanced kids or a corporate audience about assembling and building high performing teams, or the New England Patriots about how to win more football game, Paul's warmth and personal caring resonates with all audiences. But don't take it from me, read what our clients say about Paul's Midas touch.

"Paul spoke to our business group which consisted of 40+ presidents of companies and their spouses. I’ve been involved with this group for about five years and have heard dozens of leadership-focused speakers…Paul is the best speaker I’ve heard to date. He blended wisdom, wit, humor and gravitas in a way that few can. The audience was rapt with his messages about career accomplishment and personal failings, and the powerful lessons learned from both. Many times an impressive resume doesn’t translate to public speaking success. Paul is an exception. It’s no accident that he’s the winningest coach in college sports’ history. I give him my highest recommendation."
- David Kinsley,
The Kinsley Group

“I figured, when you’ve won 250 in a row and 13 national championships in a row, you’re probably favored quite a bit...the message was about making the most of every opportunity. The opportunity we had was right in front of us. Worry about tomorrow tomorrow, and the next day the next day, and that type of thing. It set a good tone for practice.”
-Bill Belichick,
Head Coach
The New England Patriots

"I had Coach Assaiante speak at our Annual MarquisJet Sales Meeting in NYC a few years ago. Coach was one of the best speakers that we've ever had, and we've had some great ones! He connected with our folks on many levels (professional/personal/spiritual) and his simple delivery made it easy for Coach’s message to stick with our folks well beyond the meeting. Coach’s life’s journey, with its twists, turns, speed bumps, and victories, had everyone on the edge of their seats. The hour we booked ended up not being enough time, and Coach Assaiante graciously gave us an additional 30 minutes of Q&A! I'd give him a 10-out-of-10 in terms of delivering what we were looking for!"
-Kenny Dichter,
Founder & CEO

"I have twice asked Paul to speak before groups that mattered to me. Once before an entire high school community and once before active and retired career professionals from a wide variety of industries…certainly an experienced and discerning group. The reception Paul was given in both instances was, quite simply, overwhelming. He is a unique individual as to background and record of achievement, and he combines it with an oratory delivery that is captivating and clear. He carries himself with grace and humility. I have heard numerous speakers on leadership in my career. Paul would be at the top of my list of speakers."
- Alexander Lynch
St. Andrew’s School

"…his talk just blew everyone away. It wasn’t so much about squash, as it was about how you treat and inspire individuals to achieve their potential… What was so interesting to me was the number of people, who had no background in squash or even sports, who came up after Paul was done talking and told me that he was one of the most amazing speakers we had ever had…"
- Peter Hay Halpert
Peter Hay Halpert Fine Art

"Last Friday Paul took time out of his busy day to talk with our parents about what children really need. Along with two other experts from Connecticut colleges, Paul sat on a panel and shared his thoughts on parenting and education and everything in between. Drawing on his decades of experience and his unique vantage point, Paul had us captivated. Simply put, he was amazing."
-Maureen Carson Scudder
The Cobb School

“I think all parents will find Paul to be a thoughtful, insightful, and energizing speaker and clearly someone who loves working with kids and helping them reach their potential. While many focus on Paul’s winning record, what I value most about Paul is his focus on the kids he coaches and his belief that the process matters.”
-Steve Piltch,
Head of School
The Shipley School

“Run to the Roar is one of those rare sports books, like Michael Lewis’s Moneyball, that quite effortlessly start you thinking about life far beyond the confines of the sport itself. Assaiante provides a lesson in twenty-first-century global psychology. He describes how he turned athletes from nineteen countries and every continent on the globe except Antarctica, all of them ambitious and many of them hot-dogging egotists, into brotherly-loving, team-spirited, one-for-all-and-all-for-one creatures within their own ranks . . . and implacable warriors on the court.”
-Tom Wolfe,
Author of Bonfire of the Vanities
from the Foreword of Run to the Roar

“We get an inside look at Paul Assaiante’s winning attitude, his commitment to excellence, and his formula for creating champions on and off the court.”
-Billie Jean King,
Winner of 39 Grand Slam Titles

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