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New Orleans and All That Jazz-2014 FICP Education Forum

ficp14NO3New Orleans and All That Jazz-2014 FICP Education Forum

by Jenna Jorge, Program Manager, Goodman Speakers Bureau

NEW ORLEANS, June 19, 2014
Goodman Speakers Bureau has become a regular sponsor for FICP Ed Forum, but this year, we didn't just sponsor one speaker, but three, as a Speaker Showcase. Selected for the meeting were Chester Elton, Heidi Hanna, and Jack Uldrich. We were so excited and proud for the attendees to experience this line-up.

Day 1-Arrival

After a long day of travel delays, I couldn’t wait to get to New Orleans and see all of my friends at FICP. After being pregnant for the last 2 events, and missing out on the Winter Symposium, it was nice to have a glass of wine with some great people that I haven’t seen in a while. It took me forever to get there, but the reception and dinner at the Ritz Carlton, catching up with everyone, was the perfect end to a long day.

Day 2-The Speakers Showcase

We’re up! We opened the day with our Speaker Showcase. This year’s format allowed each speaker 20 minutes on the main stage and then a full hour breakout for attendees to decide between the three. I wasn’t surprised that all three speakers knocked it out of the park and it was almost an exact even split between the three speakers’ breakouts.

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Heidi Hanna really made us think about if we are taking care of ourselves and what we can do to be better versions of ourselves. “Common sense isn’t common practice. Train your brain to manage stress.” She talked about the energy we are putting out versus the time we put in, it really hit home for the audience.

Jack Uldrich wowed us with the tech trends of tomorrow…or today, really. He surprised and excited us about what the future holds. Fascinating stuff. He had us on the edge of our seats and talked to us about awareness, especially in the financial and insurance markets, which was very relevant to us. "If you wish to future-proof yourself against tomorrow’s transformational trends just recall "the Big AHA." AHA is an acronym that stands for: Awareness, Humility, and Action. Take time, on a regular basis, to make yourself aware of future trends; have enough humility to accept these trends are transforming many aspects of your business; and then have the courage to act on these new insights to move your organization in new directions."

Chester Elton came in strong, closing out the showcase by making everyone cry. Chester enlightened us about the Carrot principle. “People need to understand the why with work, not just the what and how.” When he discussed the employee experience, and loving what you do, I for one felt that I could honestly say that I love what I do and I love why I do it. Meeting great people at events like FICP, working with some of the most interesting people in the world, and helping to bring them to events for my clients and friends. All while working for the best company! Life is good.

As we left the ballroom, people were buzzing with excitement, and about which breakout they were attending. The big dilemma was that the speakers were all so good, you wanted to attend them all! They ended up being packed sessions, each room was engaging and informative. I wanted to check in on all of them so I was running from room to room. I was like a mother of three who had a soccer game, a dance recital, and a piano concert to attend all at once. At the end of the sessions, I felt like a proud mom, as people were pouring out of the rooms deep in discussion about the great presentations. What a huge success!

Day 2-Afternoon/Evening

The day continued to be amazing as we had more sessions and great networking. We were lucky enough to hitch a ride over to the Waldorf Astoria on a Mardi Gras parade. I can check that off my bucket list! I had a great time throwing beads out to tourists and locals, listening to great NOLA music, making our way to dinner. The night ended with a dessert reception where we danced the night away and had a balcony view of Bourbon Street. I was sad to leave on Friday but looking forward to getting back to my family. Until next time, FICP. Thanks for a great program!

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