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On Marketing to the Delusional: Beau Lotto Talks Neurodesign for Marketers

Beau Lotto TEDInformation is meaningless?  Yes, but context is everything, according to Beau Lotto, Neuroscientist and TED speaker.  And marketing professionals may want to lean in on this talk, because it could turn their world upside down.

In his talk at The Drum Live, and event sponsored by UK's Modern Media and Marketing publication, Lotto demonstrated to the audience that context is the only thing that matters to humans. Context is what allows our brains to make sense of the information we see in front of us in the world.  It folds in nicely with the old saying 'perception is everything.'

Lotto says "Your brain does not do absolutes. Your brain only does relationships. That’s all it ever does and that’s all it can ever do. There is no inherent value in information, it doesn't tell you what to do. You have no direct access to the physical world. The only information in the world is the stuff that falls on to our senses.”  Meaning that we are all in some state of delusion all the time.

So what does this mean for marketing?  It's a complex assertion with complex ramifications.  But getting it right could have an enormous ROI.  Lotto asserts that too many assumptions are made about people’s behavior.  And people themselves are unreliable about reporting their actual behavior, because often they report what they want to do rather than what they actually do. But learning what people actually do, and the relationships that exist in people's cognitive function, could allow marketers to design products that align perfectly with the needs and experiences of their target audience.  This concept of designing products for people based on context and perception is what Lotto calls "Neurodesign," and could be a real game changer.

For a full write up of the The Drum Live event, click here.  To learn more about Beau Lotto and book him for your next meeting or event, call us at 800-875-2893 or email greg@goodmanspeakersbureau.com.

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