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Rhythm Augments Performance and Profit

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Music and Business together in coexistence, can there be a place for this? We place so much emphasis on the 3 "R's" we fail to see the importance of the basic learning development skills in art and music. But these are the skills and senses that we use automatically and subconsciously each day and all day long.

Visuals and colors:
wardrobe/shoes/shirt/tie/makeup/hair/office decor

Sounds and rhythm:
alarm clock/coffee machine/traffic/subway/airport/radio/people walking/people typing/feng-shui/art/conversation

Our environment is filled with artistic and musical sensations that we act on and live in from the moment we wake till we turn in, yet we seldom even think that music and art intersect, compliment and strengthen our business skills.

While CEO's orchestrate a company and it's people towards innovation and profit, Music Directors and Conductors lead musicians to exceed beyond the expectations of their skill sets to maximize performances and create audience experiences. If this resonates a tone to leadership, innovation, trust(brand loyalty) and client experience, that's because there is a sharp relationship. The discipline and structure behind the mathematics of music, resolve harmony from dissonance and rhythm from syncopation. A single note which stands out as a lead tone, but a chord requires a triad of 3 notes, like a team. The sound of your chord depends on the mixture of tones you put together creating harmony, dissonance, sadness, fear and tranquility. Who is a part of your team? What are the expectations of your team?

This is why we are proud to have a roster of musicians who are also professional speakers. They educate us to see, through the sense of hearing. Through the rules of music, we can achieve greater business goals. And let's not forget how important music can be from an entertainment value prospective. Live music allows us launch innovation and celebrate our success.

-Greg Fortin

Here are four featured musicians who can either speak to, and/or entertain, your audience at your next event:

Freddie Ravel Internationally Acclaimed Keynote Maestro

From his GRAMMY - nominated recordings and chart-topping singles to the city of Los Angeles naming him the “Keynote Maestro” Freddie Ravel reveals "The Rhythm of Success" to amplify YOUR Success!

Igniting events and conferences with his infectious passion for business breakthroughs through the power of music, he unlocks the minds, hearts and potential of his audiences around the world. Backed by number one hits with such music icons as Earth, Wind and Fire, Madonna, Prince, the Boston Pops and rock legend, Carlos Santana, this #1 chart-topping pianist and speaker is the Founder of “The Rhythm of Success “ - a peak performance program that reveals how music enhances leadership, innovation and collaboration for entrepreneurs and corporations alike.

Recent accolades include:

  • The Mayor of Los Angeles awarding Mr.Ravel for creating a music-based system to “renew the national and international economy”.
  • Media appearances on FOX, ABC, CBS, Universal, Business Rock Stars, Clear Channel and Deepak Chopra’s XM Sirius radio show.
  • Rave reviews from Starbucks, Coca Cola, Toyota, Red Bull, NASA, Apple, Morgan Stanley, American Integrity, AIA, Google and Citi.

Freddie Ravel serves as a captivating access point through which transforms organizations, education and the human condition.

Jade Simmons Classical Music's "No.1 Maverick

How do you get to be named Classical Music's "No.1 Maverick?” Just ask Jade Simmons. By repeatedly defying expectations, delivering riveting performances and innovating at every turn, Simmons is one of the most versatile concert artists on the scene today. Simmons, however, doesn’t simply play the piano to impress audiences. She uses the piano as an instrument for providing inspiration, information and entertainment in order to profoundly move people. Listed as one of Ebony magazine's Top 30 Leaders under 30, Simmons’ impressive musical background and diverse cultural experiences have made her a pioneer and source of inspiration for her legions of fans. In her truly unique keynotes, Jade Simmons offers her inspiring messages alongside her world renowned piano performances. Her expertise has been called upon by an array of organizations looking to create a culture of excellence and foster meaningful change. A gifted speaker, her presentations give powerful insights into how creating a unique leadership brand can inspire the creation of ideas that will have a lasting impact on the world. With boundless energy and intellect, Jade Simmons teaches audiences not only how to lead, but how to start achieving beyond what they ever thought possible.

Philip Myers Corporate Entertainer

Philip Myers is a professional entertainer and pianist who specializes in corporate entertainment. His versatility and ability to connect with an audience, combined with his extraordinary vocals, have made Philip a highly sought after entertainer. He has opened shows for many of today's top entertainers and has numerous stage credits. Philip offers show options to fit every budget and need: from intimate acoustic shows and dueling pianos to full bands with The Elton John & Billy Joel Tribute Show and a Broadway Tribute.

Frank Vignola World Renowned Guitarist

Frank Vignola is one of top guitarist in the world today. His playing style has made him the guitarist of choice to perform with top musicians including, Ringo Starr, Madonna, Donald Fagen, Wynton Marsalis, the Boston Pops, and guitar legend Les Paul, who named Vignola to his "Five Most Admired Guitar List" for the Wall Street Journal. Vignola's jaw-dropping technique explains why the New York Times deemed him "one of the brightest...stars of the guitar". Whether performing a solo, as a duet, or with a full band, Frank will amaze audiences with his dramatic technique and engaging style.

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