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Motivational - Keynote Speakers

Rick Searfoss

Colonel Rick Searfoss shares with only a handful of people in history the sublime joys of actually flying in space. In his career he has led many different teams, including commanding the most complex science research space mission ever, the STS-90 Neurolab flight on Columbia. He also piloted two other space flights, including a joint Russian-American mission to the Mir space station. Rick brings unparalleled expertise to his audiences, coupled with a truly entertaining, exciting, and enlightening audience experience. With compelling firsthand examples, he speaks from the heart to teach, motivate, enlighten, and uplift audiences. His extensive leadership experience and work with some of the most innovative companies of the new millennium enable him to fulfill his mission of sharing the teamwork, leadership, and innovation lessons of human space flight with business leaders worldwide.

Nataly Kogan

A successful entrepreneur and venture capitalist, Nataly Kogan found that after reaching the highest levels of corporate America, she still wasn’t happy. Chasing achievement left her proud but unfulfilled, so she became inspired to figure out how to live a fuller, happier life. In the process, she found the answers each person and organization needs to unlock their maximum potential, making them more productive and innovative. Nataly has received standing ovations from such groups as Million Dollar Roundtable, Fortune's Tech Brainstorm, Blogher, SXSW, the 92nd St. Y, Harvard Women's Leadership Conference, Gillette, TEDx Boston, and many more. Nataly has also been featured in the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, New York Magazine and Time Magazine, and has appeared as an expert on Dr. Oz, Bloomberg TV, and "One World" with Deepak Chopra. She is now CEO and Founder of Happier, an organization inspired by scientific research that shows how gratitude, mindfulness, and staying connected to people you care about create the foundation for a happier and healthier life.

Tommy Spaulding

Tommy Spaulding is all about living and leading from the heart. Tommy is a two-time New York Times bestselling author, leadership expert and nationally acclaimed speaker. He is the former CEO of a renowned global leadership organization and believes heart-led leadership can change the lives of everyone you lead and serve. His genuine love of people has led to a lifetime of teaching others the value of building deep and lasting authentic relationships that will change their organizations and their lives. Tommy argues that profit and relationships are interdependent. Building a culture of authentic and genuine relationships, or what Tommy calls Return on Relationships, will not only increase the bottom line but also transform the culture of any organization. His message told through the power of story, will inspire you to live, lead and love differently. Tommy inspires and ignites audiences while equipping them with new knowledge and a desire to achieve unprecedented professional and personal success.

Bill Wooditch

Bill Wooditch built a $100 million company from the ground up from the foundation of the philosophy he lives to this day: “To receive value, you first have to give value.” Bill’s message is undeniably great, and it has elevated him to an iconic status that can be evidenced by his numerous television and radio appearances across the country year after year. He is recognized as an authority on leadership and performance. Bill is the founder, CEO and President of The Wooditch Group, a privately held risk management and insurance services firm he established in 1993. He is also the founder of Think Next, Act Now, a company that actively recruits, trains and mentors tomorrow’s entrepreneurs today. He is also the author of the bestselling book Always Forward, a game plan for success in business and life. His approach is a physical, intellectual, spiritual and emotional journey that will engage minds and enroll hearts. His presentations are the product of 22 years of “in the trenches” engagement, from rough-hewn job sites to highly veneered Fortune 500 boardrooms.


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