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Moderator - Keynote Speakers

Katty Kay

As a British journalist in Washington, DC, Katty Kay offers a fresh perspective on the unfolding drama of American politics that only an outsider can provide. Katty is the current lead anchor for BBC World News America and covers topics ranging from global affairs to insights on American politics. She is a keen observer of America’s role in a rapidly changing world. She is also the co-author of two New York Times Bestsellers, The Confidence Code, and Womenomics. The Confidence Code examines the science and art of self-assurance and its role in success. Womenomics urges women to write their own rules for success. Katty’s knowledge and observations provide a perspective that brings audiences to a better understanding of what is happening in the world today and how it can affect businesses.

Jack Shaw

Jack Shaw has been a Technology Futurist for more than 30 years helping others understand the strategic implications of emerging technologies. He’s the author of three books and numerous White Papers and has delivered more than 1000 keynote addresses and executive presentations in more than 20 countries. He was voted one of the world’s Top 5 Technology Futurist Speakers for 2014 by over 12,000 meetings planners, executives and conference attendees – the only Technology Futurist among the overall Top 5 Speakers in votes. Jack’s clients include IBM, SAP, Oracle, CA Technologies, GE and Coca Cola among hundreds of other businesses large and small. He is widely recognized for his expertise in such breakthrough business technologies as Big Data, eCommerce/OmniCommerce, Intelligent Systems, Mobile Commerce and Social Media. Jack graduated from Yale and has an MBA from Kellogg.

Michael P. Sullivan

Michael P. Sullivan is a keynote speaker and trainer specializing in sales and marketing for Baby Boomers and older clients. He is the founder of 50-Plus Communications Consulting and a well-known and highly regarded public speaker on financial services and the aging population. His entertaining and involving presentations provide financial professionals with practical advice on how to talk to Boomers clients in order to sell more effectively. Mike is co-author of a best-selling book 101 Easy Ways to Increase Business with Boomerplus Clients, and is a regular contributor to Horsesmouth.com and Producers Web. He has written articles for many publications, including The American Banker, Trust & Estates, Bank Investment Consultant and Ticker.

Juliet Funt

Juliet helps overloaded individuals and companies reclaim the time to think and focus during their busy, busy days. Juliet helps attendees learn the pivotal difference between activity and productivity. She teaches them a streamlined method for personal process improvement – leading to more creativity and engagement. Juliet is the CEO of WhiteSpace at Work, a training and consultancy firm that brings companies a measurable method to reclaim simplicity and thoughtfulness. She is passionately committed to helping overloaded professionals change the way they work for the better and her clients include companies like Costco, American Express, Nike and P&G.

Joel Zeff

As an improvisational humorist, Joel Zeff's interactive performances invite members of the audience to participate in hilarious improvisational skits that reinforce Joel's central message: That organizations and individuals should CELEBRATE every day successes if they want to increase long-term productivity and innovation. Joel expands on the teachings of his book, Make the Right Choice and trains employees on how to make the right choices to pursue a life with more creativity, passion, and productivity. Joel is an innovative and creativity speaker who gives you the chance of a lifetime to see your boss play a world famous rapper who has lost his ability to rhyme while the person who works at the desk next to you is delivering moment-to-moment sound effects. There is no doubt that Joel will make you laugh, but most importantly he will make you think.

Andy Friedman

According to CNBC, Andy Friedman is “one of the nation’s most sought-after speakers on all things political.” An expert on political affairs, Andy is known for predicting the outcomes of Washington tax and fiscal deliberations and providing financial advisors and investors with strategies to consider in light of the changing political landscape.
Andy was a senior partner with the law firm of Covington & Burling in Washington, D.C., for almost 30 years, serving as head of the tax and corporate groups. Andy appears on CNBC, which refers to him as “Wall Street’s Tax Expert” and calls him "one of Washington's savviest political observers." Andy also has appeared on the Larry Kudlow Show, the Fox Business Channel, and POTUS radio. Andy is included in Best Lawyers in America and Chambers' America's Leading Lawyers for Business, which notes that “Andy’s ability to combine vast knowledge and a practical mindset permits him to convey the most complex of tax concepts in layman’s terms. He is the expert’s expert. If every lawyer were like him, the world would be a much better place.”

Linda Edgecombe

Linda Edgecombe, CSP, s an internationally renowned award-winning humorous speaker, trainer and consultant. She is a best selling author who energizes every room as she leads people to loosen up, lighten the load and laugh. Her audiences are motivated and shown how they can shift their perspectives on life, work and themselves. Change has never been this painless! As a professional, with a degree in Physical Education, Linda brings 20 years of Recreation, Employee Wellness, Lifestyle and Corporate Consulting experience to her programs and her clients. She was a consultant for Participation, promoting healthy living to Canadians and has been featured in the Wall Street Journal as an expert in “Shifting Perspectives”. Inside all the laughter, Linda’s audiences are inspired to find the meaning in what they do and let go of what’s not working. Her message is a welcome as a deep belly laugh and as profound as an honest look in the mirror.

Robert Kriegel

One of the most in demand business speakers, Dr. Robert Kriegel teaches bold, innovative, “out of the box” strategies for keeping ahead of the changes, challenges and competition in today’s dynamic marketplace. Author of the international bestseller, If it ain’t broke...BREAK IT!, Dr. Kriegel has been called by U.S. News & World Report one of this country’s leading authorities in the field of change and human performance. He is the author of several bestselling books on innovation, including Sacred Cows Make the Best Burgers and his latest title, How to Succeed in Business Without Working so Damn Hard. In his customized presentations, Dr. Kriegel will teach your audience how to develop and lead Change- Ready© people and organizations as well as how to round up sacred cows that cost money and inhibit both change and new opportunities. He will also outline actionable strategies for gaining the competitive edge--not by competing, but by rethinking rules, redefining roles, and reinventing the game.

Mark Lipton

Mark Lipton is Professor of Management and Chair of the Organization Change Management program at the Milano Graduate School of Management and Urban Policy, New School University, in New York City. His book, "Guiding Growth: How Vision Keeps Companies on Course", was published by Harvard Business School Press. Mark's research and opinions on management and strategy have appeared in the Harvard Business Review, Sloan Management Review, Organization Development Journal, among others. He is a frequent commentator on management, leadership and organizational strategy issues for ABC World News This Morning, CNBC, Bloomberg Radio, and public radio’s Marketplace. He works personally with CEOs and senior managers one-on-one, with divisional teams, and with entire organizational systems to develop unique solutions to facilitate change and growth. Mark's work spans the breadth of many types of organizations: from publicly owned global corporations, to medium-sized family businesses, to non-profits and international NGOs. Mark is confident that those who hear him speak, use the skills learned in his own presentation in order to launch their own success.

Doug Lipp

Doug Lipp is an internationally acclaimed speaker, author and consultant on customer service, leadership, change management and global competitiveness. His thought-provoking, learn-by-doing presentation style has motivated hundreds of thousands of people around the world to maximize personal and professional success. Doug is the author of numerous articles and eight books on leadership, customer service, and international business. Through his captivating and contagious style, Doug challenges audiences worldwide to change or perish. By age 29, Doug was the head of the training team at the world-famous Disney University at Disney’s corporate headquarters. After leaving Disney, Doug co-developed an international consulting firm with a Stanford University professor, teaching diverse teams of professionals how to better themselves in the marketplace.

Brian Oxman

Mr. Oxman was counsel for Michael Jackson in one of the most widely publicized criminal trials in American history. You have heard him on "Insight with Brian Oxman" on KLAA Radio. As an attorney with 30 years of experience, he has testified in court as an expert witness on the hedge fund and mutual fund trading scandals, and he has spoken across the country on corporate and celebrity scandals. As a commentator on Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, Court TV, ABC, NBC, CBS, BBC, AM Canada, GM TV London, Fuji TV Japan, Spiegel TV Germany, and many others, he has analyzed what creates corporate scandal, interviewed participants, and advised corporate managers on how to contain potentially catastrophic scandals that can destroy a company. His experience as a professor of law and a lecturer on legal and business ethics helps buinesses to create a corporate culture that avoids scandal.

Diane Smith

Diane Smith draws from her diverse experiences in journalism, personal health, and as a TV veteran to inspire her audiences to better their lives in a variety of ways. To promote a healthier living, she also takes from her knowledge as co-author of Obsessed: America’s Food Addiction and My Own, which was written with MSNBC Morning Show co-host Mika Brzezinski. Through Diane’s dynamic keynotes, audiences are ignited with motivation to implement her innovative tools to reinvent the way they live.

Walter Updegrave

Former MONEY Magazine senior editor Walter Updegrave is a nationally recognized expert on personal finance, investing and retirement planning. His “Ask the Expert” columns and videos at CNNMoney.com made him one of the most widely followed financial writers on the web. Walter has appeared on many national TV programs, including NBC's Today, CNN and The Oprah Winfrey show. He has also been a featured speaker on financial topics at seminars for Major League Baseball, a wide range of consumer groups and many major financial services firms. Walter has written four books on retirement planning and investing, including: “We’re Not In Kansas Anymore: How To Retire Rich In a Totally Changed World.”

John Wasik

As the award-winning author of 16 books, John Wasik has spoken to audiences from coast to coast on investing, retirement and protecting your money. As former special projects editor for Consumers Digest magazine, he has won 18 awards for his columns and investigative reporting, including the National Press Club award for Consumer Journalism. As a former personal finance columnist/blogger for Reuters, the world's largest news service, he covered investing/investor protection, financial planning, taxes, insurance, retirement, college and life planning. John regularly comments on top economic news in all media and has appeared on CNN, MSNBC, NBC, NPR and PBS.

Liz Brunner

Award-winning journalist Liz Brunner is using her 25+ years of broadcast experience to help others build brands, businesses and relationships. Brunner's polished professionalism shines brightly in a crowd. Learn how to command attention with engaging conversation and an undeniable presence. Brunner is now recharging clients ranging from business leaders to on-air talent to professional athletes by helping them find their inner strength, stronger voice and confidence to lead. Her message and story are motivating and inspiring.

Kenneth Unger

Ken Unger is an experienced and respected motivational educator and trainer known throughout the financial industry for his knowledge and enthusiasm. He is well recognized by audiences nation-wide for sharing efficient practice management strategies and effective sales and marketing ideas. As President of Million Dollar Producer, Ken creates training materials and conducts training sessions for mid to high-level financial advisors. He has been quoted in various periodicals, including The Wall Street Journal, and has appeared on numerous television and radio shows on finance. Ken's book, The Keys to High Level Production, has become a bestseller and favorite guide for financial advisors. While Ken is highly esteemed for his ability to explain everything from financial products to sales techniques with strength and clarity, he is most known for his infectiously high energy levels.

Geoff Colvin

What separates great performers from everyone else? How can organizations and individuals apply their lessons to improve? Geoff Colvin is an award-winning thinker, author, broadcaster, and speaker on the most significant trends and issues impacting business and the economy. He revels what the best leaders are doing right now to compete, harness opportunities, and manage risk. Now in his fourth decade at Fortune, Geoff has an insider’s perspective fueled by long-standing relationships with the world’s top leaders in business and government. He knows what they’re seeing, thinking, and planning and reveals how they’re leading, making choices, and responding to today’s challenges in ways that others can learn from. Geoff is the respected author of the groundbreaking bestseller; Talent is Overrated: What Really Separates World- Class Performers From Everybody Else. Geoff’s insightful presentations have profound implications for every business and industry.

Carol Roth

Carol Roth’s ability to connect with an audience, communicate in a hilarious and straightforward manner and ultimately, ensure that business is NOT boring has made her a favorite with a wide cross section of audiences. Carol is a national media personality, creator of the legacy planning system Future File, and author of The Entrepreneur Equation. She is also a judge on America’s Greatest Makers, airing on TBS and an on-air contributor for CNBC. Her knowledge spans industries and geographies, including sophisticated knowledge of financial services, the global economy, technology, marketing, manufacturing, entrepreneurship, making her extremely versatile for your audience. Carol Roth provides audiences with actionable advice on what makes customers and clients stay loyal.

Rich Karlgaard

Rich Karlgaard guides his audiences to see the global marketplace from a new perspective because of his unique vantage point on business, innovation, and investment trends. He is the publisher of Forbes magazine, a successful entrepreneur, a regular panelist on Forbes on Fox, and a frequent guest analyst on CNBC’s Kudlow & Co. He is the author of The Soft Edge: Where Great Companies Find Lasting Success, and the co-author of Team Genius: The New Science of High Performing Organizations. Rich has a remarkable ability to connect and share his insights with his audiences using his refreshingly down-to-earth style, sense of humor, and quick mind.

Alison Maloni

Alison Maloni is the President and CEO of Alison May Public Relations. She is a former news reporter who uses her expertise in journalism to educate her clients in media training and crisis communications. Alison has moderated political debates and interviewed internationally known public figures such as Steve Wozniak and Marcia Clark. In addition, she has been seen on Dr. Oz and been quoted in multiple news outlets. She has garnered coverage for her clients in media outlets such as NBC News, MSNBC, Huffington Post, Aol.com and the Washington Post. Alison is a contributing writer for Women’s Prospects Magazine and Thread M.B. She encourages her clients to think outside the box, be bold, and do what everyone else is not doing.


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