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Keynote Speaker Vanessa Williams
Vanessa Williams
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Vanessa Williams


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Leadership and Change

In this video, Vanessa talks about the importance of employee trust when trying to effect change in a company.

Summary of Vanessa Williams

Vanessa is a successful executive who moved up the corporate ladder. She has real world experience on breaking through the proverbial glass ceiling, dealing with inclusion and diversity issues, and managing large global teams. Vanessa uses her personal experiences as well as those of her clients to bring a truly genuine touch to her speaking engagements. No fluff, no relying on studies or text books – her “to the point” and “matter of fact” conversational tone brings people in. Audience members leave with actionable items to work on – Leading Edge Homework. She encourages audience participants to define issues and create a path for action to ensure the information they just learned isn’t lost. Every company, every team and every individual is unique and therefore every presentation should be unique and customized around the audience. Vanessa will construct her presentation around the company’s goals. What do they want the outcome to be? No black box speeches allowed!

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Called “intuitive” and “visionary” by one of her many CEO clients, V. Vanessa Williams “is able to synthesize a multi-dimensional picture into observations that really do translate into action options,” qualities that she exudes in dynamic speeches to audiences of all sizes.

The founder and CEO of Leading Edge Consulting LLC, a global executive coaching firm with offices in Connecticut and Florida, Vanessa has an international background and vast, real-world corporate experience that infuses her entire approach to helping companies and executives discover their inner greatness.

Using a holistic strategy, Vanessa helps top executives cut through the noise and make smart decisions that solve complex programs. She helps organizations get the right DNA in place to create a dynamic culture that attracts and retains top talent, embrace diversity as a powerful tool for success, navigate the challenging waters of change management, and develop strategies that will foster sustainable, profitable growth.

An inspiring speaker not afraid to share dramatic personal stories that build rapport, Vanessa doesn’t just speak about business topics, she’s lived them in her multi-decade corporate career and as an executive talent coach. With a palpable passion for coaching and mentoring, Vanessa speaks from the trenches, using her personal experience as well as those of her clients to bring a truly genuine touch to her speaking engagements. Devoid of fluff and rich in real world examples, her “to the point” and “matter of fact” conversational tone engages and captivates audiences.

With a Master of Science degree in Management from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting from Virginia State University, she is a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation.

Deeply passionate about giving back, she sits on the Board of Trustees for Easter Seals, the New England Air Museum, and Amistad Center for Arts & Culture. She is also a member of the Advisory Board for the Reginald F. Lewis College of Business at Virginia State University.

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How to Achieve Peak Performance
Both Personally and Professionally

Vanessa brings to light how to not only survive today’s complex and often soul-draining corporate environment – she teaches us how to thrive during her dynamic and inspiring keynote on Peak Performance.

Employee dissatisfaction and corporate inefficiency are on the rise, despite years of focus on organizational improvement strategies. Why? Executives are failing to spend time discovering what suits them. Suiting oneself leads to the ONLY kind of success that matters as it leads to personal and professional fulfillment and therefor increased efficiency and success for the company.

The Real Key to Career Success

Leadership has very little to do with hierarchy, job position, age, experience or even personality. In fact, many corporate executives struggle with the mere definition of “What makes a successful leader” – let alone acquiring the skills needed to achieve the level of success they desire and or need. In this powerful workshop, Vanessa will share her personal secrets to success as well as map out a clear defined path for those struggling to inspire and lead effective teams, advance in their careers and or move a team through a significant culture change.

Success Strategies Women and Diversity in Today’s Global Economy

Vanessa shares her story of breaking glass ceilings, overcoming corporate diversity road blocks and what it takes to make it to the top regardless of sex or ethnic background.

The rules of the game weren’t written by and for women, yet successful women are running some of the largest corporations and countries in the world today. What is their secret to success?

Strategic Productivity
The Power of TEAM

In today’s world of LEAN management styles, executives need to ensure they keep their eye on Strategic Productivity – being more effective and efficient without jeopardizing the culture and team. It’s more than cutting a budget! A must attend seminar by any organization or leadership team who is struggling with employee turnover, morale issues and corporate inefficiency. Vanessa leads the audience through her eye opening process on how to emphasize best use of a company’s human assets and other resources vs. pushing superhuman effort resulting in burn-out and loss of the company vision.

Win the Career Game

Everyone gets stuck in their career at some point. Young people often enter the business world without all the tools they need to make their careers successful. Knowing how to ask for and find help, how to prioritize, getting and staying organized, adding unique value, developing ‘your go to team’, and developing survival and leadership skills are essential to becoming the kind of leader who gets rewarded and promoted. This talk is for any level including employee resource groups (ERG’s), entry-level, mid level and emerging VP’s or other people who are new to the business world or new industry.

Talent Search Mistakes
Why You Should Treat your Employment Candidates Like Customers

It’s no secret that finding top talent today is a struggle for many businesses. But could they be sabotaging themselves and their brand and not even know it?

In this presentation, Vanessa brings the audience through an eye-opening journey – encouraging them to look at employment candidates as customers. She showcases how companies can turn routine, run of the mill recruiting correspondence into compelling marketing success that will attract top talent.

Vanessa gives a very firsthand perspective on Customer Loyalty and how to view it from both the lens of the talent delivering the customer experience and the external customer buying the experience. Vanessa managed operations including call center operations and knows firsthand the inside view. She also led a global customer loyalty program where the focus was on creating an internal culture based on the customer and establishing measurements to ensure continuous improvement.

The program also provides some insights into the relationship between employment candidates and real customers – an often neglected, but important facet – confirming how your company’s brand and consumer image can be shaped by your recruiting tactics.

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