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Keynote Speaker Richard Weylman
Richard Weylman
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Richard Weylman CSP,CPAE


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Why Should I do Business With You?

Buyers only care about one thing; the over-arching value they perceive you offer. Richard delivers the 4 key strategies that will now make potential buyers sit up, take notice and most importantly act on your offerings in today's dynamic marketplace.

Summary of Richard Weylman

Richard Weylman is one of the leading global authorities on how to create a business of distinction who draws from his extensive experience in sales, communication, and marketing to help organizations understand today’s marketplace, overcome obstacles, and grow a profitable business. He is the author of three international best sellers including his latest, the CEO Reads bestseller, The Power of Why; Breaking Out in a Competitive Marketplace. Richard is committed to ‘elevating the business performance of every individual and business with whom he has the privilege of working with. This is not a slogan or tag line, rather it is his promise of outcome. Richard teaches audiences actionable strategies and tactics that will elevate business performance in today’s marketplace.

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Over the past three decades Richard Weylman has established a worldwide reputation for helping hundreds of clients better understand how consumer trends and expectations are creating enormous opportunities for profitable growth.

Most importantly, he communicates how to make the organizational and professional changes needed to attract and retain new customers and talent to effectively elevate business performance. He has authored three landmark books; two of which are international best sellers, including his most recent, The Power Why- Breaking Out in a Competitive Marketplace- an 800CEORead best seller as well.

As an impactful keynote speaker, Richard will bring his expertise to your audience, blending timely and provocative research with the right amount of humor and inspiration you can take away and use immediately to gain a competitive edge.

A master at tailoring his presentations to the specific needs of your audience, Richard is a keynote speaker who provides relevant strategies and prescriptive tactics to help you:

  • Move forward on needed changes to increase revenue and marketplace distinction.
  • Learn which trends and consumer expectations will have the greatest impact on your industry.
  • Learn how to build a business of distinction in a highly competitive marketplace.
  • Learn the new leadership skills that are required to attract, develop and retain key talent.
  • Learn how to capture the attention of new customers to drive more business.
  • Learn how to move customers from being merely satisfied to delighted advocacy.

Richard Weylman Accolades:

  • Forbes Media calls Richard’s content and presentations “brilliant”
  • The Council of Peers Award of Excellence (CPAE)
  • Induction into the Professional Speakers Hall Of Fame
  • Direct Selling Association Partnership Award for the measurable impact on member companies
  • Nominee for the Horatio Alger Award
  • He has delivered over 2,000 keynote speeches on four continents to audiences of 20 to 40,000
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So, WHY Should I do Business with YOU?

Buyers only care about one thing; the over-arching value they perceive you offer. Based on his current international and 800CEORead.com bestseller, “The Power of Why; Breaking Out in a Competitive Marketplace," Richard delivers the 4 key strategies that will now make potential buyers sit up, take notice and most importantly act on your offerings in today's dynamic marketplace. MEASURABLE OUTCOMES: Increased revenue and marketplace distinction.

Lead or Lose
The Three New Keystones for Organizational Leaders

The era of being an “effective manager” no longer exists. The generational mix of employees today want to be led and not managed. Yet these are empty words until Entrepreneur’s, CEO’s and current frontline “managers” know HOW to lead with vision, execute with clarity and develop a caring culture. Richard’s insightful and actionable message in this presentation has been featured on NPR. MEASURABLE OUTCOMES: Increased responsibility for outcomes and retention of key talent.

Why Satisfied Customers are No Longer Loyal

Customers have much higher expectations today and as a result even the highly touted “satisfied” have proven themselves to be loyalty neutral. Richard passionately delivers specifics on how those in your industry can elevate EVERY customer's experience to turn the merely "satisfied" into delighted advocates. MEASURABLE OUTCOMES: Consistent repeat purchases and customer driven referrals.

Cracking the Code
Acquiring More of the RIGHT Customers

Gaining profitable new customers is more difficult now than ever before. Strategies that were successful in the past do not work in today's fragmented and social media driven marketplace. Richard delivers proven strategies and prescriptive tactics that can be used immediately to acquire more of the RIGHT customers for your industry. MEASURABLE OUTCOMES: Elevated business performance and profitability.

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