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Keynote Speaker Nicholas J. Webb
Nicholas J. Webb
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Nicholas J. Webb


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Few leaders have the insight that this innovator, thought leader and Keynote Speaker has.

Summary of Nicholas J. Webb

Nicholas Webb doesn’t just speak on the future… he is actually creating it. As the CEO of Lassen Scientific, Inc. and the founder of The Destruction Lab, Nicholas is working on breakthrough technologies that leverage Connection Architecture, Disruptive Innovation and Consumer Experience Design. As a technologist, he has been awarded over 45 Patents by the US Patent Office for technologies that include one of the world’s first wearable technologies and one of the smallest medical implants. He is a multi-award-winning inventor and an enterprise strategist. Nicholas is a Number One Best Selling Author, Global Top 50 Guru that works with some of the top brands in the world. Nicholas has been awarded his Doctorate of Humane Letters (.hon) from Western University of Health Sciences, a top Southern California Medical School. His keynote presentations routinely receive five-star ratings and as a keynote speaker he books out each year traveling the world sharing his thought-provoking insights of the future of business, healthcare and technology.

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Nicholas Webb is a world-renowned Enterprise Strategist, Best Selling Author and Futurist. He has been awarded over 45 Patents by the US Patent and Trademark Office for a wide range of cutting-edge technologies. As an Inventor, Nicholas invented one of the first wearable technologies nearly twenty years ago, and one of the world’s smallest medical implants. Nicholas is the author of The Innovation Playbook, The Digital Innovation Playbook, and his Number One Best-Selling Book on Customer Experience entitled, What Customers Crave. As a Certified Management Consultant, he works with some of the top brands to help them lead their market in Enterprise Strategy, Customer Experience (CX), and Innovation. He is the founding CEO of the Destruction Lab, a Healthcare Research and Development Lab. Western University of Health Sciences, a Top Southern California Medical School, awarded Nicholas his Doctorate of Humane Letters. Nicholas is also an Adjunct Professor of Healthcare Innovation and the Director of the Center for Health Innovation at WesternU.

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The Real Deal on Innovation

Every organization in the world is the subject of Disruptive Innovation. In Nicholas Webb’s powerful talk he shares his research from his best-selling book, The Innovation Playbook on how the best organizations are driving world-class innovation.

  • How to build a Culture of Innovation
  • The power of “The Collaborative Enterprise”
  • Attracting and keeping Millennial Innovators
  • How to lead your market in Breakthrough Innovations
  • The impact of Digital Disruption

The Future of Healthcare

The future of healthcare will be the subject of massive disruption over the next five years. This disruption will be driven by new business and clinical models, consumerization and digital disruption. As a healthcare technologist and healthcare enterprise strategist, Nicholas will bring you up to speed on the future of healthcare and what to do about it.

  • The good news about the Future of Healthcare
  • How to grow with Patient Experience Design (PX)
  • The impact of Digital Disruption
  • The secrets of the Best Healthcare Organizations
  • The future of Connected and Wearable Technologies

Future Trends

Every organization will be the subject of massive disruption as a result of key future trends that include Disruptive Innovation, Consumerization, Connection Architecture and The Millennial Shift. In this powerful talk, Nicholas will show you the future and more importantly what to do about it.

  • The power of “Future Casting”
  • The Four Big Shifts that change everything
  • How to build a Future Ready Enterprise
  • The future belongs to those who invent it

The Future of Customer Centered Marketing

Nicholas Webb shares research from his best-selling book What Customers Crave on the future of Customer Centered Marketing (CCM) in a connected economy. In this powerful talk, Nicholas provides the latest research on Digital, Social and Customer Centered Marketing (CCM) to drive sales, profit and growth. Your audience will glean the latest research and leave the talk with real world actionable takeaways that drive Sales, Profit and Customer Loyalty. Talk takeaways include:

  • Engineer the perfect Customer Journey
  • Turn customers into raging fans
  • Create blended experiences that drive customer loyalty
  • Hack the competition with Touch Point Innovation
  • Build a modern sales machine the drive sales and profit

What Customers Crave

In researching his book, “What Customers Crave” Nicholas discovered the three success drivers of the best organizations in the world. In this powerful talk, you will learn the latest science of “Customer Experience (CX) Design”, the takeaways include:

  • Case examples of the best organizations in the world
  • How to develop blended customer experiences
  • The impact of micro mobile moments
  • How to design the perfect customer journey
  • How to identify your customer personas


With innovation good is out and exceptional layered and dynamic value rules the day. Why do you need a plan to innovate?


Nick talks about the three waves and future of healthcare along with the impact of aging baby boomers on the system.

What Customers Crave by Nicholas J. Webb

What Customers Crave

Available Oct. 2016
The Cost of Being Sick by Nicholas J. Webb

The Cost of Being Sick

Surviving the Healthcare Meltdown
The Innovation Superstar Workbook by Nicholas J. Webb

The Innovation Superstar Workbook

Building Your Innovation Game Plan
The Digital Innovation Playbook by Nicholas J. Webb

The Digital Innovation Playbook

Creating a Transformative Customer Experience
The Innovation Playbook by Nicholas J. Webb

The Innovation Playbook

Revolution in Business Excellence

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