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Keynote Speaker Melissa Wandall
Melissa Wandall
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Melissa Wandall


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Speech Topics

My Journey of Hope

After the death of her husband, life insurance allowed her to not just survive in life, but thrive in life.

Summary of Melissa Wandall

With the delivery of their daughter a few weeks away, Melissa Wandall’s husband, Mark, was killed in a tragic car accident when another driver ran through a red light, leaving her family with an uncertain future. Melissa’s determination for a better life for her and her daughter compelled her to accept this hardship and make the choice to be happy. Her willpower resulted in founding two foundations and assisting in the passing of the Mark Wandall Traffic Safety Act, to establish uniform standards for use of Red Light Safety Cameras in Florida. Melissa uses her talent as an inspirational insurance speaker to educate and influence insurance professionals regarding the priceless value of planning so that they can provide protection and financial assurance to clients. Hearing Melissa’s story first-hand will transform the way your employees sell insurance by enabling them to connect with potential customers to sell them on the necessity of life insurance.

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Melissa Wandall is a dynamic leader and influential speaker. As President of National Coalition of Safer Roads (NCSR), an organization dedicated to research and analysis of red-light safety cameras, Melissa has set out to change highway safety and reduce the number of injuries and deaths caused by traffic collisions.

Melissa’s mission is personal. Days before their only child was born in October of 2003, Melissa’s husband was killed by a red light runner. Focused and determined, she worked to put safe, courteous drivers back on Florida Highways, to educate business leaders and elected officials on the vitality of lives that would be saved and to empower a network of professionals to join her mission. On May 13, 2010, after four years of advocacy and outreach, the Mark Wandall Traffic Safety Act was passed to establish uniform standards for use of red-light safety cameras at Florida intersections to help combat red-light running. Since then, she has committed herself to promoting awareness and education about the benefits of traffic cameras, including red-light safety cameras, speed cameras and school bus stop arm cameras.

With a natural ability to empower and engage others, Melissa draws on personal experiences and has become an influential speaker. With energy and encouragement, she shows others how to take strength from the challenges they face in life, learn from them and make positive choices that impact and benefit the lives of others. Known as a passionate presenter by numerous insurance companies, government agencies and business leaders, Melissa’s genuine spirit influences the hearts of her listeners inspiring motivation and purpose. Her presentation at the Million Dollar Round Table was heralded as “inspirational, a breath of fresh air.” She has been featured in national media venues including the “ABC World News,” “Today” show, Fox TV, “Your Turn” with Russell Rhodes, The Wealth Channel, Ladies’ Home Journal, Newsweek, West Coast Woman and Mom Talk Radio. She has also received numerous awards for her work, including the 2012 State Farm Embrace Life Honoree, 2012 State Farm “Where Are They Now” Award, 2011 WOMEN ROCK Award and the 2011 Bay News 9 EVERYDAY HERO Award.

In addition to her commitment to NCSR’s mission Melissa is dedicated to facilitating support for children in grief. She is the Founder and President of the Mark Wandall Foundation, a 501C3 non-profit organization established in 2004. The initial focus affords provisions and assistance to grieving children who have lost a family member or guardian.

Melissa actively travels the U.S. and internationally, participating in speaking engagements and shares her message by encouraging authentic leadership, inspiration and resolution.

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Wise Warrior

Melissa redefines the society given title, WIDOW by delivering an energetic and engaging message that will encourage audiences to evaluate their existing circumstance and reboot their outlook.

Key Takeaways:

  • Adversity is omnipresent and will impact all in some form at some point in ones life. Will you let adversity impale and debilitate or will you let it jab and revamp?
  • Visualize, Believe and Obtain – The Warrior lives in us all.
  • Finding your inner strength and confidence to overcome adversity
  • You cannot change your circumstance but you can modify your approach. Great POWER resides in YOU!

Typical audiences:
Women's Conferences | Spiritual Growth & Leadership | Healthcare Seminars

The Power of Life Insurance
Critical Choices

Financial planners play a critical role in providing families with the knowledge necessary to protect the ones they love the most. Melissa’s financial advisor and husband Mark Wandall practiced what he preached. Her focus is to share her personal inspirational story in hopes of inspiring other financial advisors to cultivate and sustain a network of clients that are committed to protecting their loved ones - A valuable message to protect the ones you love.

Key Takeaways:

  • Show financial impact of NOT incorporating life insurance into your practice
  • Empower agents to sell more life insurance through real life account
  • Grow previous annuity sales into a lifetime income by offering life insurance; life insurance sales become an unlimited source of high-quality referrals

Loss, Life and a Little Girl

A story of adversity and achievement
Key Takeaways:

  • Do not be a victim; embrace the loss, nurture it, and find a positive reason to move through it
  • Find a mission—take action, get involved, and stay informed
  • Incorporate a new daily routine—healthy body, healthy mind—and remember your children will “mirror” your behavior

Stop! Give light to life!

A national traffic safety tragedy and how you can change it
Key takeaways:

  • Be an advocate to stop distracted driving—get informed and stay involved
  • Enforcement, red light safety cameras, and education work
  • Engage in local Community Traffic Safety Teams

Giving Back - A Legacy of Love
A beautiful gift payed forward

Key takeaways:

  • Power of resiliency - embrace life no matter the circumstance
  • Finding your light, one person can make a difference
  • Philanthropy, what will your legacy be?

Nurture Your Soul, Grow Your Life

We enter unchartered territory when loss enters our lives. No two losses are ever the same. Life is different. Together, in this workshop we will discuss loss, love and how to get through this lifetime without the ones we have loved the most.

Focus. Balance. Direction.

We enter unchartered territory when loss enters our lives. No two losses are ever the same. Life is different. Together, in this workshop we will discuss loss, love and how to get through this lifetime without the ones we have loved the most.

Building a Legacy - Philanthropy & Politics

Designed for individuals or groups who are interested in starting a Foundation, Grassroots Coalition and/or pass a life-saving Bill. Melissa's experience as the founder of the Mark Wandall Foundation, the Stop Red Light Running Coalition and one who advocated for a bill; the Mark Wandall Traffic Safety Act (passed May 13, 2010) will save you time and money in your efforts to form these organizations.

  • Illustrate how to legally set up your non-profit and/or Grassroots Coalition with a referral to a local attorney who will propel your mission into motion!
  • Facilitate a relationship with a local accountant who will guide you on setting up a banking system, devise a budget and prepare your entity for annual filing.
  • Assist to create your base by developing a mission statement, implementing a Board of Directors, and creating enthusiasm for your mission via social media, volunteerism and fundraising efforts.
  • Branding your Foundation and/or Coalition and creating a presence via the web by providing a resource to develop your entities on line landing page. This contact will include press release, webs development and maintain your list of email contacts for items such as newsletters, fundraisers and events.
  • Guidance for navigating the political system locally, statewide and nationally.

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