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Keynote Speaker Paul Viollis
Paul Viollis
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Paul Viollis


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Talks about the risks we expose ourselves to and is an expert in private client security, workplace security and workplace violence.

Summary of Paul Viollis

Paul Michael Viollis, Sr. has dedicated his career to the protection of our country, as well as the shareholder value of the businesses he has navigated to the pinnacle of their respective vertical markets. He is the weekly host of the Security Brief on CBS’ play.it network and has appeared on FOX Business, CBS, CNBC and the Wall Street Journal. Paul has hands on expertise in some of the most critical areas of business and security, including behavior analysis, leadership development, corporate espionage, extortion, cyber security, family protection and workplace violence. This has given Paul the ability to develop unforeseeable insights which, in combination with his trademarked “Mailroom to Boardroom Value Strategy,” will leave your audience riveted with the passion and leave you at the edge of your seat!

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Prior to assuming the Chief Executive position of Viollis Group International, Paul’s professional business resume includes: CEO of Risk Control Strategies; President & CEO of Corporate Risk Consulting; Senior Managing Director for Citigate Global Intelligence & Security; and Vice President at Kroll, where he served on their post September 11th Threat Assessment Team.

Over Paul’s storied career in both law enforcement and security, he developed a diverse base of skills in various areas of the criminal justice system, ranging from his position as supervisor for the New York County’s District Attorney’s Office’s Criminal Court Unit, Security Specialist/Supervisor under the United States Space Command, and CO of a Florida State Police Academy. He is a renowned public speaker and has served as a subject matter expert in private client security, workplace violence, behavioral analysis, workplace security and counter terrorism threat assessment.

Paul is the author and lead editor for Jane’s Publishing’s book "Workplace Security”, Contributing Editor for Jane's “School Safety Handbook”, “Teachers Safety Guide” and “Crisis Communications Handbook” and most recently co-authored his marquee book, "Silent Safety - Best Practices for Protecting the Affluent”. In addition, he tours yearly on the speaking circuit, presenting on issues ranging from workplace violence, private client security and workplace security. Paul is a regular contributor on FOX Business’ Neal Cavuto Show and has appeared and been quoted in media outlets, including CNN, INSIDE ADDITION FOX NEWS, MSNBC, Reuters, ABC, CNBC, CBS, ESPN, Wall Street Journal, The NewYork Times, Entrepreneur Magazine, Wall StreetJournal Radio, National Public Radio, CSO, Forbes, Robb Report, Worth, Business Insurance and CFO magazine. Paul is the host of the TV Show "The Security Brief with Paul Viollis” and the CBS podcast of the same name.

His professional affiliations include the Florida Police Chiefs Association, lnfraGard, Business Executives for National Security. Paul holds the distinction of Honorary Assistant Attorney General for the State of Louisiana. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice, a Master of Public Administration, and a Ph.D. in Philosophy.

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Cyber-Crime’s Business Model
Getting Hacked

Cyber-crime: The malicious interception of personal and business information for financial gain, personal defamation, and/or business interruption, otherwise known as HACKING! Today, this remains as one of the fastest growing businesses in the world. Constructed upon a minimal risk, maximum gain foundation, such an enterprise has a value proposition second only to its ROI. For a criminal creating a business case to launch a career in hacking is a proverbial, "no brainier". While Cyber-crime is in its embryonic stage and rich with un-mined potential, it will continue to grow stronger by the day unless we embrace the very fabric of its mantra and expeditiously begin to implement mitigation protocols.

Paul speaks to the very core of this epidemic and provides all the required next steps to protect both individual and corporate lines of communication. Don’t get hacked!

Affluent & High Profile Protection
Paparazzi, Profiling, Privacy

Lights, Camera, Action!

Affluent and High-profile individuals come from a variety of vertical markets and venues, but all clearly attract unsolicited attention from an assortment of groups. This is especially true for those trying to benefit from the notoriety and success of others. The very nature of one's wealth being exposed increases personal scrutiny, while negatively impacting privacy and increasing vulnerabilities. With the increase of personal exposure through the internet and social media sites, there is no surprise these individuals oftentimes become attractive targets to opportunists and criminals.

This presentation illustrates the criminal mantra toward this community and its advisors focusing on the felonious business model for penetration into their homes, reputations, businesses, cyber communications/social media, children's lives, investments and travel itineraries.

Cheap is Expensive… Decision Making 101
Rolling the Dice

Cheap is the intentional decision to take the easy way out, and it is expensive. It is a societal deficiency that is reflective of “Hitting the Snooze Button” or “Putting Ones Head in the Sand”. It’s a willingness to roll the dice and a compulsion to blame everyone else when it blows up. The consequence of ‘expensive’ is what we pay in life for poor choices. It is a self-inflicted wound that frequently never heals. The one thing people want more than anything else is to have control over their lives, yet, our decision making often times strips us of that very desire. Whether it’s a reluctance to change or the mere shortsightedness of our actions, we tend to create our own misfortune and even tragedy, by the way we govern our lives. At the end of the day, character gets compromised, brands are destroyed, possessions lost, countries collapse, careers crumble and families fall. As simple as being so ignorant and CHEAP not to pay for a cab---so you drive drunk and kill your family in an accident.

Paul crystalizes the disparity between what we need and what we want. He brings to the forefront Life’s “Russian Roulette” as you experience one of the most powerful presentations of personal and professional self-examination. A perfect presentation for Town Hall Meetings, Houses of Worship, Educational Institutions, Professional Preparation, and Government Gatherings.

Mailroom to Boardroom Value Strategy
Valuing the Human Asset

There is absolutely nothing more important or more valuable to any organization than its human asset and yet, it is often mistreated, overlooked and even disrespected to the point that we never allow for the growth of its true potential. When selecting the right people, do you hire marginal people or create them? The most important yet difficult aspect of growing any business, regardless of the vertical market is developing the brand, and it requires the right people to do so. In developing a mailroom to Boardroom growth strategy the “think vs. know”, “need vs. want”, “power vs. control”, and “creating success in others first” concepts must be clearly defined. This presentation goes to the very core of human behavior. It covers basic philosophical thought patterns such as “leader” and “manager”. There is great disparity between a leader and a manager. Leader is without question one of the most misused words in any language.

Paul passionately goes to the very core of human behavior, utilizing highly interactive modules leaving you thinking deeply about the value of individuals from the mailroom to the boardroom.

Safeguarding Shareholder Value from Workplace Violence
Protecting Human, Financial & Physical Assets

The issue of Workplace Violence has clearly risen to epidemic proportions (as declared by the Center for Disease Control) prompting the necessity for corporations to implement a preemptive strategy in compliance with the standard of care so as to safeguard their brand as well as shareholder value. Given the causal link between poor economic conditions and workplace violence, preparedness is no longer for the wise but for every corporation wishing to protect its human, financial and physical assets.

This presentation illustrates, from an expert witness’s perspective, the entire best practice formula for the legal test of reasonableness to be adhered to as well as the blueprint on crafting compliant related policies, employee training and response procedures. Additionally, the trademarked offender profile and violence continuum will be discussed. A must for all corporate leaders!

Protecting What Matters Most

Family. Community. You.

From The White House to Your House… Leaving the Front Door Open. Is your home truly safe? Do you really know those who care for your children day in and day out? Are your young adults truly prepared to be independent and responsible as they leave for college? Do you invite invasion of yourself and your property through the use of social media? Is your community as safe as you thought? The places you go and your means of communication are considered your “safe spaces”, your sanctuary of peace, however what if those personal spaces are invaded? As your #1 priority, learn to protect the environments that you have control over. Together, we can help nurture and educate a family, community and ourselves by being aware of our surroundings and responsible for what matters most!

In an eye-opening seminar, Paul shares intriguing knowledge from real-life experiences, engaging simple things we overlook relative to security. The session provides an opportunity to reflect on national tragedies that have occurred in homes, schools, colleges and communities. Everyone will leave with safety tips to better prepare your loved ones, your community, and yourselves from harm.

Terrorism on American Soul

Being that we as a country are truly in the embryonic stage of a Holy War, the presentation will open with a comprehensive state of the nation on the subject to be followed by an in-depth look at the terrorist business model and projected ROI by targeting public venues and commercial office buildings. This in concert with best practice mitigation strategies, will be discussed at length so the attendee can leave with a valid action plan to mitigate these threats.

Security-Related Red Flags
for the Trusted Advisor

The yardstick that is used to measure the effectiveness of a trusted advisor to an affluent family is their ability to provide solutions for a wide ranging problem base expeditiously and with pinpoint efficiency. With security being a center stage issue for all families, it is beyond incumbent for all advisors to embrace their responsibility to deliver best in class counsel on issues such as but not limited to the following life matters:

  • When family members are navigating through the internet for banking, shopping, business transactions, on line gaming or personal communications such as email.
  • When a family member is traveling internationally or selecting a school away from home.
  • When a family is hiring employees, household staff and/or contractors.
  • Whenever investing in moderate to high risk ventures or prior to any liquidity event.
  • When a client is building or renovating a home.
  • When there is a belief personal or proprietary information is being obtained covertly (i.e. Hacked).
  • When purchasing a yacht or aircraft.
  • When hosting a special event of significant size.

The trusted advisor is now expected to be the clearinghouse of information. This presentation breaks down all of the vital best practice security measures and delivers the solutions, from a personal and business perspective, each advisor will need to respond promptly.

Jane's Workplace Security Handbook  by Paul Viollis

Jane's Workplace Security Handbook

Silent Safety by Douglas R. Kane, Paul Viollis

Silent Safety

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