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Keynote Speaker Jon Stetson
Jon Stetson
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Jon Stetson


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With over 25 years with audiences for over 10,000 performances, Jon Stetson is an internationally acclaimed magician, mentalist and comedian. President Bush, President Carter, The King of Sweden, Donald Trump, Bob Kraft & The New England Patriots, Fortune 1000 organizations, associations and celebrity audiences have experienced Jon Stetson worldwide. Jon is able to observe people’s patterns and step inside the heads of his audiences. His Keynote; I Know What you are Thinking…Mastering the Art of the 4-Wall Experience, is an interactive, experiential-based program designed to provide you with a personal branding strategy that works—powerfully, strategically, and most importantly, simply. It will help you discover and show you how to use key 4-Wall strategies—mastering the art of knowing yourself, your environment, and the dynamics that are taking place when you showcase your brand. The Stetson Experience is intuitively designed to maximize your event’s top two requirements—return on investment and return on objective. Jon is the quick wit and the steady center of even the most complex productions, including conferences, meetings and awards banquets. He’ll work with you to organize your event, keep it moving and get your message across effectively. Jon is the one entertainer in America who truly understands the meaning and importance of capturing the mindshare and heartshare of your audience.

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Jon Stetson injects uproariously funny situation comedy into his performance, thus creating hilarity that never fails to please an audience. He is more than just a comedian…his mind-boggling magic leaves them amazed, bewildered and wanting to see more.

This unique combination of magic and comedy has taken Jon around the world playing resort hotels, colleges, cruise ships, comedy clubs and corporate events. In fact, Jon was invited to the White House to give a special performance for the President and Members of Congress.

Jon began as a magician, but moved beyond the traditional tricks and props of magic to explore the real
mysteries of the human mind. Call him a “cognitionist”. He observes people‘s patterns and steps inside their heads. He amazes them with information they didn't even know about themselves. He engages people in a psychic partnership that makes them the real stars of the show. Together, Jon and your guests do the impossible. The result is powerful, provocative, thrilling and new.

Because with his unique brand of sleight–of–hand and sleight–of–mind entertaining, Jon Stetson livens up a room like no one else. He‘ll work with you to deliver exactly the right tone and material for your conference, trade show, or meeting. With his own special blend of mind, magic and mirth, Jon takes a
standard event and transforms it into a roller coaster ride that people will never forget. Whether the goal is
to introduce a product, to teach, to raise the excitement level among associates, to generate sales leads, “The Stetson Experience” produces a guaranteed return on investment.

Jon is a corporate entertainer. He blends his client‘s message into specially tailored presentations for trade shows, sales meetings and special events. On occasion Jon trades in his magic wand for a microphone while he acts as corporate spokesman, M.C., or game show host.

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The Trade Show Experience

Over 25 years of trade show experience, designing innovative experiences that drive traffic and promote the uniqueness of your brand experience. It's buzz time.

Team Bonding

Breaking down silos has never been so easy, as Jon creates a unique evening that brings people together, galvanizes their focus, and ensures that while there is no "me" in "team", there certainly is "fun".

The Stetson Experience Mainstage Performance

Jon's signature show for corporate and association events from 5 to 5,000 people.

Hospitality Suites

Invite Jon into your hospitality suite, and you'll have the most popular room at the conference. As host or featured entertainer, Jon can engage people for minutes or hours, giving you the chance to meet, greet and get to know them yourself.

Meeting Wake-Up Artist

Jon jump-starts even the drowsiest morning or post-lunch meetings with a brief, high-energy wake-up call complete with experiential, innovative experiences. Recharge your audience and they will thank you for it.


You've used videos, slides, music and talking heads to introduce a CEO or keynote speaker in front of a group. Here's something completely different. Jon can materialize a CEO or speaker virtually out of thin air, using a new twist on an old magician's tool, the magic box. The device presents your VIP in a dignified yet astonishing way to audiences, and sets the tone for what's to come.

Master of Ceremonies

Jon is the quick wit and the steady center of even the most complex productions, including conferences, meetings and awards banquets. He'll work with you to organize your event, keep it moving and get your message across
The 4-Wall Experience
Working the room to enhance your brand by leveraging your
communication experience. An interactive keynote presentation.

The Up-close Experience

Jon moves through a crowd in a seemingly effortless way,
reading minds and charming guests with intimate,
one-on-one encounters.

Corporate Imposter

Is he a doctor? A high-profile industry consultant? A new VP of sales? You paint the character, we create it!

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