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Keynote Speaker Marilyn Sherman
Marilyn Sherman
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Marilyn Sherman


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Live Life in the Front Row

Marilyn inspires people to get out of their comfort zones and shift to a more positive mindset.

Summary of Marilyn Sherman

Marilyn Sherman believes that an inspired, motivated workforce is a more productive workforce. With a practical, motivating message of living life in the front row, delivered with high energy and humor, your audience will walk away feeling like they can accomplish more at their work and in their life. Marilyn delivers a dynamic opening keynote presentation followed by a high-content workshop on reducing stress and conflict in the workplace. After hearing her talk, your people will be ready to take on new challenges with optimism and hope. Marilyn has been motivating corporate audiences for more than 18 years. Her corporate background as a training officer for a major finance company gives her the experience necessary to motivate employees at companies large and small. She is the author of three motivational books and is dedicated to inspiring each and every audience to be more productive with no more excuses!

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As a Front-Row Leadership expert, Marilyn inspires people to take charge of their career and life with dynamic keynotes and workshops that focus on three things: vision, goal achievement and having a ‘no-more excuses’ mindset. It’s time to get out of that rut, stop settling for mediocrity, and it’s certainly time to end workplace stagnation. Attendees of Marilyn’s programs gain clarity, increase their confidence, take control of their attitudes, and are motivated to stretch themselves in all aspects of their life.

Marilyn Sherman inspires people to get out of their comfort zone, overcome obstacles, and take a front-row seat in life. Her passion is helping people reach their true potential. For example, she inspires employees to go from an attitude of entitlement to an attitude of gratitude resulting in: better customer service, increased productivity, increased accountability for overcoming obstacles and less conflict in the workplace. She teaches people how going above and beyond truly makes a difference for others, as well as creating a positive impact in their own lives.

Marilyn's clients hire her to deliver a message of hope and inspiration that resonates with each individual, so everyone can leave her presentation with the tools and confidence to set and reach goals. Attendees are engaged and inspired to be accountable for their own success, which affects their results in leadership and sales.

In addition to being a popular motivational keynote speaker, Marilyn is also the author of three motivational career-focused books. In 2015, Marilyn was recognized as one of the Top 10 Motivational Keynote Speakers to hire (based on her content, presentation style, and value delivered to her audience). Marilyn is a graduate of Washington State University, and is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) – the highest earned designation in the speaking profession (with fewer than 10% of professional speakers earning this certification).

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Front-Row Leadership

We are where we are because of the CHOICES we've made. It takes courage to look at where we are versus where we want to be. After Marilyn's keynote, you make a commitment and strive to become better. When you engage in the process of improving yourself and engage more positively with your team, you will start to exceed your previous performance, exceed your customer's expectations, and succeed more than ever before. You will soon evolve into a position to help lead OTHERS to their front-row. THAT’S Front-Row Leadership.

One thing that prevents people from having more success is a lack of courage and confidence to lead effectively. When people settle, it impacts their work, their team, their leadership, and their entire lives. Marilyn provides solutions to prevent people from living and leading from mediocrity. Think of her as an usher, leading people to their front-row. Once people have the tools necessary to be more successful, they become ushers helping and impacting others in a positive way. Marilyn’s presentations are all about helping people around choices, courage and commitment to lead better - even if only by example.

What Does Front-Row Leadership Mean For Your Team?
Increased: Sales, employee morale & engagement
Decreased: stress, conflict and disharmony in the workplace
Overall: better attitude, positive morale/culture and no more excuses!

Why Settle for the Balcony?
How to get a Front-Row Seat in Life!

Life is short – live it in the front-row! This dynamic keynote inspires people to get out of the balcony of their life and go for that front-row seat! With so many things out of control these days, attendees will be reminded that their attitude and perception are 100% within their control. With the right mindset, any seat can be a front-row seat!

After showing people the difference between living and working in the balcony, and general admission, Marilyn will inspire people to choose to live in the front-row. Successful people live in the front-row. As one of my clients said, ‘Nothing good happens in the back of the room!’ In this session, she teaches people to have a vision, be of service, be gutsy, appreciate what they have and be empowered to do more. By the time the audience hears this; they will be ready to get out of the balcony where they previously complained about how bad their seats were. Now, they will have all the tools necessary to make some immediate changes for positive results. As an additional training tool, Marilyn has a motivational book of the same title that would make a great attendee gift.

Whose Comfort Zone Are You In?

This keynote inspires people to recognize their vision, set goals, overcome obstacles and have a great attitude. Sometimes, people live in a comfort zone and don’t even realize it. Others are influenced by negative people and do things for the wrong reasons. In this keynote, Marilyn helps people take charge of their career and their life by stretching themselves out of their comfort zone and achieve more than they thought possible. With lots of stories of people who have overcome obstacles, the audience will be empowered to do more with what they have. The benefit to your audience is that when they leave, they will feel empowered to do more than they’ve done in the past and that will yield higher results for your organization. As an additional training tool, she has a motivational book of the same title that would also make a great attendee gift!

Communicating for Results
From Conflict to Cooperation

This is a content filled program that provides tools to anyone who doesn’t like conflict or confrontation. Let’s face it; no one really likes conflict, which is why so many people avoid it. Or, they act inappropriately because they don’t have the tools to navigate conflict. This program teaches people to communicate much better to reduce conflict and to handle uncomfortable conversations with grace and respect. Marilyn offers proven communication techniques that are easily adapted to anyone’s workplace. With examples and practice, people will learn the value of being assertive and not aggressive or passive-aggressive. This is a great workshop for anyone who wants to reduce conflict and have communication tools that can be immediately applied at work and at home in order to have more harmonious relationships. The tools provided work ESPECIALLY well when dealing with difficult people!

Front-Row Service
How to be a Hospitality Fanatic!

This keynote helps anyone in the service industry to up their game when it comes to providing exceptional customer service to their customers and partners. Marilyn starts by giving examples of what a hospitality fanatic is NOT and then teaches what it really means to provide service to your customers. It’s time to up your game when it comes to serving. She has written a book specifically for restaurants called Front-Row Service, How to increase Tip Percentage and Check Averages, so this keynote can be customized to people in the food service industry as well. However, this topic is not limited to restaurants and foodservice. If your business survives off of serving your customers, then this program is for you. It’s all about relationships and delivering the unexpected to your customers. Feeding the needs of your customers before they ask is what she likes to teach in Front-Row Service. This keynote also touches on ways to inspire yourself to be better and up your game so you can continue to improve. Your customers deserve to be treated like VIP’S, so let them know that doing business with you is a front-row experience!

Which V are You?
Managing Change with a Positive Mindset

If your organization isn’t going through some sort of change now, it means one of two things. Either you have already gone through a change, or you are about to! Marilyn believes when people are asked to change; they become a Victim, a Vacationer or a Volunteer. Obviously if they choose to be a Victim or Vacationer, the chances of the change being successful are severely hampered. She helps people see what the effects each V has on the outcome of the team. This is an interactive workshop that helps people have the mindset of a volunteer: resourceful, opportunistic, positive, helpful, open-minded and vision oriented. Sounds better than being bitter, resentful, helpless and sabotaging!

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