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Keynote Speaker Joel Sartore
Joel Sartore
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Joel Sartore


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Summary of Joel Sartore

There’s no clocking out early when you’re a photographer for National Geographic. Joel Sartore has been with the magazine for over fifteen years, building teams everywhere from Alaska to the Atacama Desert. With guidance from the magazine’s editors, Sartore works independently in the field to deliver the goods despite language barriers, tightening budgets, skittish subjects, and loitering killer pigs. Nature doesn’t give many second chances so attitude, teamwork and creativity are as essential as the camera in creating good pictures. The far corners of earth aren’t all that different from the conference room, the sales presentation or the cubicle; going the extra mile can and does mean the difference between ordinary and extraordinary. As a speaker, Sartore uses humor and candor to energize audiences and empower them to take pride in and excel at their work.

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A life-long Nebraskan, Joel Sartore brings a sense of humor and a

mid-western work ethic to all of his National Geographic Magazine

assignments. Over twenty years of experience (seventeen with National Geographic Society) have allowed him to cover everything from the remote Amazon rain forest to beer-drinking, mountain-racing firefighters in the United Kingdom.

He has authored several books including Photographing Your Family, Face to Face with Grizzlies, and Nebraska: Under a Big Red Sky.

Besides the work he has done for National Geographic, Joel has completed assignments for Time, Life, Newsweek, Sports Illustrated and contributed to numerous book projects. Joel and his work have been the subject of several national broadcasts including National Geographic's Explorer, the NBC Nightly News, NPR's Weekend Edition, CNN's Anderson Cooper 360 and an hour-long PBS documentary. He is also a regular contributor on the CBS Sunday Morning Show with Charles Osgood.

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Photographing Your Family by Joel Sartore

Photographing Your Family

Nebraska by Joel Sartore


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