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Keynote Speaker Freddie Ravel
Freddie Ravel
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Freddie Ravel


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Keynote Maestro

Internationally Acclaimed Keynote Maestro, Legendary Keyboardist of Carlos Santana, Madonna, Prince and many more. The #1 chart-topping keyboardist, speaker and producer is the creator of the unique Keynote Concert™ where strategic storytelling and customized music messaging merge to delight and inspire the greatness in leaders, teams and entrepreneurs alike.

Summary of Freddie Ravel

From his GRAMMY-winning releases to his internationally-acclaimed corporate keynotes, Freddie Ravel has produced #1 hits in America and performed worldwide with Madonna, Prince, The Boston Pops, Earth, Wind and Fire and Carlos Santana. As one of the world’s leading music-applied-to-business experts, he brings a proven track record of wowing audiences and transforming creative and corporate cultures that include AIG, AIA, Morgan Stanley, Citi, American Integrity, Google, Apple, IBM Analytics, Wal Mart, NASA and Red Bull.

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Bridging his distinguished career with international music icons to the visionary business leaders of our time, TUNE UP to Success CEO/founder Freddie Ravel has emerged as a global force for empowering personal and professional growth through music. Utterly captivated by music since age 5, the Grammy-nominated composer, pianist, and educator began performing worldwide with Brazilian master Sergio Mendes by the age of 23. Shortly thereafter, Universal Music released Freddie's three chart-topping solo albums, including the #1 hit in the US, "Sunny Side Up."

Driven by his passion for applying music to life, Freddie's appearances span three decades and six continents. Officially named the "Motivational Maestro" by the city of Los Angeles, his number-one hits and collaborations include producing, recording, and composing with such diverse luminaries as Earth, Wind & Fire, Al Jarreau, Madonna, Prince, Yo-Yo Ma, Quincy Jones, the Boston Pops, and rock legend Carlos Santana. With rave reviews from clients like Apple, NASA, Citi, and the University of Southern California, along with his endorsements from such thought leaders as Deepak Chopra, Jack Canfield, and Andre Agassi, Ravel has established a unique and powerful methodology to bring society from dissonance to harmony.

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The Rhythm of Success

Music is much more than entertainment. It is an intuitive multi-tasking power tool for how we work and engage. In our inter-connected global economy, success belongs to those who can communicate their products and services with the greatest clarity. Music is the undisputed international language, and Freddie Ravel's "Rhythm of Success"® is a breakthrough concept that reveals a new way to tap the inner structure of music to bring a multitude of powerful benefits in the way we work and live such as:

  • Melody – Focus your mission and purpose by unlocking the singular focus of music's power: the Melody.
  • Harmony – Engage your customers, clients, and colleagues with music's gift to collaboration and support: Harmony.
  • Rhythm – Energize, organize, and prioritize your daily work with music's ultimate timekeeper: Rhythm.
  • Score – Clarify your "big picture" and conduct your organization to peak performances...again and again.

Music Conducts Business

Freddie Ravel discusses music and how each component relates to our business lives, while he teaches us how to orchestrate all the components for success.

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