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Keynote Speaker Leo Pusateri
Leo Pusateri
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Leo Pusateri


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Leo Pusateri’s passion and insight as an insurance speaker has helped senior leaders and top advisors discover, articulate and capitalize their values. His highly acclaimed book, Mirror Mirror on the Wall, Am I the Most Valued of Them All?, describes his proprietary and powerful Value Ladder™ process, which continues to be requested by senior executives, managers and advisors alike. Leo’s keynotes go deep into teaching professionals his time-honored and proprietary programs to help companies live their values. Leo continues to help businesses exceed their expectations by engaging them in his thought provoking keynotes and providing truly innovative ideas.

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Passionate, inspirational, and motivating are words many would use to describe Leo Pusateri. Affectionately known as the “value man” in the financial services industry, he is also recognized as the industry's premier thought partner of value-based training—not only by senior leaders in the C-suites, but among top advisors as well.

While his core unique value proposition remains focused on helping organizations and individuals discover, articulate and capitalize on their value, Leo's curriculum goes significantly deeper by teaching professionals the principles of reputational value as well as how to develop and present it. He guides senior leaders who are looking to drive an eight-to nine-figure lift to their businesses. He also leads financial entrepreneurs who are attempting to elevate their stature from “good-to-great” to ultimately becoming extraordinary in competing on value.

When it comes to knowing, pricing, selling, and “living” your value, Leo's time-honored and proprietary programs are in place around the world. This is a credible testament to his knowledge capital that he enthusiastically shares with clients. He has traveled the globe from Singapore to Spain, Vancouver to Zurich, and New York City to San Francisco. His travels find him working with senior leadership teams to financial entrepreneurs who represent broker-dealers, RIAs, investment management firms, private banks, family offices, insurance companies and others. Through Leo's robust training programs with clients around the globe, firms have endorsed Leo's skill set as the absolute best-in-class in bringing value-based training to the table.

Leo practices what he preaches and is an authentic role model for consultative, respectful dialogue. He truly lives his values—effortlessly and with undeniable passion—and teaches others what he has learned over his professional lifetime. His highly acclaimed 2002 book, Mirror Mirror on the Wall, Am I the Most Valued of them All?, describes in detail his proprietary and powerful Value Ladderâ„¢ process, and continues to be requested by senior executives, managers and advisors alike. In addition to understanding the nuances and challenges that financial entrepreneurs face in winning mandates from the HNW and UHNW, he also knows the challenges faced by centers of influence and allied professionals. As a result, the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), the governing body of the accounting industry in the U.S., has recognized Leo's work to be the peak of effectiveness and the highest standard of quality in the business. The Institute contracted with Leo for the development of a major book titled You Are the Value as well as e-learning curriculum and major speaking engagements for their industry.

Horsesmouth.com, an online industry provider of business development strategies, content, and conferences for advisors, touted Leo as best in class for his philosophies on competing on value. He is widely quoted in numerous industry publications and was a popular columnist for Financial Advisor magazine. Earlier in his distinguished career, Leo led the sales and marketing efforts for a nationally recognized investment advisory firm, and consulted with Fortune 500 companies, concentrating on sales productivity issues.   His experience of 30+ years, coupled with a keen understanding of successfully working with high net worth clients and his work in the training and the behavior change world, has catapulted Leo into the highest sphere of understanding the intricacies of marketing and positioning financial services with the utmost of confidence, passion and speed. In addition, he strives to eliminate what Leo describes as the number one “disease” in the financial services industry: winging it.

Whether it is distinguishing a firm by driving key economic metrics such as net new assets and price realization, or teaching a large team of financial advisors how to know, price, sell, and live their value, Leo not only forges strategic partnerships,   but also—and more importantly—as he is known to say, “lifetime friendships.”

Leo is a 1977 graduate of St. Bonaventure University with a BBA degree in Marketing. He is a past alumni board member and is currently serving on the Business Advisory Board to the Dean of the Business School. Currently an active member of the Country Club of Buffalo, Leo has served on various committees to assist the club in achieving its goals.

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Discovering Your Value

Delivering Your Value

Transitioning Your Business to a Fee Base Practice

Mirror Mirror on the Wall am I the Most Valued of Them All? by Leo Pusateri

Mirror Mirror on the Wall am I the Most Valued of Them All?

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