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Keynote Speaker Gene Marks
Gene Marks
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Gene Marks


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Gene Marks is an expert on growth, management, and profitability for small and medium-sized businesses. A small business owner himself, Gene is also a weekly columnist for the New York Times, Forbes, and The Huffington Post. He has authored five books on topics that pertain to small and medium-sized businesses, including his most recent title, In God We Trust, All Others Pay Cash: Simple Lessons from Smart Business People. Gene's engaging and exciting presentations help business owners, executives, and managers to understand the current political, economic, and technological trends that will affect their companies. With straightforward language, humor, and expertise, Gene will provide your audience with strategies and tools that they can use immediately to strengthen business and grow revenue. From budgets to bonus programs and health care reform to social networking, Gene understands the issues that affect small businesses. Let him teach your audience how to triumph in today's climate and turn seeming challenges into profitable opportunities!

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Gene Marks is a columnist, author, and small business owner.

Gene writes every day on business, politics and public policy for the Washington Post and weekly for Forbes, Inc. Magazine, Entrepreneur, Fortune, and the Huffington Post.

Gene has written 5 books on business management, specifically geared towards small and medium sized companies. His most recent is The Manufacturer’s Book of Lists.

Nationally, Gene appears on Fox News, MSNBC and CNBC discussing matters affecting the business community.

Through his keynotes and breakout sessions, Gene helps business owners, executives and managers understand the political, economic and technological trends that will affect their companies so they can make profitable decisions.

Gene owns and operates the Marks Group PC, a highly successful ten-person firm that provides technology and consulting services to small and medium sized businesses.

Prior to starting the Marks Group PC Gene, a Certified Public Accountant, spent nine years in the entrepreneurial services arm of the international consulting firm KPMG in Philadelphia where he was a Senior Manager.

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From DC to Silicon Valley
3 Hot Power Trends That Will Impact Your Company Through 2018

Smart business owners and managers share one quality that makes them stand out among their peers: they are always looking ahead. Not just a few weeks or months. But years. And that’s what this keynote presentation is all about. There are political, economic and technology trends and events occurring right now that will impact your business over the next 3–5 years. Do you know what they are? And if you do, have you thought about what your actions will be? There are so many who rely on you—your customers, your suppliers, your employees, your partners, your family. How will you respond so that you lead your organization forward? As an owner and executive it is your responsibility to know what’s coming down the road and to be prepared for any surprises.

During this keynote presentation, Gene touches on the three most important power trends that will impact your business through 2018...and what actions to take.

Washington and the Economy. How will this year’s elections impact legislation that will affect your business? How will the federal government’s budget deficit, spending and taxes impact your operations? What will be your actions depending on who controls Congress and the White House?

Your People. What new trends in employee management will you need to know so that you can find and keep the best people working as productively as possible over the next few years? What new legislation will impact your human resources activities? What tools can help you and your employees better collaborate, communicate and service your customers?

Your Technology. What new applications are hitting the market that you will need to invest in to keep your company ahead of the competition and positioned for future growth? Where is technology going for your business over the next few years?

During this keynote, Gene will keep you up to date on the latest events in Washington and review issues from tax legislation to the federal budget that will impact your business. He will cover employee trends from minimum wage to overtime pay and also touch on crucial macro and financial metrics that you will want to know to run your business. He will dive into a few key cloud, mobile, social and collaborative technologies that smart companies are using and he will discuss areas of growth and opportunities in the next few years.

You’ll walk away knowing the biggest trends that will impact your company over the next few years and an action plan for navigating your business forward.

Your Cash Flow
How Smart Business People Will Double Their Cash Through 2019

“We run businesses. And we have responsibilities. People rely on us. Our employees. Our customers. Our suppliers. Our partners. Our families. It is not our job to just make payroll. In fact, if you’re concerned about making next week’s payroll, this presentation isn’t for you,” says Gene Marks, whose New York Times, Forbes, INC. Magazine and The Huffington Post columns on management are read weekly by hundreds of thousands of small and medium sized business owners across the country. Gene’s columns, presentations and frequent appearances on Fox Business, Fox News, MSNBC and CNBC are thought provoking and entertaining.

During this 45–60 minute presentation, Gene will cover the latest trends, techniques and tactics used by smart business owners and managers to maximize their cash flow including:

  • key internal and external metrics;
  • which financial statement benchmarks and reports work the best;
  • the latest options for raising cash through crowd funding, grants, microloans and other financing sources;
  • techniques for creating budgets and forecasts;
  • how smart managers manage payables and receivables to make the best use of their cash float;
  • the latest technologies, websites, tools and services for cash management;
  • thoughts and best practices for increasing open accounts receivable collection and customer management.

During this fast paced session, Gene Marks will make you laugh and keep you on your toes with dozens of the latest methods, ideas and thoughts for reducing expenses and building profits….in essence: generating more cash for your business. You will learn cost effective ways for squeezing more profits, boosting your bottom line and keeping a few more customers happy.

“This is why we make BIG bucks, right?” says Gene. “We’re supposed to be navigating the ship, looking ahead, watching the horizon for potential storm clouds and reacting appropriately to ensure that we stay on course.“

As business people, we definitely believe in cash. How to make it now and what we need to be doing to continue making it in the future. So join Gene and learn a few of the latest ideas.

The Mobile Millennial
The 6 Biggest Trends, Tools, and Technologies for Finding and Motivating Millennials

The recession is over. Unemployment is down. You know this. Your employees know this. And over the next two years, as your company grows, the issue won’t be about just keeping your costs under control. It will be about watching what’s going on in Washington, taking advantage of new opportunities and being smart about your investments. It will be about capitalizing on the latest trends in technology, cash flow and how to find and motivate the very best people.

One of the biggest challenges faced by business owners today is attracting and retaining great people. Millennials (those 18-34 year olds) make up an enormous part of today’s workforce and survey after survey finds that this generation values flexibility as much and sometimes more than compensation. What technologies, devices, policies and best practices are smart business people using to give their employees (and independent contractors) the freedom to work from anywhere while not compromising security and performance?

During this entertaining and fast moving session Gene will touch on some of the most important employee related issues in your company including:

  • An update from Washington on any new political developments that will affect your business and actions to take
  • Key issues that need to be addressed in your employee handbook
  • Innovative perks and benefits the big companies offer that you can too;
  • The benefits, costs, risks and rewards of outsourcing, including the latest technology
  • tools to manage your outsourced contractors;
  • The latest ideas for motivating millennials and retaining your best people;
  • The latest technologies for managing your remote employees;
  • A review of the most recent legislation regarding retirement plans;
  • A review of the most recent options for providing health insurance under the Affordable Care Act.

10 Technologies That Will Significantly Impact Your Industry in the Next 5 Years

Video, cloud accounting, mobile tech, office collaboration techs, customer relationship management...these are only a few of the major technology trends that are having a
significant impact on how we do business, generate leads, sell and service our customers.

We’re looking at much change ahead. The next few years will bring big changes in the way we do business and how we drive revenues using technology. What decisions should you be making now that will increase revenues and value in the future?

Join Gene Marks a national columnist and expert on sales, marketing and technology as he explains what will impact your business in the next few years. During this session we’ll discuss how smart business owners and managers are:

  • Increasing revenues from their existing customers using this Customer Relationship Management technology;
  • Reducing exposure to data breaches and other losses by selecting and implementing the right security applications for their business;
  • Improving employee productivity with the latest collaboration and communication tools and the best practices for getting the most from these tools;
  • Maximizing their investments and growing their businesses with cloud, mobile and social media technologies;
  • Minimizing overhead and structural costs with new services that perform back office operations more efficiently and quickly;
  • Using web-based services for lead generation and marketing that will generate more revenues.
  • The benefits of moving your accounting operations online so you can handle billing, payments, cash management from any device wherever you are.

Are your members using the right technologies?

In God We Trust by Gene Marks

In God We Trust

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