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Keynote Speaker Alvin Law
Alvin Law
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Alvin Law


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Due to a prenatal exposure to the infamous medication Thalidomide, Alvin Law was born with no arms. You may assume that this is your typical motivational speaker who overcame a disability, but if you ask Alvin he’d say he never had to “overcome” anything because he never had arms. Rather, Alvin's insights from living through such a dynamic period in history have made him one of the foremost experts on adaptation, change, and perspective. His customized and enthusiastic presentations bring together humor and stories that are unforgettable. During his keynotes Alvin shows audiences how to put their own obstacles into perspective as he plays the keyboard and drums! Alvin not only provides an experience but changes your view of facing challenges forever.

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Alvin Law, (CSP, HoF) is someone who is hard to define.It seems obvious when you see him, but when you experience his program, something indescribable takes place.Alvin has no arms, so many people assume that his program must be yet another example of someone overcoming a handicap.But ask Alvin and he'd say it's that veryperception that has been his biggest obstacle. He never hadarms so he never "overcame" anything. However, Alvin's unique insights fromliving almost fifty years through such a dynamic period in historyhave made him one of the foremost experts on adaptation, change, and perspective.This is more than just marketing hype: Alvin's story isreal and impossible to forget.

Alvin was born in 1960 and very quickly became a celebrity. He was one of Canada's first “Thalidomide Babies,” known for having their bodies deformed due to the infamous morning sickness drug. Not only wasAlvin born without arms,but before he was a week old he was left at the hospital by young and terrified parents who were convincedby experts that he would be nothing but a burden; that he would never be independent; andthat if he reached adulthood, his quality of life would be negligible. They promised his birth family that he would be taken care of.What they meant and didn't say was that he would be institutionalized.

Then, Alvin's tragic beginning took a profound fork in the road of life. He was adopted by idealistic and incredible foster parents who simply said, "We don't believe that his fate is sealed" and proceeded to prove every expert and critic wrong.They taught him to use his feet for hands and, with the help ofa handful of equally amazing mentors, produced one of the most inspiring true stories you will ever witness.

This story is documented in Alvin's first book, Alvin's Laws of Life: 5 Steps to Successfully Overcome Anything (a Canadian bestseller),and provides the foundation for all of Alvin's programs. But Alvin wants all his clients to know that his keynotes and follow-up workshops are not justabout him; rather, they reveal what his experiences can contribute to the learning objectives of any meeting attendee.In other words, if the new face of the meetings industry is about content, Alvin Law can deliver.

Here are a few highlights from Alvin's life resume: He is an award-winning musician who plays trombone,drums, and piano,and he received his high school graduation class “Medal of Excellence.” Other awards include Saskatchewan Junior Citizen of the Year (1978), George Vanier Award for Outstanding Young Canadians (1982), Mount Royal College Most Distinguished Alumni (1983), Canadian Progress Club Canadian of the Year (1989), and numerous other distinctions.

Alvin has also been profiled on several television documentaries, one of which won an Emmy Award (ABS-TV's Frontrunners in 1993). Alvin has even played a credited role on Fox Television's hit series The X-Files (1995).

In 2003, Alvin was awarded the Queen Elizabeth Golden Jubilee Medal. In 2004, he was honored with the Presenter of the Year/Mastery Award by the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS). In 2005, Alvin received his Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation from the National Speakers Association (NSA). And in 2009, he was the sole inductee into the CAPS Hall of Fame (HoF).

Alvin has been sharing his incredible life with groups since 1981 and for 15 years worked almost exclusively with school students and teachers.But that training proved to him that this was a universal message, and since then he has presented on five continents to over 2,000,000 people in over 7,500 shows. And it is indeed a show as Alvin plays piano and a drum during his keynote. But it's also an almost perfect program that meeting planners and clients all agree is acomplete package that delivers on its promise: the unforgettable Alvin Law Experience!

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Every Kid Counts...So Do You!  
(40-90 min)

Alvin has spoken in over 7,500 schools around the globe, so he knows kids! He also knows teachers—especially the ones who made a significant difference in his life. Alvin recognizes that working in education is challenging and is made more so when dealing with less than typical students. But when it comes to contributing to making the world a better place, teachers top Alvin's list. In a sometimes thankless job, Alvin guarantees they will leave feeling not only appreciated, but rejuvenated.

(A similar program called Everybody Counts! is also available with a focus on support staff.)

Safety Counts Because Everybody Counts  
(60–120 min.)

Alvin is a not a "safety expert," but he believes that Attitude Is A Culture! The foundation of "Safety in the Workplace" is Attitude, and companies are facing increased pressure to raise safety standards. But let`s be frank: many consider safety at work as "wimpy" and a "waste of time." Alvin grew up in a blue collar home, and his father was a heavy duty mechanic for 57 years, so he gets the safety culture from a personal place. And even though some things have changed, many stay the same—and that where Alvin`s approach comes in. He has a way of breaking down the barriers many "old-school" workers possess. Although his story is not one of an injury on the job, the poignant imagery of a person without arms provides a harsh reality and a reminder to everyone that life is not bullet-proof; it is fragile and it is valuable.

There's No Such Word As Can't  
(40-60 min)

This title is a perfect example as it is the expression Alvin's parent's used in his childhood to encourage a belief system based on possibility. This talk is one that has been used with youth for over 30 years. It is also a typical keynote that fits very well in opening or closing slots of conventions or professional development events.

Alvin's Laws of Life
5 Steps to Successfully Overcome Anything! (60–120 min)

Also the title of his first book, this is Alvin's longer and more training oriented program that works very well as an element of a one-day event. Alvin can also extend this program to include a Q & A session for more direct interaction with a group. It can also be a stand-alone workshop that follows a shorter keynote. Alvin`s Laws are the five elements he believes provided his roadmap to a successful life and can be used by anyone to find theirs. They are; Attitude, Learning, Value Your Life & Spirit, Imagination, and Never Give Up. They also spell ALVIN.

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