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Keynote Speaker Allan Karl
Allan Karl
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Allan Karl


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Allan Karl is a world traveler, adventurer, photographer, author, entrepreneur, and inspirational keynote speaker. He is also a principal of Clearcloud, a digital marketing consultancy that offers brand reengineering and communication and digital marketing communication. With the story of his three-year journey around the world alone on a motorcycle, he inspires people to pursue dreams, overcome challenges, tackle obstacles, and embrace change. His captivating storytelling and award-winning photography creates a truly memorable presentation that people refers to for years to come for further inspiration.

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Allan Karl is a world traveler, adventurer, photographer, philosopher, author, entrepreneur, and inspirational keynote speaker. He inspires people to pursue dreams, overcome challenges, tackle obstacles, embrace change, and smile—especially in the face of adversity. And Allan knows how to do these things—he spent nearly three years riding around the world alone on a motorcycle.

During his travels, Allan learned many invaluable lessons and triumphed over many obstacles. His most harrowing challenge occurred on a muddy dirt road, miles from anywhere, and 14,000 feet high in the Andes of Bolivia: Allan crashed his motorcycle and crushed his leg. But this didn't stop him. After a painful recovery, Allan continued his journey and went on to log more than 62,000 miles over five continents and through 35 countries.

Allan recounts tales that are fun, surprising, and always entertaining to remind audiences to take a chance, to pursue dreams, and to connect with people by building strong relationships. A dynamic and inspiring speaker, he shares these messages with captivating storytelling and award-winning photography that address the themes of adventure, travel as education, personal growth, creativity, innovation, tolerance, the environment, effective communication, and the importance of pursuing dreams.

Allan's forthcoming book, The Beginning at the End of the Road, chronicles his three-year odyssey and discusses the places and faces that he encountered along the way, including some 43 UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Allan also understands the world of business. He is a principal of clearcloud, a digital marketing consultancy that offers brand reengineering, brand communications and digital marketing communications strategies, and creative services. Prior to starting clearcloud, Allan founded Wirestone, one of the country's top 50 interactive ad agencies according to Advertising Age. While there, Allan served as director and chief marketing officer and worked with clients that included Apple, AT&T, Hewlett-Packard, and Quest Software.

An industry veteran, Allan has received several advertising and creative awards and is past president and board member of the American Advertising Federation in Orange County. Additionally, he has supported a number of nonprofit organizations, including his service as director of the South Coast Fine Arts Festival to benefit the South Coast Children Society and the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

A graduate of Syracuse University's Newhouse School of Public Communications, Alan also lectures, speaks, and leads business-focused workshops on branding, digital marketing, and strategic planning.

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The View Is Better From Here

With remarkable photography, real-world video, and thought-provoking tales from the road, Allan shows how vision, setting one's sights on clear and attainable goals, and changing one's perspective can diminish virtually any problem. Through real-world stories with real people from places most people wouldn't dare set foot, Allan's lessons demonstrate how patience and a good dose of perspective can turn a bad or seemingly impossible situation into one that is fun, entertaining, and educational.

Navigating the Road to Success When It's Filled with Potholes & Pitfalls

Imagine potholes bigger than an elephant; dusty roads with no water; riding through monsoons; playing toreador with taxis and pedestrians in the craziest cities in the world. This is the hardest, most dangerous, and challenging journey you'll ever experience. There are no maps, no GPS waypoints, no signs, no fuel, no water. And the only people you encounter speak a distant dialectic of a long-lost language. Sound like some days at the office or in the field? In one of his most exciting inspirational keynote speeches, Allan shares the wacky, weird, unbelievable, scary and often seemingly impossible situations he encountered and how creativity, innovation, and communication got him through.

Making Connections

Open doors and break down barriers by connecting with people. Through his journey that spanned three years and covered 62,000 miles through 35 countries across five continents alone on a motorcycle, Allan shows that connecting with humanity and getting to know and trusting people is the best recipe for success. That's how he tackled virtually every physical, emotional or technical obstacle that stood in his way during his travels. A highly sought-after keynote speaker, Allan delivers inspirational keynote speeches that offer valuable lessons and show how the simple and precious gift of human connection will help anyone to succeed, to realize their dreams, and to get what they want. This is a fast-paced motivational program delivered with stunning visuals and dynamic storytelling.

The Beginning at the End of the Road

Allan's most requested and popular inspirational story and motivational speaking topic. This is not the end. This is just a new beginning. Allan inspires people to see possibilities instead of obstacles—how to confront fear, take chances and accept challenge to succeed and achieve goals. The rewards reaped through relationship building and connecting with people, regardless of race, religion or culture. All powerful messages told within the context of stories involving extraordinary circumstances with ordinary people delivered through dramatic storytelling choreographed to awe-inspiring and stunning photography, animations, and video.

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