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Keynote Speaker Dewitt Jones
Dewitt Jones
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Dewitt Jones


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Dewitt Jones can rekindle anyone’s creative side through his personal growth speeches. Dewitt is one of America’s top professional photographers and motion picture director of two nominated Academy Award movies. With twenty years as a freelance photographer for National Geographic he earned the reputation as a world class photojournalist. His keynotes communicate to listeners how they can look deeper for answers to the questions that we are faced with every day. Dewitt is able to change the attitudes of his audiences and bring them to a more open and curious state.

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Dewitt Jones is unparalleled in showing people how to bring their creative vision into reality. He is one of America's top professional photographers, a creative genius in his field. He's led an inspired life, celebrating "what is right with the world." Embracing this attitude has taken him to soaring heights in both business and life.

As a motion picture director, Dewitt has had two films nominated for Academy Awards. Twenty years with National Geographic, photographing stories all over the globe, earned him a reputation as a world class photojournalist. His work is well known in the corporate world as well. He conducted major advertising campaigns for clients like Dewars Scotch, Nikon and United Airlines. He has published seven books.

Dewitt Jones makes creativity understandable and accessible. He provides a conceptual framework for personal creativity and vision. Additionally he gives the tools necessary to turn that vision into action in every part of life.

He asks fundamental, focused questions that compel us to question ourselves, our futures and the way in which we grow. Where do we find the vision to take our lives to the next level? How do we summon the energy to keep "raising the bar?" When will we make our lives less of a struggle and more of a joy by connecting with our passion? "The essence of creativity then, is not a technique but an attitude" Dewitt states. An attitude of curiosity, openness and celebration. This definition makes it something well within our grasp."

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Clear Vision

This classic presentation by Dewitt Jones explores the fundamentals of creativity. He explains just what these fundamental elements are, where they exist in each of us and how to access them. He helps audiences see the world with new eyes and shows them how to tap into and rediscover their own creative gifts. With his own exquisite photographs, Dewitt takes participants on a journey to rekindle and nurture the passion of their own creative potential. He builds a framework for personal creativity and gives audiences the tools to bring that creativity into every part of life.

Extraordinary Visions!

This keynote speech gives audiences the creative tools they need, not only to find their own vision, but how to make their vision a reality. Dewitt examines how changing perspectives allow access to higher and higher levels of achievement. He helps people soar from imagination to 'imaginaction' with grace, passion and joy. Extraordinary Visions! is an hour of motivation and inspiration. Using his own stunning photographs as illustrations, Dewitt weaves a visual tapestry of content and emotion, one that allows audiences to touch their own passion, balancing their own head and heart and finding their own creative potential.


"You changed lives! You inspired our members to be better at work, at play and at home. It was clear during the standing ovation, that your participation made the meeting something special. Because of what you did, this will be one of the Million Dollar Round Table's most cherished meetings."

Michael L. Weintraub, MDRT Chair

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