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Keynote Speaker Michael Hoffman
Michael Hoffman
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Michael Hoffman


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Michael helps people become #1 on purpose! He teaches individuals how to become a “person of influence,” by giving them the knowledge, tools and processes they need to enhance their own skill-sets during times of challenge and change. Michael also helps entire organizations shift toward a more customer-centric culture, by teaching people – employees and leaders alike - how to deliver the BEST services and experiences. He will leave your group energized, motivated, and ready to handle any given challenge and all “tornadoes” that come their way!

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Michael Hoffman is President of Igniting Performance. A Dallas based company that specializes in the skills of sales, customer loyalty and leader-ship. Over the last 20 years, Michael has delivered professional speaking engagements and customized training to organizations across this country and abroad.

With a highly interactive style, Michael's unique delivery cements his expertise in the minds of his attendees to ignite the tactics and techniques necessary to approach their jobs “on purpose” with an attitude of owner-ship and professionalism. Michael uses his rich background to drive home his message that business is and will always be about “people”. “How we approach our customers both internal and external will set us apart from all our competition.”

Effective training combines the right informational tools with the right amount of motivation. Motivation alone is fleeting, but the right tools with-out motivation are lifeless"¦ He provides both "“ therefore, getting results that matter. His highly contagious passion for business has earned him the loyalty of many repeat customers such as Bank of Montreal, Aflac, ALLTEL, Knight Ridder, KRLD Radio, Erricson, SYSCO Foods, Dryers Grand Ice Cream, VHA, Novation, Comcast, California Press Association, and many, many more.

As a proud father of four young adults in college, yes I said, four in college, Michael is committed to igniting performance in your business (or any other excuse to keep the bills paid.) He, his wife of 30 years, and the revolving residence of his college children and their tuitions reside in Carrollton, Texas.

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Coaching Within the Tornado

In the craziness of the tornado of business I have met very few people who really desire to fail!   Most people WANT to be part of a place where they feel they have a stake, are making a contribution and are being developed to be successful. The #1 skill any person of influence can bring to an organization is developing people.   It's the first job of any manager.

In this highly interactive presentation Michael takes any leadership office no matter the tenure and ignites those skills that have true impact on the success of any organization: coaching.   With tactical conversations, the language of your engagement positions your authority.   Learn how to get the most of any interaction. This program will have your audience Engaging people at such a deep level that it demands immediate action.

Being #1 on Purpose

Everyone of your job descriptions can be summed up in a word...Tornadic! From the constant change, customers that stretch your love for humanity and the people that you work with – that have retired emotionally but their bodies keep coming in to work every day. The tornado impacts your attitudes and the quality of your communication when it's most critical. When the tornado rises that's when you need to be a Master of the situation. Learning how the tornado of business and life impacts our communication and the skill sets necessary to be an agent of influence can be a game changer in equipping and igniting your people to be the catalysts of progress.


No matter what the economy does, no matter the volatility of the market, the companies that enjoy LOYALTY from its customers are separated by their ability to provide an experience that out shines any other competitor.

The heart of any business is and will always be PEOPLE.   What can we do and what can we say to create that experience where our customers say: "I love those guys!"

Michael inspires the hearts and minds of your organization to rise to unbelievable levels of customer experience and ignite the desire to be a part of the continuing creation of "how we do it here".

Sales Secrets of the 1%ers

So, you're in sales... A profession where the gatekeepers are though, everyone sees you as a wolf in sheep's clothing and rejection is involved in the majority of your day!   Can I get a whoo hoo?!

Every sales audience needs that refreshing and rejuvenating presentation that brings them back to the secrets.   The secrets of what the best of the best do that put them at the top 1% of their field.

Michael takes your sales audience and rejuvenates the passion and the skill sets that create more sales, more joy and more success in a tough profession and tough economic time...to be a 1%er! This is the perfect program for any sales or success driven audience.

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