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Keynote Speaker Peter Hillary
Peter Hillary
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Peter Hillary


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With great adventures comes great stories, and with great stories comes Peter Hillary the ever inspiring motivational speaker. Like his father, Sir Edmund Hillary, Peter has climbed Mt. Everest and has reached the South Pole overland. Through his dynamic public speaking he takes his audience “with him” on one of his many extraordinary experiences: the summit of Mt Everest; traversing Antarctica to the South Pole; feeding a pod of sharks; or making a terrifying descent in a vicious storm on K2. His presentations combine humor and heart-stopping excitement with practical applications, relevant to the client’s requirements. Re-live Edmund’s adventure and be inspired to have your own.

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People are inspired by great adventure. And the name Hillary is synonymous with adventure. Peter Hillary is a powerful and dynamic speaker who takes his audience "with him" on one of his many extraordinary experiences: to the summit of Mt Everest; traversing Antarctica to the South Pole; feeding a pod of sharks; or making a terrifying descent of a vast vertical rock face in a vicious storm on K2. He ably connects such dramatic achievements to the challenges faced by individuals and teams striving for excellence, coping with change, and overcoming obstacles in their own fields.

Like his father, Sir Edmund Hillary, Peter has climbed Mt. Everest and has reached the South Pole overland; widely recognized as two of the most significant accomplishments in the world of adventuring and exploration. Peter also assists with raising funds for the Himalayan Trust, established by his father, which runs 42 schools and hospitals for the villages at the foot of Mt Everest. He has a wealth of stories to tell from a lifetime of high adventure, including over 30 alpine expeditions on mountains throughout the world; stories of challenge and achievement that are inspirational and entertaining. Peter has spoken to over 300 high-profile organizations in a variety of settings from select executive groups of 12, to a vast audience of 12,000 at the Melbourne Tennis Centre.

It is his considerable achievements, and his eloquent, natural speaking style, that have led to a recent appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman, and an interview with Diane Sawyer on Good Morning America via satellite live from Antarctica. His articles have been published in the New York Times, The Sydney Morning Herald Melbourne's The Age, and other high profile dailies. He is the author of five books.

Despite the high-risk nature of his expeditions, Peter's survival is testament to one of his greatest strengths: his sound judgment. In his presentations he talks about developing skills of use in any field: of seeing excitement in uncertainty; of balancing risk with caution; and of achieving extraordinary goals through preparation and perseverance.

Peter Hillary's presentations combine heart-stopping excitement and humor with practical applications, relevant to the client's requirements. They are supported by superb video and / or slide footage.

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A story of those who died - and those who survived - on K2, the world's most savage mountain. Because surviving is the name of the game.

€¢ The secrets of surviving against the odds

€¢ Listening to your inner wisdom

€¢ Balancing risk with caution

€¢ Judging the situation for yourself

€¢ Becoming truly self-reliant

€¢ Learning from your mistakes

€¢ Life is the story of your challenges and what you learned from them.

Comment: It doesn't matter whether it is surviving a storm on a mountain or getting your team safely through a crisis; if you survive, you live to play another day, and you will be all the stronger for the experience. This is a very powerful story that will leave your audience breathless.


An extraordinary 15-year quest that led Peter Hillary to the North Pole, the South Pole, and the summit of Everest: The Dream, The Drive and the Dedication to the Goal.

€¢ Turning dreams into reality

€¢ Persistence and Perseverance

€¢ The importance of the People Factor

€¢ Dealing with tension and conflict in the team

€¢ Living outside your comfort zone for long periods of time

€¢ Seeking out and rejoicing in the beauty of our world

€¢ Setting new goals once you've achieved the dream.

This is a keynote address that's inspirational and entertaining. It's about goal-setting, problem solving and never losing sight of where you want to go.


Hillary's 10 Steps to the Summit of the World

1. Nothing ventured; nothing gained

2. Challenge = uncertainty = excitement

3. Fear makes you focus

4. Passion gives you confidence

5. Fun makes for a great team

6. Make sure you have more than one thing to live for

7. Resist the "flock factor"

8. "You are all you have"

9. Great challenges result in powerful experiences

10. A View from the Summit ... to new horizons

This is an inspirational presentation with many entertaining stories, woven around the principles that helped put the first father and son on top of the world. Ideal as a motivational address or as an after-dinner speech.

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