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Keynote Speaker Hannah Shaw Grove
Hannah Shaw Grove
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Hannah Shaw Grove


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Hannah Shaw Grove is one of the world’s leading experts on private wealth—what it is; where it comes from; who controls it; how it’s deployed; when it’s at risk; and why it’s so important. In a field that is synonymous with discretion, personalization, and state-of-the-art thinking, she is an in-demand resource for wealthy families who are evaluating their family office and business strategies and for Fortune 500 companies and boutique specialists who seek guidance on how to build effective and profitable relationships with their affluent clientele. She is the author of ten books, including two seminal texts on the family office that she co-authored with Russ Alan Prince. A dynamic and knowledgeable speaker, Hannah draws upon proprietary research conducted with high-net-worth individuals and their advisors to craft a compelling and actionable message for her audiences.

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Hannah Shaw Grove is one of the world's leading experts on private wealth—what it is, where it comes from, who controls it, how it's deployed, when it's at risk and why it's so important. Her career focus was influenced by her own family's experiences with estate planning, business succession and legacy communication, which prompted her to seek new information and perspectives on the issues. Along the way, Hannah developed a niche as a family office expert, having conducted some of the industry's earliest primary research with single- and multi-family offices, and she has co-authored two seminal texts on the subject in partnership with Russ Alan Prince.

Hannah's reputation was built on more than 20 years of hands-on work with wealthy families and the professionals they rely on for key financial and lifestyle services, complemented by extensive statistical research with the same constituencies. She is the author of ten books, as well as dozens of reports and articles, that represent her empirical, theoretical and anecdotal findings. Hannah is also a frequent guest speaker and columnist for major events and media outlets, and she is the executive editor and a founder of Private Wealth, the top publication for professionals who cater to the financial elite.

In a field that is synonymous with discretion, personalization and state-of-the-art thinking, Hannah is an in-demand resource for wealthy families who are evaluating their family office and business strategies and for Fortune 500 companies and boutique specialists who seek guidance on how to build effective and profitable relationships with their affluent clientele.

Until 2005, Hannah was an executive in the wealth management industry, where she held senior positions at several investment banks, insurance companies and asset management shops. She was the chair of the Investment Company Institute's policy research committee and a long-time columnist for Worth, Elite Traveler, Robb Report Lifestyle, Financial Advisor and Registered Rep. Hannah is a cum laude graduate of Harvard University and lives in the New York-metro area.

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Building a Family Office Practice

Private wealth and the families that control it require holistic support, a fact that has helped fuel the interest and growth in multi-family offices. This session is designed to help family office outsiders understand the product, pricing, infrastructure and service imperatives when prospecting the ultra-affluent and navigate the business decisions associated with repositioning and rescaling an advisory practice.

Sourcing the Ultra-Affluent

The single most effective way to reach the financial elite is through the professionals they already trust and rely on for guidance and support, and while most financial professionals know this they are not yet cultivating these valuable relationships to their advantage. This session will help familiarize attendees with the criteria they can use to identify suitable partners, forge strong working relationships with them to source new business, and jointly deliver more comprehensive and specialized services to their wealthy customers.

Becoming an Elite Practitioner

Just 10% of the advisory population operates at the highest level of their profession Ž¯delivering tailored and complex solutions to their wealthy clients, cementing the satisfaction and loyalty of those individuals, and building partnerships with key influencers that drive business growth. This session sheds light on the characteristics and practices that help elite practitioners out-earn and out-perform their competition, and how those processes and tools can be adapted by transitioning professionals to the greatest effect.

The Currency of Client Loyalty

Satisfied clients are a welcome, but insufficient, component of a thriving advisory practice; it requires loyalty to retain business and use it as an engine for future growth. This session explores the components of loyalty Ž¯ï£§as defined by wealthy clients Ž¯and the dynamics between them that can be exploited for maximum results. Additional focus will be given to helping audience members assess their current relationships and how they can be improved to foster greater profitability and a pipeline of qualified referrals.

Understanding the Super-Rich

Wealthy individuals and families are the most desirable clients for financial institutions, but massive wealth generation over the past 10-15 years means they are younger, more educated and more discerning than ever before. This session provides a demographic and behavioral overview of today's new wealth segments, with an emphasis on those qualities that distinguish one segment from another and help shape their product and service requirements. This session also identifies the best methods for prospecting within each segment and the tools that enable advisory professionals to understand their clients and act in a more consultative capacity.

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