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Keynote Speaker Kip Gregory
Kip Gregory
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Kip Gregory


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Summary of Kip Gregory

Kip Gregory, founder of The Gregory Group, is a specialist in creating and implementing successful financial service business development strategies. More than 15 years of experience in marketing and senior management across insurance, securities, banking, brokerage and direct marketing, has given Kip a unique perspective on how to achieve competitive advantage in the financial service arena. Thousands of advisors, wholesalers, and senior executives rely on him for practical advice on saving time and systemizing success using tools and resources they already own. Mr. Gregory frequently contributes to and is quoted in leading industry publications, including Advisor Today and The Wall Street for which he wrote monthly columns for more than two years. His articles, presentations, workshops, and webinars offer quick, innovative, inexpensive ways of harnessing the power of the PC and the Internet to develop and sustain closer relationships with clients, customers, prospects and strategic partners.

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Kip Gregory is known for coaching financial advisors and wholesalers on how to translate technology into a competitive advantage. He is widely regarded for his unique ability to help clients leverage software and the Internet to improve results. Kip has worked with leading brokerage firms, mutual funds and insurance companies across the United States and Canada. He has been a featured speaker at national events for many of the industry's leading associations and companies.

Benefits Kip Can Bring to Your Organization

Timely tips your top performers need to harness the power of technology and the Web

Fresh, original content you haven't heard anywhere else.

Creative, practical, actionable ideas your sales team can put to work immediately

The quality of Kip's speaking is consistently affirmed through feedback from presentation participants. His work is a notch above the rest and well received because his sessions are more than an event - they are a learning experience.

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Learning Content

Each of the following presentations can be delivered in-person, via webinar, or in small group and one-on-one virtual consults. They can be presented individually or blended to create a hands-on workshop experience. All are designed to deliver easy-to-implement, inexpensive strategies and tactics your sales team can take back to the office and put to work immediately.(Please note: session titles and descriptions can be customized using whatever wording is appropriate)

Get Linked In Not Left Out
Fast, Free, Compliance-Friendly Ways to Harness Social Media's Power in Your Practice

The biggest obstacle to greater adoption of social media across financial services isn't compliance.   It's relevance.   Astute advisors, managers, and wholesalers recognize there are plenty of safe ways to leverage the technology, but most don't yet grasp where social networking fits in their traditional business model—and are losing assets and talent to competitors who do.   In this eye-opening, hands-on presentation, Kip Gregory will introduce you to the concept of social prospecting and selling while demonstrating specific, proven ways to enhance the networking you already do and systematically generate a steady stream of referrals using the web's leading business networking site.

Topics include:

  • Getting beyond the basics of exchanging invitations and sharing connections
  • How to uncover trigger events and other new business opportunities in the day-to-day activities of your network
  • Ways to pinpoint prospects and shorten the distance between you and them
  • Leveraging common interests, groups, and associations to begin a dialogue
  • Using LinkedIn to manage the referral process and get the introductions you want

Business Development on the Go
Mobile Solutions for Increasing Efficiency In and Out of the Office

Whether it's an iPad, iPhone, Android, or even still a BlackBerry, millions rely on tablets and smartphones as a portable lifeline to clients, colleagues, and others. Most never shift out of first gear, and end up slowly thumbing through email exchanges, meeting notes, and the web. A smart few learn to fine tune those devices and create impressive on-the-fly intelligence gathering and response capabilities. This session teaches a collection of simple tips and tricks for harnessing your tablet and smartphone's built-in horsepower to manage communication and follow up more efficiently.  

Topics include:

  • How to follow through on commitments quickly and effortlessly every time
  • Giving yourself instant access to the features you use most
  • Must have apps that save you time and can make you money
  • Essential tools for operating an office out of your briefcase
  • Where iPad and tablet technology fits into your strategy

Simple Strategies for Maximizing Productivity
Actionable Ways to Eliminate Today's Big Three Productivity Killers

How much more could you accomplish with an extra hour every day? Learn how to recapture that and more by managing routine tasks more efficiently.   We'll address three common challenges that confront advisors, CSAs, branch managers, and businesspeople everywhere: how to stop reinventing output and start repurposing your best work; valuable shortcuts for finding what you need online faster and with less frustration, and; quick steps you can take to tame the biggest productivity killer of all—email.

Topics include:

  • Understanding your productivity gap, what causes it, and how to close it
  • Knowledge journaling – a deceptively easy way of keeping critical information at your fingertips
  • A simple solution to documenting and sharing key processes with your team
  • Navigating the Internet – quick tips for mastering Google and other resources
  • Easy ways to de-clutter your email inbox and eliminate message overload

Mining the Web for Money in Motion and Other Prospecting Gold
How to Excavate and Cash In on the Sales Intelligence Hidden Online

Social networking sites aren't the only place where you can uncover useful intelligence on clients, prospects, and centers of influence.   There are dozens of tools on the web that can help you better understand your prospect, establish rapid rapport, and shorten your sales cycle.   This session will give you an executive MBA-style overview of resources you need to know if you want to identify windows of opportunity and gain actionable insight into any target audience's interests, wants, and needs.  

Topics include:

  • How to become a subject matter expert on any audience in an hour or less
  • Steps to implementing a low-cost, high-impact marketing communication strategy
  • Building custom leads lists on the fly and on a budget
  • Powerful strategies for going online to locate money in motion
  • Using alert services to track news on clients, competitors, and centers of influence

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