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Keynote Speaker Gail Evans
Gail Evans
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Gail Evans


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Gail Evans is a female motivational speaker who has helped women be influential in the workplace and provides the tools for them to succeed. She takes from her book Play Like A Man, Win Like A Woman and her experience as Executive Vice President of CNN to bring insight and knowledge to her audiences. Gail’s newest book, She Wins, You Win as well as her weekly radio segment "It's Not Just A Man's World," which is syndicated to 1900 CNN Radio affiliates across the United States, has made her wisdom one that is sought-after by major corporations. Her revolutionary keynotes will help your organization implement new strategies to encourage creativity and create a thriving work environment.

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Love the Game...With those words Gail Evans concludes one of the most successful and influential books about women in the workplace.

Ironically, many women did not even know the game existed before Evans taught them how to win in the workplace with her book Play Like A Man, Win Like A Woman. The book was listed for several months on the New York Times, Business Week, and Wall Street Journal bestseller lists. Play Like A Man, Win Like A Woman has been translated into 18 languages and has been a bestseller around the world. When it comes to the success of women in the workplace, Evans is a leading source. She has appeared on The Today Show and Larry King Live, and has been featured in The New York Times and USA Today.

Evans' status has been enhanced by her newest book, She Wins, You Win as well as her weekly radio segment "It's Not Just A Man's World," which is syndicated to 1900 CNN Radio affiliates across the United States. She has spoken and given lectures to many of the world's leading companies including GE, JP Morgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, Wells Fargo, KPMG, BellSouth, The Southern Company, and Scana Energy. Evans is currently an associate professor at Georgia Tech's School of Management. Her business advice columns appear in Worthwhile and PINK Magazines.

Where did Gail Evans learn the business game? In the male-dominated world of television journalism. She began working at CNN at its inception in 1980. By the time she retired in 2001, she was its Executive Vice President. During that time she was responsible for program and talent development at all CNN's domestic networks overseeing national and international talk shows and the Network Guest Bookings Department, which schedules about 25,000 guests each year.

In addition to speaking and teaching, Evans stays busy serving on numerous charitable boards including Radio and Television News Directors Foundation, the Society for Women's Health Research, the Atlanta Girls School and the Ga. State University Law School and the Breman Jewish Heritage Museum. Gail is also a founding board member of Greenstone Media, FM talk radio for Women. She was also appointed by President Clinton to the Commission on White House Fellows. She is the former chairperson of the Georgia Endowment for the Humanities and worked at the White House in the Office of the Special Counsel to the President during the Lyndon B. Johnson Administration.   After 21 years with CNN, Gail Evans retired from CNN in 2001.

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Play Like A Man, Win Like A Woman

She Wins, You Win

Race, Gender & Ethnicity in the Workplace

New Approaches to Mentoring

Natural Networking


How to Make the Women's Team Work for Every Woman and Every Business

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