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Keynote Speaker Brian Doherty
Brian Doherty
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Brian Doherty


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Getting Paid to Wait

Make the most out of your Social Security, Brian Doherty is the Social Security expert that can show you how.

Summary of Brian Doherty

If you are looking to make your next business or educational meeting a knock-out event, Brian Doherty is ready to light up your stage. Brian is the President of Filtech, author of Getting Paid to Wait, and recognized expert on Social Security claiming strategies. His new book reveals his groundbreaking strategy on how to maximize Social Security benefits. His presentations are not just about Social Security though- they’re about generating more retirement income, creating greater financial security for your loved ones and leading a more fulfilling life! Whether it's a room full of financial professionals or Baby Boomers and retirees, Brian's simple and compelling ideas will blow your audience away.

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Brian Doherty is the author of a new book Getting Paid To Wait, which reveals his groundbreaking strategy on how to maximize Social Security benefits. He is a nationally-recognized expert on Social Security claiming strategies and a top-rated speaker and media commentator on this topic.

Brian began his career as a financial advisor with Dean Witter. Throughout his 25 years in the financial services industry, he has held various management positions with several financial institutions including President and CEO of Key Bank's investment subsidiary, Key Investments, and Vice President and National Sales Manager for New York Life's Retirement Income Security Division.

Currently, Brian is President of Filtech, a consulting company specializing in Social Security claiming strategies. Brian has been a featured speaker for major and regional banks around the country, including Bank of America, Chase Manhattan, Wells Fargo, US Bank, SunTrust, PNC, Key Bank, Fifth Third, Regions and Bank of the West. He has also presented for Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, Raymond James, and Linsco Private Ledger (LPL).

Brian graduated from Syracuse University with a MBA in Finance and received his BS in Accounting from Elmira College.

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Speech Topics

  • Life-Changing Claiming Strategies for Baby Boomers
  • Social Security Is a Women’s Issue
  • Why Life Expectancy is Misunderstood
  • How to “Get Paid to Wait” with Social Security
  • The Impact of Longevity on Retirement Security
  • How Your Social Security Impacts Your Spouse
  • A Plan to Secure the Largest Pay Raises in Retirement
  • Claiming Strategies for Divorced Spouses
Getting Paid to Wait by Brian Doherty

Getting Paid to Wait

Bigger Social Security Benefits - the Simple and Easy Way

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