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Keynote Speaker Jim Davidson
Jim Davidson
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Jim Davidson


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Everest Resilience

Fear is contagious but so is confidence. Spark the resilience in yourself and those around you.

Summary of Jim Davidson

Jim has climbed high mountains around the world. He’s led expeditions and rescues in perilous conditions. As a keynote motivational speaker, Jim distills the lessons he’s learned on the mountains and applies them to challenges in business and life. Jim’s experience as a resilience expert, mountain climber, and co-author of the bestselling and award winning memoir “The Ledge: An Inspirational Story of Friendship and Survival”, provides his audiences with relatable lessons to be used in the workforce. On April 25, 2015, Jim was at Camp 1 on Mount Everest when the earthquakes tragically struck Nepal. His intense reporting, photos and videos from Everest were closely covered by CNN, CBS, BBC, ABC and other news agencies. Jim’s passion for teaching resilience and his aptitude for storytelling will inspire you. Jim becomes not just your normal keynote speaker, but a man who truly sparks your desire to improve. There is no event that has had Jim as a speaker that has not left feeling prepared to face any challenge that comes their way.

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Jim Davidson is a resilience expert, mountain climber, and motivational speaker. Blending his thirty-one years of climbing with two decades of business experience, Jim distills compelling lessons that inspire people to rally their resilience and to reach their summits in life, no matter how big the challenge.

As a high-altitude climber and expedition leader, Jim has been on adventures to Alaska, Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador, Mexico, Nepal and Tibet. He has summitted the sixth highest mountain in the world, Cho Oyu (26,906 ft).

As a keynote speaker and trainer on resilience, leadership and teamwork, Jim has inspired hundreds of audiences across the USA and internationally, including:

  • Financial service & insurance firms (Nationwide, Oppenheimer, Wells Fargo, etc.)
  • Corporations (National Geographic, ConAgra, etc.)
  • Associations (Meeting Professionals International, Self Storage Assoc., etc.)

Jim's other achievements include:

  • Co-author of the best selling and award winning memoir "The Ledge: An Inspirational Story of Friendship and Survival" (Random House, 2013)
  • His survival story was made into an episode of the popular national TV show, "I Shouldn't Be Alive"
  • Environmental geologist & business manager for 20 years
  • Industrial painter scaling electrical towers charged with 230,000 volts!

Your event will be energized when Jim shares invigorating adventure stories and practical lessons that motivate people to persevere, even when conditions are tough. Jim always shows vivid photographs and "you are there" HD videos to make the presentation entertaining, educational and enlightening.

Jim is a motivational/inspirational speaker who lives in Colorado with his two adventurous children and his very tolerant wife!

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Everest Resilience

Resilience is crucial for enduring uncertainty and embracing opportunities. Expedition climber, Jim Davidson, knew that climbing Mount Everest would require enormous resilience. While Jim was on Mt. Everest in 2015, the massive 7.8 magnitude earthquake slammed Nepal. The demand for resilience had never been greater.

In this unique presentation, Jim shows his first-hand videos and he reveals gripping stories of enduring earthquakes, avalanches and uncertainty. Topics include:

  • Harnessing personal resilience
  • Staying resilient during a crisis and after
  • Resilient leadership & organizational resilience
  • How post-traumatic growth improves people, organizations & communities

The insights and lessons in this stunning keynote will increase your team’s organizational resilience, and improve your ability to survive and succeed when engaging Everest-sized goals.

Rally Your Resilience
Reach Your Summit in Business and Life

Buried alive inside a glacier. Trapped alone 80 feet down inside a dark crevasse, with no rescuers coming. Jim Davidson barely survived after a snowbridge suddenly collapsed beneath his feet, dropping Jim and his partner deep inside a hidden glacial crevasse. Somehow, he had to climb up an overhanging ice wall of the crevasse before time ran out.

How does someone face tremendous challenge? How can you overcome adversity?

When you experience Jim’s compelling, inspirational presentation, you learn valuable lessons about:

  • Persevering through overwhelming difficulties
  • Rallying resilience to overcome adversity
  • Confronting setbacks as you reach for your summits in business and life

From this epic experience, Jim shares an uplifting message that inspires organizations and audiences to be resilient and triumph over life’s crevasses. As Jim’s Rainier keynote, this riveting story is now featured in a one-hour TV episode of I Shouldn’t Be Alive and in his best-selling adventure memoir called The Ledge.

The Power of Partnership

On icy mountains all over the world, strong climbing partnerships accomplish great deeds and fuel incredible survival feats. As a high-altitude climber for 33 years, Jim Davidson knows first-hand about powerful partnerships.

Come hear compelling adventure tales and learn mountain-tested techniques for being a solid partner, so that you and your teammates can reach your highest goals. You will be energized and inspired to develop great partnerships.

The Ledge by Jim Davidson

The Ledge

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