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Keynote Speaker Jim Carroll
Jim Carroll
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Jim Carroll


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As said by BusinessWeek, Jim Carroll is “a leading source for innovation insight.” He is one of the world’s leading futurists, trends & innovation experts. Through his keynote and leadership speeches, Jim transforms his audience’s way of thinking to help them discover opportunities in an era of high-velocity change. He helps his listeners meet the challenges of the economic contraction by concentrating on innovation and aligning their strategy of fast-paced future trends. Jim’s deep understanding and unique insight makes him a sought out presenter for organizations.

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Jim Carroll is one of the world's leading futurists, trends & innovation experts. And it's his inspirational, transformative thinking that will help you discover opportunity in an era of high-velocity change. In his most recent keynotes and leadership sessions, he has been helping his clients meet the challenges of the economic contraction by focusing on innovation, and by aligning their strategy to fast-paced future trends. Jim keynotes audiences of 4,000 in Las Vegas, or works with small Board/CEO level strategy sessions. With a 15-year track record, he has deep, unique, industry or association specific insight.

Jim has a tracked record of providing unique guidance on cutting edge trends, and identifying opportunities for innovation; his unique insight has been sought by some of the most prestigious organizations in the world. When the Walt Disney Corporation went looking for a speaker on innovation and creativity for a corporate event, they chose Jim Carroll.

Jim has a global blue chip client list that includes Disney, Pearson PLC, CapitolOne, Readers Digest Food & Entertainment Group, Lincoln Financial, Yum! Brands -- KFC, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, Toshiba Australia, Visa, IBM, Motorola, Nestle, BBC, Deloitte, Caterpillar, Rockwell Collins, Ingersoll Rand, the World Healthcare Innovation & Technology Conference, Burger King, the Swiss Innovation Forum and many more.

Jim's topics range from current economic issues ("Achieving Growth! Why Innovators Will Rule in the Post-Recession Economy - And How You Can Join Them!"), to innovation insight ("What Do Innovative Companies Do? 7 Things You Need to Do Right Now!"), to future trends ("Game Changers: The 8 Big Trends That Will Rock Your World")

Jim is a frequent media commentator: BusinessWeek on Jim: "a leading source for innovation insight"; CNBC featured him guest expert on innovation on their show "The Business of Innovation." He is globally recognized for his unique wisdom and insight into trends. His insights have been covered by ABC News, BusinessWeek, INC, Fast Company, PBS, South China Morning Post (Hong Kong), The Age (Sydney, Australia), CAPITAL Magazine.

Jim is the author of Ready, Set, Done: How to Innovate When Faster is the New Fast, and What I Learned from Frogs in Texas: Saving Your Skin with Forward Thinking Innovation.

For over fifteen years, Jim has been studying the issue of what makes companies relentlessly creative, and how they ride critical fast paced trends in order to achieve dramatic market success. Most recently, he has become widely recognized for his deep insight into how innovative organizations are achieving market or transformational growth despite deep economic challenges.

The result is that he provides guidance that is timely and unique: how to realign business strategy for fast-paced economic trends and new business realities; a realistic outline of the emerging trends, threats and opportunities that will impact your organization; how to become a more forward thinking organization that can anticipate and manage change, rather than reacting to change; guidance on how to do things differently in a world that demands constant, relentless innovation.

Jim is known for an engaging stage style, combining a deep fact base with fascinating stories and anecdotes; he is noted for his quirky sense of humor and extremely high level of energy on stage.

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Game Changers The 8 Big Trends That Will Rock Your World

7 Things You Need to Do Right Now Aligning The Fast Future to Your Current Strategy

Where's the Growth? What's Hot and Not When Volatility Rocks!

What Do Innovative Companies Do? How to Unlock Your Potential in the High Velocity Economy

OMG! What to Do If Your Strategy for Tomorrow is Already Today's Yesterday!

What's Happening with Your Workforce Making Generations Work!

What Comes Next? Leadership Insight for the High-Velocity Economy

Agility, Insight & Execution Establishing High Performance Teams in the Multi-Second Economy

Leading the Future Leadership in an Era of Innovation and Change

Ready Set Done by Jim Carroll

Ready Set Done

What I learned From Frogs In Texas by Jim Carroll

What I learned From Frogs In Texas

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