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Keynote Speaker Joan Brock
Joan Brock
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Joan Brock


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Author of 'More Than Meets the Eye', Joan Brock won the hearts of the insurance industry's 'Million Dollar Round Table' and the NBC 'Today Show' audiences with her heart rendering and uplifting story of courage, perseverance and acceptance. Joan draws parallels between her own story and the challenges which face organizations. Her extraordinary life story moves audiences to accept their own personal and professional hardships with Courage and Humor. As Joan puts it, "Life is full of irreversible opportunities, and you have a choice to see them as assets or obstacles." Urging audiences to "play the hand you're dealt," Joan helps organizations see corporate challenges from a new perspective. In June 2003, a Lifetime Original Movie "More Than Meets the Eye: The Joan Brock Story" premiered to much acclaim.

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Brock is an extraordinary woman, author and speaker! She has transformed adversity into challenge, and frustration into opportunity.

When Joan Brock spoke at the Million Dollar Round Table, her performance was heralded as extraordinary!   Joan's own life has been nothing less than extraordinary.   Recently her life story was made into an original television film for Lifetime!   It is titled “More Than Meets the Eye: the Joan Brock Story”, starring Ms. Carey Lowell.   It continues to be replayed, and is also being shown around the world!

The movie is based on her book by the same title, published by HarperCollins in 1994.   Since that time Joan has toured the world, sharing her story as an inspirational speaker.   Her personal style has won the hearts of her audiences, as they admire her wisdom, courage, humor"¦ and the difference she has made in the lives of so many!   Joan was also featured in a coffee table book as one of 35 inspirational women in America, titled “Believing in ourselves”.

Joan's poignant story of the sudden loss of her sight (While working at a school for blind children), then the loss of her young husband to cancer and the journey of going forward positively and productively, will captivate your audience.   As a single parent, widow, blind and disabled young woman"¦ she simply did not allow herself to be told she couldn't do ‘it'.   Her personal style, charm, humor and love for life will instill the gift of putting life in its' proper perspective, as the audience also enjoys the unfolding of the ‘happy ending'!

For almost two decades Joan has been encouraging her audiences to choose the path of a positive direction.   The importance of organizing your life, personally and professionally, is an important point made with every participant!   No matter the audience size or demographics, Joan will target your theme, goal of the conference or simply inspire your attendees.   Don't miss this poignant, humorous and uplifting presentation!

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The one constant in life is CHANGE. It is an on-going process, both personally and professionally. Joan's life has been filled with unexpected changes. The loss of her sight, then the loss of her first husband to cancer, are only two examples of her life experiences that have given her the tools to speak with expertise. Her presentation will present a poignant perspective of coping with and an insight into dealing with change. Finding the advantages in this reality, will propel your audience to accepting that which is sometimes out of our control.


The insurance industry is a 'natural fit' for Joan! After the loss of a spouse at the young age of 36, she learned the importance of being insured and being prepared. The support from her husband's policy enabled Joan, a blind, disabled, single parented widow, to put a roof over her daughter's head, was able to put Joy through college and gave her the financial foundation on which to start her life over. This reassuring financial support was one of the instrumental tools which lifted Joan and enabled her to go forward in that positive, productive direction of inspiring others. She wrote her autobiography, published in 1994 by HarperCollins, which eventually became a made for television film for Lifetime! Joan's appearance at the Million Dollar Round Table was heralded as one of the most inspiring presentations in their many distinguished years, and catapulted Joan's career as a seasoned speaker. The Million Dollar Round Table is also featured in the book, and the movie which continues to be shown around the world! Joan's presentation in the insurance world will encourage, inspire and lift each employee to their highest goals in serving those they work with! Don't miss this awesome presentation for your next conference or meeting!

Women's Issues

Joan has lived her life as a widow, single mom, a business woman, a wife, a sister, a girlfriend, a daughter, ... and all while being disabled ... and, like all women, keeping 16 balls in the air at all times! Joan targets her women's conferences and meetings with thought provoking insights into 'pulling up your boots straps' and getting on with it..... All with a smile and a glint in her eye. From the poignancy of life to the silliness of a moment... from laughter to tears, Joan's keynote at her many women's conferences has proven to be the highlight of the day!


The financial industry can fill ones life with hope, but for some, confusion. With the expertise of those in this field, Joan attributes much of her success of what she has been able to accomplish for her daughter, her professional life and her future to this industry.

Joan's recommendation to each and every audience member to work wisely with their finances is something she believes because she has lived it. Take a look into how she turned to a professional advisor to guide her in an important time of making decisions about her financial future, and allow her to thank the industry for their hard work and gifted knowledge.


Growing up as a minister's daughter has been instrumental in giving Joan a firm foundation in her faith and providing her amazing strength of getting through the tough times. She has leaned on her faith and embraced it fully. This inspirational theme will touch every listener with her poignant and powerful presentations. From the Crystal Cathedral to Focus on the Family, she has been the guest keynote at numerous Christian Conferences around the country. Giving the food for thought to those listening, the suggestion that 'Why NOT Me?' can only be lived through the understanding that our faith is an instrumental tool in which to get through difficult life experiences. This session can only be described as renewing and uplifting!


As a blind woman, organizational skills are essential. Helping her audience to re-evaluate how they organize their lives both personally and professionally, will have the audience looking at the possible changes needed to become more efficient and functioning at a higher level. Taking the skill of developing a 'Task Analysis' and dissecting the organizational problem at hand, Joan uses examples which simplify the issues to help make the machine run more smoothly.


Making light of the dark is an important concept of being able to put things in the proper perspective. When you are blind, funny things just naturally happen. Even in the darkest of moments we must find that place where our hearts can be lifted in joy. Laughter is a gift we give ourselves and is a natural healing agent! ALL of Joan's presentations include humor, and is woven in a natural and true to life way. Her capability to take the participants deep into the message of her life, and then to bring them into the laughter and humor of the moment, always makes the presentation a wonderful experience!


Having been a teacher of the blind, Joan relates her incredible story of the awesome responsibility and importance of educating our children. Her insight into the world of the blind child changed immediately upon the loss of her own sight, WHILE teaching the blind children. Our need to understand each child sitting at that desk truly becomes the challenge. From the moment of realizing that the student was now going to be teaching the teacher, to the wonderful stories which fully demonstrate the phrase, 'Out of the mouths of babes.'. The students, staff and administration will be lifted and encouraged in this world of responsibility and challenge!

Wellness And Medical

Illness and good health are issues that we deal with day to day, and is an ever growing concern for companies and businesses. The hope is always to be able to cope and be healthy. The medical world is filled with uncertainty and hope through research. While Joan was hospitalized much was learned FROM her, and BY her. These vignettes will touch your heart. Having a healthy employee only provides positive benefits to each and every company. Medical facilities, doctor's associations as well as the medical insurance community are just a few of the groups that have been thrilled with the gift of hearing Joan's grateful appreciation for all they have done for her, and those around her.

Family Issues

"The bottom line is... We simply do not do life alone." This theme is woven through all of Joan's presentations. Throughout the journey of her story, she had many by her side, including her family. The foundation of a supportive family is essential to pull through the tough times. The voice of encouragement inspires every audience member to reach out and continue to lay that foundation found in the support of the family unit.


Communication lives in every facet of our life. The variety of ways in which we relate to one another are many. In the world of the visually impaired and blind, communicating clearly is an integral part of functioning safely, working and living productively. Joan will share her insights into a new perspective of communication. She will take you on a journey of experiencing how we must be sure to speak so that we are heard and not misunderstood. Listening skills are just as important, and this presentation will demonstrate examples that will help you to achieve the goal of going forward efficiently and effectively.

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