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Keynote Speaker Rachael Bozsik
Rachael Bozsik
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Rachael Bozsik


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A leader in empowering women in the work place.

Summary of Rachael Bozsik

Rachael Bozsik is a confidence strategist, millennial entrepreneur and CEO + Founder of The Brand Girls, a workshop + sisterhood focused on empowering the next generation of women in the workplace. Rachael is deeply rooted in closing the confidence gap between men and women. Her work has been recognized, applauded and featured by: Forbes, Glamour, Teen Vogue, Business Insider, Bustle, Huffington Post etc… (to name a few.)  Rachael is a recognized authority on recruiting, retaining and empowering millennials + female leaders within the workplace.

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Rachael Bozsik has been requested as a speaker at 20+ Universities including but not limited to: NYU, Duke, Cornell, FIT, VT etc. As a female, millennial, thought-leader, Rachael brings a powerful angle to the conversation. She is dedicated to sharing her knowledge on how your company can motivate Millennials to drive business, strategies to close the confidence gap and ways to empower, recruit + retain female leaders.

At 2 a.m. in her college dormitory, Rachael Bozsik (CEO + founder of The Brand Girls) had an “a-ha” moment. The reason why her brilliant friends were settling in their careers was not that they lacked a skillset, but rather they severely lacked professional confidence to take on their dreams. Using her instinctive networking skills and ability to inspire, she taught her peers to craft their life mission, define their purpose and build confidence over tea in their college dorm. This mentoring transitioned into a full workshop + professional sisterhood focused on helping young women shift the way they think about themselves and their professional potential in order to land their dream job.

Since its founding, The Brand Girls has connected with thousands of millennial women supporting them to land roles at Tesla, GE, Louis Vuitton, Columbia Medical Center, Discovery Channel Oscar de la Renta, PETA to name a few. Rachael has been nationally recognized in Forbes, Glamour, Teen Vogue, Business Insider, Ivanka Trump, Bustle, Huffington Post etc…

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  • Female Leadership + Advancement: Acquiring, Empowering and Retaining Female Leaders in your Workplace
  • Closing The Confidence Gap: Strategies to Make Your Brain More Confidence Prone
  • Bridging The Generational Divide: Retaining + Motivating Millennials to Drive Your Growth

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