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Keynote Speaker Erin Botsford
Erin Botsford
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Erin Botsford


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Financial Services Industry Speaker

Erin Botsford is a speaker who can inspire her audience to take action and reach new heights.

Summary of Erin Botsford

Erin Botsford’s journey, rising from a life of poverty and overcoming enormous adversity to becoming one of America’s Top Financial Planners, gives her the insight and perspective to guide clients through the current economic landscape. Using public seminars as her primary method of prospecting, Erin was asked by her firm to lead, guide, motivate and train regional insurance agents and teach them how to sell investment products. The original goal Erin was given by the firm was to help the region reach $1 million in GDC over the ensuing five years. Under her training and direction, the region did $1.7 million in the first year, $2.3 million the following year and was well over $5 million annually in five years. Erin’s personal rags to riches story has been featured in numerous articles and publications, including the cover story of Financial Advisor magazine’s January 2010 issue, Investment News, Kiplinger magazine. Her television appearances include being a guest on “Wealth Track with Consuelo Mack,” CNBC's "Power Lunch” and “Squawk on the Street.” Erin is the author of the recently published, best-selling book: The Big Retirement Risk: Running Out of Money Before You Run Out of Time.

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Erin Botsford of Seven Figure Firm teaches financial advisors what she did to 10X her business and create a self-managing company that grows itself. Erin’s story of being raised in poverty to becoming a Barron’s Top 100 Advisor has been featured in numerous articles and publications, including the cover story of Financial Advisor magazine, Investment News, Kiplinger magazine, The Dallas Morning News and The Dallas Business Journal.

With her vast experience and authentic personality, Erin can relate to advisors at all levels. She struggled for the first 7 years without taking a day off and is now Founder and CEO of Botsford Financial Group. She has delivered numerous presentations at conferences and break-out sessions, including key-notes.

Erin believes a business is supposed to be the benefactor that allows its owner to have a great life! As a multi-million dollar producer with offices in Dallas and Atlanta, Erin shares her story and her unique business secrets in her new book, Seven Figure Firm: How to Build a Financial Services Business That Grows Itself. She also offers selected advisors the rare opportunity to come “Spend the Day” with her team where she peels back the curtain and shares all of her proven business secrets.

In 2012, Erin’s first best-selling book, The Big Retirement Risk: Running Out of Money Before You Run Out of Time was chosen as the cover story of Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Magazine, Annual Retirement Issue.

Erin and her husband, Bob, an American Airlines pilot, reside in McKinney, Texas. They have one son, Kevin, who is married to Kristin. They have two grandsons, Cooper and Carson. Bob and Erin spend the majority of their free time working on their philanthropic endeavors, including funding orphan homes in Africa and supporting U.S. military veterans.

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The 5 Keys to Building the Financial Services Business of Your Dreams

Advisors will walk away with the EXACT 5 strategies Erin used to build a “self-managing” financial services business that runs and grows itself

How to Work with More Affluent Clients and Run Your Business on Auto Pilot

Advisors learn how to prospect and gain high net worth clients by learning the psychology necessary to differentiate themselves in the first 10 minutes and dominate their marketplace.

Women, Power and Money
What You Need to Know to Dominate the Women’s Market

You don’t have to be a female advisor to dominate the women’s market. Learn the psychology necessary to win over female clients and get them to be your fierce advocates.

Create Raving Fans Using Systems and Processes

This program gives advisors the easiest way to “systematize the predictable” which, in turn, creates exceptional and repeatable client experiences. This leads to more client referrals - the lifeblood of a successful business.

Your Brand Should Be Bigger than You

Most often overlooked in other trainings building a unique brand message is a missing key to advisor success. Erin teaches how to articulate your value proposition, appear “Big” and create a winning sales formula.

It’s All About Your Clients
Transitioning Clients from You to Your Team

Advisors will take-away one of the biggest lessons Erin learned in building her firm. This presentation explains the necessity to build a business that does NOT depend on the advisor. It’s good for the advisor and great for clients. Included are specific tools used in hiring staff.

The Importance of Charging a Financial Planning Fee

With margins on asset management shrinking, the need to create alternative streams of income for an advisor’s business are paramount. Learn how charging financial planning fees not only increases your bottom line but also guarantees all other product revenue. In light of the DOL, this information is critical to business development

10x Growth
Moving Beyond Your Own Capabilities

Erin delivers repeatable and duplicable concepts from her new book, “Seven Figure Firm.” With a deep dive into the 5 keys to business success, advisors will be inspired to make the changes needed to break through their existing production barriers and reach new heights.

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