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Keynote Speaker Steven Aldana
Dr. Steven Aldana
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Dr. Steven Aldana


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Dr. Aldana gives meeting participants the tools they need to help change their lives.

Summary of Steven Aldana

Dr. Steven Aldana is a respected business speaker on health and wellness. As the CEO and founder of WellSteps he has designed a program that helps employees implement healthy behaviors into their lives. Many of the nation’s largest corporations such as: NASA, Nationwide Insurance, and Johnson and Johnson have received his consulting services and guidance on health promotion. With his informational direction companies are able to receive tips on how to save on their healthcare costs by improving the lives of their employees.

Dr. Steven Aldana is a former professor of lifestyle medicine at Brigham Young University. He is currently the CEO and founder of WellSteps. Wellsteps is a turnkey wellness program designed to help employees adopt and maintain healthy behaviors for life. Wellsteps also provides consulting services and health promotion guidance to many of the nation’s largest corporations including: NASA, British Petroleum, KeySpan Energy, Nationwide Insurance, CIGNA, Anthem Blue Shield and Blue Cross, Johnson and Johnson, Daimler/ Chrysler, and many other corporations across the U.S.

Dr. Aldana has published over 60 scientific articles on the prevention, arrest, and reversal of America’s most common chronic diseases. He has written 7 books on the ability of healthy lifestyle habits to prevent cardiovascular dis ease, cancers, diabetes, and many chronic diseases. His most recent book, The Culprit and The Cure is currently being used by over 4,500 companies and corporations in an effort to boost productivity and reduce employee related health expenses. The Harvard School of Public Health says this book is “better than the best medicines”.

Because of his research expertise he is a regular consultant to the Centers for Disease Control, the National Institutes of Health, and the California Department of Health Services. He is a member of the board of the C. Everett Koop organization. Most recently, he has become a special advisor to the U.S. secretary of health and human services.

He often appears on television and radio and is regularly interviewed by CNN, Newsweek, Family Circle, Self, Redbook, Spirit Magazine, and WebMD. Dr. Aldana is determined to educate people about the tremendous impact lifestyle has on disease and is devoted to helping individuals adopt and maintain healthy lifestyles. When asked why he is so passionate about this work he often replies, “this information transforms and saves lives.”

Dr. Aldana practices what he preaches, though if you ever watched him play flag football with his graduate students you might beg to differ.

Improve the Bottom Line by Improving Employee Health

Healthcare costs have never been higher and there is no end in sight. Almost half of CEO’s say that their biggest threat to profitability is the rising cost of employee healthcare. Most healthcare costs are caused by preventable chronic diseases. Employees with poor health behaviors develop health risks and eventually acquire common chronic diseases. By implementing health and productivity management programs employers are getting to the root of the healthcare cost problem. Learn how healthcare costs will only increase in the future. Understand what employee health and productivity programs are and how they work. See how they can reduce employee health risks, health care costs, worker’s compensation, and improve productivity. 32 different published articles show that these programs can improve the bottom line. For every dollar spent on employee health programs, $3.5 were saved from lower healthcare costs.

  • Learn how unhealthy lifestyles are the cause of much of America’s healthcare woes.
  • See how effective health and productivity management programs can improve employee health and lower employee related expenses including workers’ compensation, disability, absenteeism, and health care costs.
  • See how healthy employees can have a higher quality of life and be more productive.

10-20 Years of Extra Life− The Choice is Yours

Americans have more body fat and diabetes now, than at any other time in human history. Tobacco use, poor diet, and lack of physical activity are responsible for most chronic diseases and premature death. Unhealthy behaviors lead to elevated health risks. Elevated health risks lead to chronic diseases, health care costs and premature death. Unhealthy behaviors are at the very core of America’s poor health. Yet, adopting and maintaining healthy behaviors is hard to do. We live in an environment that discourages healthy living. Food manufacturers aggressively market unhealthy foods and we now have few opportunities to get physical activity. This means that most Americans have elevated health risks and most Americans will die of largely preventable chronic diseases.

The solution is to change the status quo. A healthy diet and regular physical activity can dramatically improve our health. The most current scientific research shows that those who adopt and maintain a healthy lifestyles can extend life by 10-20 years…10-20 years of high quality life. The amount of scientific evidence that supports the need for healthy behaviors is overwhelming, yet we struggle to change our behaviors.
Worksites, communities, schools, and even churches are helping individuals change the status quo by adopting healthy behaviors. In as little as 6 weeks, individuals who adopt healthy behaviors can significantly improve an array of health risks. We have the solution to poor health.

Participants will:

  • Learn how to extend the length of life by 10-20 years
  • Prevent most of the diseases physicians can only treat
  • Gain the knowledge, motivation, and skills needed to change behaviors
  • See how the only long-term solution to excessive body weight is lifestyle change.

The Truth About Return on Investment and Worksite Health Promotion Programs

Companies are always looking for ways to reduce employee-related expenses and many corporations and organizations are using health promotion programs as a reactionary effort to curtail ever-increasing, employee-related expenses of health care and lost productivity. Dozens of published scientific research articles have evaluated the cost-benefit of worksite health promotion programs and the majority show a clear and positive return-on-investment. Yet, many companies are hesitant to spend any money on employee health promotion efforts, raising the question as to why most health and wellness programs still struggle to get funding and support? Health promotion in the workplace can not only have a positive effect on your employees’ waistlines, but also a positive impact on your organization’s bottom line. During this in-depth session, learn how new information gained by researchers at Brigham and Young University provides additional evidence on why companies and public sector organizations should adopt worksite wellness programs to help their employees lead healthy lifestyles and how, by doing so, they can achieve and demonstrate a genuine return-on-investment (ROI). During this session, leading health promotion expert Steve Aldana, PhD, Director of Health Promotion Programs at Brigham Young University, will address:

  • How health promotion and worksite wellness can generate significant healthcare cost savings
  • Measuring the impact of absenteeism and lost productivity caused by unhealthy habits and lifestyle choices

Where the cost savings come from and why some health promotion programs fail to deliver a positive ROI.

Today You Find Out...

Steve Talks about the statistics behind our current state of health and how the changes in our lifestyle will effect us.

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