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Keynote Speaker Kate Adamson
Kate Adamson
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Kate Adamson


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Kate Adamson teaches other how to overcome and adapt to there unique situations to solve problems.

Summary of Kate Adamson

Author and speaker Kate Adamson shares her unique perspective on the relationship between healthy habits and survival from the most acute medical crisis. Kate recovered from a serious stroke, including a period of hospitalization during which she suffered total paralysis, also known as Locked-in Syndrome. Only able to blink her eyes, she managed to communicate messages through a system of blinking the alphabet, which allowed her to set up a rehabilitation program that almost everyone thought would be impossible. Kate used her training, determination, and persistence to do the impossible. Partially paralyzed as a result of her stroke, Kate has developed her own unique capabilities and has discovered and proven that "paralyzed" does not have to mean "powerless." Kate’s experience will fascinate and inform anyone involved with health care. Her incredible pre-morbid level of fitness and health allowed her to survive one-in-a-million odds. She learned how your health can work for you even in the most severe medical crisis.

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Against one-in-a-million odds, Kate Adamson overcame total paralysis from a devastating double brainstem stroke. Locked inside her body, she communicated by blinking. Kate could think. And she could blink. And that's all she could do. It was like being locked in a glass coffin. This survivor of Locked-in Syndrome proves that paralysis is not powerlessness and that we can achieve the impossible by focusing on the possible. Now, the award-winning author of Paralyzed But Not Powerless shares her incredible story of recovery with audiences across the country.

In her presentations, Kate inspires corporate and government audiences to appreciate how those who effectively deal with disabilities tend to develop levels of creativity and resourcefulness beyond what they would have if they had not suffered the disability. She explains that people with disabilities often take extraordinary approaches to ordinary problems—and often achieve extraordinary results. While disabled people are forced to learn these lessons, all of us can choose to learn them. Kate's experience of overcoming personal paralysis relates to corporations dealing with paralysis brought on by the impact of global changes in their business, the economy, human resources issues, government regulations regarding accommodation, and other challenges. She will show you how to achieve your own extraordinary results.

Kate was appointed to the University of Southern California, Division of Biokinesiology and Physical Therapy Board of Counselors and serves on the Advisory Board for Successful Aging with Disability. She is also a board member of the Stroke Association of Southern California and has served as a national spokesperson for the American Heart Association and the American Stroke Association. Currently, Kate severs as a board member of the Greater Los Angeles chapter of the National Speakers Association. She was the subject of a major fundraising film produced by the American Heart Association.

Kate's story has been featured in many national magazines, including Redbook, Prevention, Vim & Vigor, Caregiver, Stroke Smart, Stroke Connection and The Female Patient. She was one of five national finalists for Prevention magazine's “Picture of Health” promotion and has appeared on Larry King Live, Good Morning America, The O'Reilly Factor, The Abrams Report, Fox News, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, 700 Club, Coral Ridge Ministries, TBN, and Lifetime.

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One Hand Clapping
Appreciation Before Accommodation

Kate Adamson, a survivor of Locked-in Syndrome, proves how ability most certainly rises from the ashes of disability; how those who persist in spite of disabilities can develop uncommon determination, creativity, and resourcefulness – and isn't that what employers are looking for? Audiences return to work with new appreciation of the value of accommodation – and wonderful memories of a great convention!

Paralyzed But Not Powerless by Kate Adamson

Paralyzed But Not Powerless

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