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Keynote Speaker Bill Acheson
Bill Acheson
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Bill Acheson


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Body Language

Bill Acheson gives a dramatic performance illustrating the ramifications of body language in a court setting--and how body language reveals information that you might not want to communication.

Summary of Bill Acheson

As a keynote speaker, Bill Acheson is an expert in nonverbal communication. He uses his knowledge of body language to teach professionals on how to project themselves with a greater impact. Many professionals from companies such as American Express, AIG, Bank of American, and Citigroup have gained valuable tips that they use once they leave the room. Bill’s engaging personality ability to present academic research through humor keeps the audience engaged. His presentations will have an impact on the effectiveness of both your sales force and executives.

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Bill Acheson is an expert in nonverbal communication. As a faculty member of the Department of Communication at the University of Pittsburgh for over 20 years and as a professional speaker since 1994, Bill has spoken to thousands of people across the United States about how to use body language to communicate more effectively.

From the classroom to the courtroom to the conference room, Bill has worked with professionals who want to improve their bottom-line performance. Find out what employees from American Century, Bank of America, Ernst & Young, Glaxo SmithKline, Ivy Funds, Jackson National, John Hancock, Legg Mason, Merrill Lynch, Met Life, MorganStanley SmithBarney, Nationwide, Prudential, SunTrust, SunAmerica, Transamerica, Wells Fargo, the United States Coast Guard, and the U.S. Army have already discovered. It's not just what you say; it's how you say it.

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A New "Look" at Selling

Body language accounts for more than two thirds of the impact you make on your prospects and clients in face-to-face communication. In making a first impression, it is 10 times more powerful than what you say!

Learn ways to enhance your own body language signals as well as how to understand some of the hidden messages sent by your prospects. Small changes in your behavior can yield big results!

In this presentation, Bill profiles rapport and personal power in detail. Learn how your use of time, space, appearance, posture, gesture, facial expression, eye contact, voice, touch, and even smell impact your ability to sell.

The presentation style is educomedy—a mixture of academic research and humor designed to both motivate and educate.

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