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Keynote Speaker Shira Abel
Shira Abel
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Shira Abel


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Shira Abel Professional Speaker

Shira Able talks about Intraprenuerships, Startups, Marketing, and Behavioral Engineering. Her dynamic talks will motivate your team to achieve their goals.

Summary of Shira Abel

Shira Abel has been growing companies in the tech industry for over 15 years. She works with enterprises to launch intrapreneur operations, driving the initial push for cultural transformation towards a growth mindset. Shira is a thought leader and a sought-after speaker for innovation, startups in the enterprise, disruption, behavioral engineering and marketing. She has been a judge at start-up conferences, taught Marketing for Startups at Tel Aviv-Jaffa Academic College, and mentored at Google Campus, the Microsoft Ventures Accelerator, and 500 Startups. A a leader in entrepreneurship, technology, and innovation, Shira provides a dynamic presentation that will motivate and inspire.

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Shira Abel is passionate about empowering companies to do smart marketing, pushing growth appropriately for the phase of the product. She founded Hunter & Bard because tech, innovation, and startups are her lifeblood. Working with people who make great things happen feels more like play than work. She enjoys finding solutions to meet startups and intrapreneurs changing needs from ideation, to concept and through launch, product market fit, and growth.

Shira works with enterprises to launch intrapreneur operations, where she drives the initial push for cultural transformation towards a growth mindset. She is an accomplished speaker, lecturer and startup judge who has spoken worldwide on topics such as Marketing for Startups and Behavioral Engineering.

Shira is regularly engaged as a startup-marketing expert to mentor startups in world-class accelerators like Google Campus, the Microsoft Ventures Accelerator, Founder Institute, and Techpeaks in Trento Italy. She has taught Marketing for Startups at Tel Aviv-Jaffa Academic College and holds an MBA from Kellogg School of Management.

If you don’t innovate – you will die

Did you know that Kodak invented and built the first digital camera, but was afraid to cannibalize its film monopoly? It milked its cash cow and stopped innovating – until it was too late.

Newspapers, magazines, hotels, taxis – and finance. What industry is next?

Startups are forming every day and, one by one, our traditional ways of doing things are being disrupted. ‘There’s an app for that’, isn’t just a phrase – it’s becoming the new truth. Shira’s inspirational talk will help your team recognize the mistakes of other enterprises by emphasizing the importance of innovation in a way that initiates the right actions. Everyone has triggers that change their behavior – Shira’s uplifting talk will explore behavior and will end up changing the audience’s perspective about themselves, clients, products and your company. She’ll explain what enterprise can learn from startups – and how intrapreneurs can implement changes that will help them succeed individually and as a team. Her style is high-energy, entertaining, and conversational. She incorporates humor, storytelling and adult learning theory into her programs.

Shira will produce a tailored, dynamic talk for that is guided by your team’s goals and will inspire your executives to listen, learn and act. She will also help your team realize the benefits of being more open to using technology to achieve greater success for your organization.

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Innovation and Disruption in Your Industry

Behavioral Engineering & Growth

Customer Service & Satisfaction

Startups & Innovation

Strategic Social Media & Content Marketing

Networking & Building Your Personal Brand

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