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Inspiring Speaker Showcase for Event Professionals

Goodman Speakers Bureau Speaker Showcase

We were so excited to have our speaker showcase at the lovely Marriott in downtown Hartford, CT last night. We were lucky enough to have our old and new clients and friends come out to hear three of our inspirational speakers teach us how to embrace life each and every day. The Marriott ensured that we had a relaxing evening with great food. The ambiance allowed us to sit back and listen to the powerful messages being said, while we ate delectable hors d'oeuvres. The mini tacos were a great introduction to the wonderful meal we were about to have. Our speakers then took the stage to share their unique wisdom.

Jon Stetson
Jon Stetson made us all feel like we were children again witnessing a magic show. His ability to read minds kept us in awe from start to finish. Jon was able to influence our thoughts, while decoding our body language to read our minds. He invited several audience members, including one of our employees, to demonstrate the power paying attention to detail. No matter how many times we see Jon perform, we will always be amazed by his talents.

Scarlett Lewis
Scarlett Lewis then warmed our hearts with a tribute to her son, Jesse Lewis, and a message of compassion. She showed us that no matter what may happen, we can always choose to love rather than hate. Scarlett was an inspiration to everyone in the audience and made us strive to learn forgiveness. Her simple mantra, motivated from Jesse, “Nurturing. Healing, Love” provides us with the courage to change our angry thoughts into compassion and happiness.

David Romanelli
David Romanelli then talked to us about living in the moment. He showed us that some of the oldest people across the world still embrace life to the fullest, which inspired the audience to go out and make memories. He explained the importance of loving and embracing the little things that make a moment joyous. He left us on an uplifting note with some delicious chocolate and wine to make sure we had our enjoyable moment of the day. His message of everyday happiness flowed beautifully after Scarlett's speech on the importance of love.

We want to thank everyone who came and made this night one to remember!

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