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Creativity - Keynote Speakers

Bill Rasmussen

It is safe to say that Bill Rasmussen changed the face of sports, and the face of television. His brainstorm for a 24-hour cable sports television station, born out of adversity, has become the Worldwide Leader in Sports, ESPN. He had his innovative brainstorm for an all-sports cable TV network within days of his firing by the New England Whalers of the World Hockey Association. His idea captured his imagination, and 14 months later, ESPN was on air for the first time. A life-long entrepreneur and sports fan, Rasmussen’s innovations in advertising, sports and broadcasting are numerous and include not only the creation of ESPN, but also the concept for “Sports Center,” wall-to-wall coverage of NCAA regular- season and “March Madness” college basketball, and coverage of the College World Series. Bill’s entrepreneurial daring, his irrepressible enthusiasm and a dash of good luck gave the world the first 24-hour television network. Once unleashed upon sports fans, ESPN’s impact forever changed the way we watch television.

Todd Henry

Todd Henry teaches leaders and organizations how to establish practices that lead to everyday brilliance. He is the author of three books (The Accidental Creative, Die Empty, and Louder Than Words) which have been translated into more than a dozen languages, and he speaks and consults across dozens of industries on creativity, leadership, and passion for work. Todd believes that the key to making your work speak loudly and resonate with others is to uncover, develop, and then bravely use a voice rooted in authenticity. He helps audiences discover how to develop the core drivers of an authentic, resonant voice, and why some voices connect deeply while others simply miss the mark.

Rick Searfoss

Colonel Rick Searfoss shares with only a handful of people in history the sublime joys of actually flying in space. In his career he has led many different teams, including commanding the most complex science research space mission ever, the STS-90 Neurolab flight on Columbia. He also piloted two other space flights, including a joint Russian-American mission to the Mir space station. Rick brings unparalleled expertise to his audiences, coupled with a truly entertaining, exciting, and enlightening audience experience. With compelling firsthand examples, he speaks from the heart to teach, motivate, enlighten, and uplift audiences. His extensive leadership experience and work with some of the most innovative companies of the new millennium enable him to fulfill his mission of sharing the teamwork, leadership, and innovation lessons of human space flight with business leaders worldwide.

John Kao

John Kao has made a career out of helping organizations go from “getting” the importance of innovation to “getting innovation done.” Known as Mr. Creativity, John is a leading authority on innovation, business creativity, organizational transformation and emerging technologies. He has the ability to add value and bring fresh (smart eyes) to all kinds of problems. He is the past Chairman of the World Economic Forum’s Global Advisory Council on Innovation and advisor to the Clinton Global Initiative. John has advised the countries of Finland and Singapore on their innovation strategies as well as companies such as Nike, Intel and BASF. John is a serial entrepreneur, an angel investor in emerging technology, and is a Tony-nominated producer of film and stage.

Steve Jones

Steve Jones is a music biz insider who will change the way you think about business, marketing, creativity, and customer service. As the author of two highly-acclaimed business books, Steve draws upon his 30 years in the music industry to demonstrate how the essential lessons of business can be learned from the bands, songs, and albums we love. He will show you how to build a brand as consistent as AC/DC, as immediately recognizable as Kiss, and as resilient as Fleetwood Mac. His concert-like presentations are filled with music, humor, and engaging backstage stories from the music business. Steve is the author of Brand Like a Rock Star (2011) and Start You Up (2014). He has spent over three decades in music and media, witnessing the rise (and sometimes fall) of countless rock legends. In addition to being a popular speaker at conferences worldwide, Steve also works with media brands and companies in the US, Canada, and the Caribbean to turn their customers into raving fans.

Kaihan Krippendorff

Kaihan Krippendorff knows that everyone has the potential to change the world. As a sought-after strategic advisor for leading businesses and corporations, Krippendorff is passionate for the need to move away from traditional linear models and to embrace agile, digital strategies for the accelerating world. Kaihan gives a new business prospective and will offer a valuable set of motivational skills that will help strengthen the hearts and backbones of his audience.

Traci Brown

Traci Brown is able to reveal secrets and hidden information through the use of detecting and evaluating the body language of others. Traci has adapted body language skills that have helped her and she will teach you how to do it, too.

Codie Sanchez Baker

Codie Sanchez Baker has been: a Latina journalist covering human trafficking in Mexico, a finance exec running a multi-million dollar international business, a speaker talking to hundreds, a podcast host on The Struggle Isn't Real, and a startup CEO on the Today Show for the last company she exited. When she isn't presenting to pensions or government and sovereign wealth funds she’s running one of her startups, consulting with the companies she angel invests in, or running her motivational & business building company. She believes if we can increase the number of diverse individuals and minorities in positions of power we will have a healthier society and greater equality.

Scott Friedman

Scott Friedman, Certified Speaking Professional, and former President of the National Speakers Association (NSA), is the author of Celebrate! Lessons Learned from the World’s Most Admired Organizations, Happily Ever Laughter, Using Humor For A Change and A Celebration A Day – 365 ways to a Happier, Healthier Workplace. For over 30 years Scott has traveled the globe speaking on employee innovation, customer experience and using humor/celebration as a strategic tool. Scott founded “Together We Can Change the World,” a non-profit organization, serving girls and less fortunate women in Southeast Asia.

Tala Raassi

Tala Raassi, an Iranian American fashion designer/author, was born in the United States and raised in Tehran. Named one of the “Most Fearless Women in the World” by Newsweek magazine, Raassi made her mark in the fashion world at an early age with her talent in exclusive swimwear. She is devoted to celebrating the beauty of women’s bodies through her designs and to empowering women all around the world to follow their dreams. For Raassi, “Fashion is Freedom.” 


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