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DeDe Murcer Moffett

Voted Favorite Speaker of Meeting Planners 2014 -Meetings & Conventions Magazine
DeDe is an enthusiastic larger-than-life speaker and trainer who grabs the hearts and minds of audiences through powerful content and high-energy Broadway-style entertainment. She is known as the “Snap Out of It Woman.” After overcoming 24 years of alcoholism and igniting the courage to breakthrough to success, DeDe is inspiring She inspires audiences to take personal responsibility, make lasting changes and ignite the courage to start living consciously applying their strengths and talent. In her keynote speech and training sessions, DeDe draws upon her extensive career in corporate sales and her in-depth research into breaking free of limiting habits that dull creativity, cripple drive and derail dreams. She then delivers a step-by-step methodology wrapped up in Broadway-caliber entertainment and do-it-now exercises.
Through fun and humor she shares the knowledge, emotional fuel and daily steps you must take if you want to unleash your best work, ignite massive creativity, do the unlikely, and keep going when life gets tough.

Jeff Hammond

Since joining FOX Sports in 2001, Jeff Hammond has been quite busy!! In only their first year, NASCAR on FOX received six (6) Emmy nominations and amazingly took home three (3) of the coveted awards. Jeff works on practice and qualifying shows for FOX and Speed Channel. Jeff has also been a color commentator on shows such as The NEXTEL Pit Crew Championship and The Pit Crew Challenge Powered by Tyson, also found on the Speed Channel. If that weren’t enough, Jeff alternates on a Sunday evening NASCAR wrap up show that is also seen on Speed Channel. Jeff has worked on major motion pictures like “Days of Thunder” and “Bandit Goes Country” a made for TV movie. Becoming one of the best jack men in the business, Hammond served on all three of driver Cale Yarborough’s Winston Cup hampionship seasons. Legendary driver Darrell Waltrip took over for Yarborough in 1981 and the Junior Johnson owned team won the championship that year. At the encouragement of Waltrip, Johnson promoted Jeff to the crew chief position for the start of the 1982 season. As the old saying goes “The Rest Is History”. Two more championships and 43 wins with Waltrip followed placing Hammond in the record books as one of NASCAR’S all-time great crew chiefs.

Mike Abrashoff

Mike Abrashoff is at the center of one of the most remarkable modern day stories of organizational transformation. Mike took command of the USS Benfold, one of the Navy’s worst performing ships, and turned it into the best within twelve months while using the same crew. Mike shares his personal experience which teaches the importance of leadership style and creating an environment where employees feel safe, empowered and supported. Mike is also the author of three books, It’s Your Ship, It’s Our Ship, and Get your Ship Together. He equips his audiences with strategies, tactics, and tools necessary to unleash breakthrough performances and extraordinary results in spite of the odds.

Jeff Tobe

It is finally alright to color outside the lines! In Jeff Tobe’s innovation speeches you can find out how to be creatively inventive with problem solving, teambuilding, effective leadership, and enhancing customer experience. A Certified Speaking Professional, Jeff uses his dynamic and engaging talent as a keynotes speaker to help their organization work collectively to come up with imaginative ideas. Jeff inspires businesses to focus on the interactions rather than the transactions to help their employees connect better with customers and team members. Jeff motivates people to use every crayon in their box so that they can make their business one that is full of creative color.

Brené Brown

Dr. Brené Brown is a research professor at the University of Houston Graduate College of Social Work. She has spent the past twelve years studying vulnerability, courage, worthiness, and shame. Her groundbreaking research has been featured on PBS, NPR, CNN, The Katie Show, and Oprah Winfrey’s Super Soul Sunday. Brené is the author of the #1 New York Times Bestseller, Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the way we Live, Love, Parent, and Lead (Gotham, 2012). In Daring Greatly Brené dispels the cultural myth that vulnerability is weakness and argues that it is, in truth, our most accurate measure of courage. Fast Company Magazine named Daring Greatly one of the top ten business books of 2012. Brené’s 2010 TEDx Houston talk, The Power of Vulnerability, is one of the top ten most viewed TED talks in the world, with over 9 million viewers.

Mike Staver

The most courageous leaders look to Mike Staver for the inspiration and strategies they need to fight the battles they face. Mike Staver provides keynotes as well as coaching, consulting, and training programs that help every member of your team achieve amazing results. With a master’s degree in counseling psychology and a bachelor’s degree in business administration, he understands the importance of results and can assist your organization in the successful pursuit of its objectives. Michael’s commitment to his clients is evident in the content and delivery of his message. His message is centered on his fundamental belief that each person and every organization has the potential to achieve outstanding results. Michael has an uncanny ability to make the most complex ideas simple and memorable. His sense of humor, depth of knowledge, and caring attitude will keep your attendees engaged from start to finish.

Peter Sheahan

Peter Sheahan is known internationally for his inventive business thinking and thought leadership. Peter’s highly innovative approach has contributed to his success as the author of 3 international best-selling books and one of the most in-demand thought leaders in the world. Peter has advised leaders from companies as diverse as Apple, Goldman Sachs, Microsoft, Hyundai, IBM, Pfizer, Wells Fargo, and Cardinal Health. Peter’s most recent book is titled, MATTER: Move Beyond the Competition, Create More Value and Become the Obvious Choice. Peter is also the Founder and Group CEO of Karrikins Group – an international growth-oriented consulting firm with expertise in business development and community investment. Peter empowers his audiences and makes a significant impact on how businesses operate through his global insights and thought provoking presentations.

Susan Hansen

Sue Hansen is a national speaker, trainer and consultant, specializing in helping people become better people-it’s her mission and her passion. With an undergraduate degree in Psychology, post graduate work in business, certification as a behavioral analyst, a growth curve specialist and her many years of experience in business ownership Sue’s clients have access to a broad and fresh perspective on issues facing the workforce and its’ leaders. Sue’s consulting contracts put her in touch with leaders in a variety of industry sectors experiencing business challenges within their organizations that fall into 3 categories: people, profits and processes. Often, one of these gates of focus will cause chaos if not properly addressed. Successful executives must be able to balance the technical knowledge necessary to run a business with the emotional side of leadership that inspires and motivates others. Leaders may need to shift their focus-depending on the maturity of their company. Sue helps executives navigate these dynamics to position themselves as successful leaders running successful companies.

Richard Horwath

New York Times & Wall Street Journal bestselling author Rich Horwath provides managers with a framework to master the most important business skill of our time: strategic thinking. As the CEO of the Strategic Thinking Institute, Rich leads teams through the strategy process and has helped more than 50,000 managers around the world. By developing this strategic mindset, managers will be able to continually discover new insights that enable them to create and deliver new value to their customers. He is the author of six books, including, Elevate: The Three Disciplines of Advanced Strategic Thinking. Rich and his work have appeared on ABC, NBC, CBS, CNBC, CNN, and FOX. Rich brings both real-world experience and practical expertise to help companies build their strategic capabilities. He presents strategy in a very understandable, relevant, and practical manner so that audiences can immediately apply his tools and concepts to their business.

J.P. Pawliw-Fry

Dr. JP Pawliw-Fry is that rare kind of leadership speaker who can change the outcome of a meeting by sharing his expertise in emotional intelligence. The way JP enthusiastically advises companies on leadership, performance, and managing change makes his audiences not only absorb the information but drives behavior to improve your organization. JP was one of the highest rated former lecturers at the Kellogg School of Management’s Executive Education Program and now is an advisor to numerous Fortune 100 companies as well as NHL and NBA teams and Olympic medal winning athletes. His lively and original keynotes engage audiences to implement his profound strategies the next day to make a real difference in their organization!

Tim and Kris O’Shea

You’ve seen every motivational keynote speaker out there. Your people have heard it all. Now it’s time for something fresh, fun, and different. Described as “Saturday Night Live for Business,” funny motivational speakers Tim and Kris O’Shea offer one-of-a-kind business humor keynotes. Merging an entertaining delivery style with relevant subject matter, The O’Sheas understand what meeting planners want. As a result, they are HR approved and employee loved. Whether you’re planning a sales rally, company meeting or association convention, The O’Sheas can help. As some of the most in-demand funny motivational speakers in North America, The O’Sheas’ innovative corporate humor keynote programs will get your attendees motivated about workplace challenges and the fast pace of the world.

Tom Morris

Tom Morris is the world’s expert on how to attain new levels of success in changing times and challenging circumstances. His focus is on sustaining success in situations of uncertainty. His main topics are Success/Change/Partnership/Greatness/Stress. Tom is unique in his ability to motivate audiences with the wisdom of the ages, bringing to light powerful ideas that have stood the test of time. His great use of humor and vivid personal stories make the session fly by—and all along, all audience members are getting real insight that can power new levels of performance and enhance lives. Tom Morris is the only top philosopher since Ralph Waldo Emerson 150 years ago to travel the country and the world encouraging personal and professional excellence in nearly every industry. When you book Tom, you get best practices from the past 3,000 years and more, as well as the inspiration to use the ideas he so masterfully articulates.

John O'Leary

Expected to die. John O’Leary now teaches others how to truly live. In 2008, John O’Leary began speaking about his personal life experience of being burned as a nine-year-old. His story, previously kept private, was showcased when his parents wrote a book to share with family and friends about their amazing journey of healing. This book led to organizations around the world requesting to hear first-hand from John how he defied the odds. A movement began. John, recognizing his calling to become a change agent of overcoming adversity, continues to ignite life – and the world around him - with possibility. His first book, On Fire: The 7 Choices to Ignite a Radically Inspired Life, will be published in March 2016. John is consistently given industry-defying gold stars across the board for his emotional storytelling, genuine humor and ability to empower his audiences to take back their lives and change their worlds. Given less than one percent chance to survive, John intimately illustrates how your greatest challenges can be transformed into outstanding growth.

Scott Steinberg

Award-winning strategic consultant and professional speaker Scott Steinberg is a bestselling expert on leadership and innovation. The author of Becoming Essential, the Fortune 500 calls him a "defining figure in business and technology" and "top trendsetter to follow." The CEO of TechSavvy Global, a management consulting and market research firm, he helps clients create competitive advantage and drive change, innovation and growth. A business strategist for corporations, non-profits, universities and startups, he aids with change management, leadership training, and marketing and communications strategy, and has consulted on dozens of industry-leading products and services.

Irv Rothman

With over forty years of executive experience, Irv Rothman is a renowned financial services expert and has an acknowledged track record of excellence. Whether engaging in start-ups, large mergers, joint venture and M&A activities, turnaround situations, or global operations, Irv’s Gutsball mentality has fueled his undeniable success and powerful execution. As President and CEO of HP Financial Services, Irv leads over 1500 employees and oversees $12.5 billion in assets by championing a culture of trust, collaboration, autonomy, and ethical behavior that works to better serve their customers.

Brian Biro

“Brian Biro has the energy of a ten-year-old, the enthusiasm of a twenty-year-old, and the wisdom of a seventy-five-year-old.” A former vice-president of a major transportation corporation in the Pacific Northwest, he helped lead a major turnaround that resulted in the company quadrupling in revenues, becoming solidly profitable, and being named the leader in the air freight industry for customer service and convenience by Distribution Magazine. In his first career, Brian built one of the largest private swim teams in the U.S. numbering over 275 competitive swimmers. His team finished in the top three on three occasions at the Junior National Championships, the top 10 at the Senior National Championships, and forty-four of his athletes earned full college scholarships.

Andrew McCarthy

Andrew speaks about his personal journey and how travel and self-reflection changed his life. Aside from his successful acting and directing careers, he is now a successful writer and editor at large for National Geographic Traveler. He discusses fear of the unknown, taking the time to enjoy the precious moments in life, pushing yourself to try new things, and looking at the world with new eyes. Best known for his acting career and starring roles in St. Elmo's Fire, Pretty in Pink, Mannequin, and Weekend at Bernie's, he has a successful Broadway career and is currently a highly regarded director. Current projects include hit series' Orange is the New Black, Turn, and The Blacklist. He returned to acting in ABC's 2016 hit, The Family. His debut novel for young readers, Just Fly Away will be published in March 2017.

Liz Wiseman

Liz Wiseman teaches leadership to executives around the world. She is the President of the Wiseman Group, a leadership research and development firm in Silicon Valley, California, and author of Multipliers: How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter, a Wall Street Journal bestseller. Liz describes Multipliers as leaders who use their intelligence to amplify the smarts and capabilities of the people around them. She has conducted significant research in the field of leadership and collective intelligence and writes for Harvard Business Review and a variety of other business and leadership journals. A former executive at Oracle Corporation, she worked 17 years as Vice President of Oracle University and as the global leader for Human Resource Development. In her highly engaging talk, Liz Wiseman shares the research behind Multipliers and illustrates the positive and profitable effect these Multipliers have on organizations – how they get more done with fewer resources, develop and attract talent, and cultivate new ideas and energy to drive organizational change and innovation. She introduces the five disciplines that distinguish Multipliers from Diminishers and provides practice tips for leading like a Multiplier.

Charles Greene

Founder and CEO of Trusted Advisor Associates, Charles Greene is passionate about crafting insights and ideas in ways that are memorable, and that allow people to change, beginning right now. Trust is the one truly sustainable competitive advantage in business, yet all too often it is overlooked, ignored or misunderstood. Team performance starts with each individual and his or her ability to collaborate. Greene teaches individuals to be accountable, get past their own fears, be honest, and resolve conflict more quickly and openly. True cultural change happens organization through a trust-centric framework that pulls everyone together.

Dale Partridge

Dale is a serial entrepreneur and CEO/Co-Founder of Sevenly.org, a social good company based out of Orange County California. He best known for his expertise in branding, marketing, and social media. Dale started his first company while still a teenager and has partnered and launched a few successful organizations since. His has a mission to lead a generation toward generosity. He is an avid speaker and has been featured in various business publications including the cover of Entrepreneur Magazine, INC Magazine Mashable, MSN Money, Forbes and the Los Angeles Times. His personal mission is to lead a generation toward generosity and empower business leaders through the teaching philosophy that people matter. He is the author of the upcoming book People over Profit.


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