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Unleashing Momentum in Texas

Jade Simmons is a powerhouse speaker, rock star concert pianist and an emergence expert. By repeatedly defying expectations, Jade teaches audiences not only how to lead, but how to start achieving beyond what they ever thought possible.

Goodman Speakers Bureau is proud to be partnering with Northstar Meetings Group and sponsoring Jade at Destination Texas.

Audience members will learn:

  • Strategies for unlocking creativity and uncovering originality for the event’s success.
  • The importance of establishing a clear vision and how to expand and adapt that for maximum impact.
  • How to start all endeavors from a place of purpose.

Jade will be inspiring meeting professionals to find success in their events by looking to do things differently, unexpectedly, and powerfully. We look forward to connecting, learning, and creating an unforgettable experience at Destination Texas, November 30- December 2!

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 Jade Simmons