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Understand Your Personality in Full Color

Do you want to understand your unique personality? Improve your communication skills? Create better personal and professional relationships?

Scott Schwefel teaches audiences how to "communicate in full color" by understanding their personality. Insights Discovery personality tool helps people be self-aware and improves their communication with others. Scott provides individuals and organizations the knowledge to increase sales, profits, and productivity.

Insights Discovery divides personalities into four main color quadrants. People can usually immediately identify with one color, which is their dominant communication style. Understanding your personality and the personality of others breaks down barriers and decreases miscommunication.

Below are the four different personality colors and adjectives that are generally associated with each different type.

Extroverted Personalities:
Fiery Red- Competitive, strong-willed, demanding, purposeful
Sunshine Yellow- Energetic, optimistic, outgoing, persuasive

Introverted Personalities:
Cool Blue- Cautious, precise, questioning, formal
Earth Green- Amiable, caring, patient, encouraging

You can better understand yourself when you learn which color energy you associate with the most. You also can learn more about co-workers, friends, and family when you learn the color energy that they associate with the most. This knowledge has the potential to improve decision-making, communication, and performance.

Learn more about Scott and how to identify and understand personalities by watching his TEDx Talk.

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