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Two Speakers, Twice the Experience: Kim Lear & Seth Mattison

Kim Lear and Seth Mattison bring audiences cutting edge content on the future of work and the future of the marketplace. Together, they seamlessly educate audiences through groundbreaking research in a fun and actionable way.

Seth has a passion for helping create greater understanding and collaboration in today’s workplace. He provides actionable content that can immediately impact business performance. Seth’s expertise and perspective educate audiences on how to stay ahead of the trends, develop top leaders, and recruit the next generation of talent.

Kim’s expertise is in the marketplace. Kim explores how future trends are changing the way people work, buy, and live. She helps audiences understand how to authentically connect with empowered consumers in an age of distraction.

Kim and Seth have spoken together for more than 6 years educating audiences on the future of work and the marketplace. Together, they combine data, storytelling, humor, and actionable takeaways to educate all audiences.

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 Kim Lear   Seth Mattison