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Simon Bailey's Insights on Creating an Awesome Life

Simon Bailey's Insights on How to Create an Awesome Life

You were not born to be average. You were born to be brilliant.

Simon Bailey leads a premium education company whose purpose is to teach 1 billion people how to be brilliant. He is the former Sales Director for Disney Institute and author of 8 books including the latest, Brilliant Living – 31 insights on How to Create an Awesome Life.

Simon explains that an average life means that you are accepting your life the way it is. A brilliant life means that you wake up every day trying to do and be better than yesterday. Being brilliant can only happen within you. You must choose to be better.

There are eight cores of life that you must constantly evaluate to live a brilliant life:

1. Spiritual
2. Family
3. Career
4. Emotional
5. Mental
6. Wellness
7. Social
8. Financial

Simon believes that when you intentionally analyze and work on each of these core areas, you will improve your life. It’s important to create a plan on how you intend to grow, develop, and add value. Share this plan with someone who you are close with and ask them to hold you accountable.

Average people wait for life to happen. Brilliant people make things happen. Will you dare to be different?

Click below to listen to Simon’s interview on WCHE 1520’s Greater Good Project!

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