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Shifting and Flowing with the Different Seasons of Life

Bring Back the Balance radio show airing on WCHE 1520 AM, and available to stream online, focuses on changing the world one conversation at a time. Jade Simmons was a guest on the show and discussed her tips on how to best maintain work/life balance, being open to identity changes, and being fearless in discovering your passions. Jade can help you uncover the way to live your best life.

Jade explained that she views work/life balance in a different way than the usual picture of scale with work on one side and personal life on the other. She describes that she views balancing the stresses of life in seasons. She understands that some months she will be very focused and busy with work and preparing for presentations.The important thing is after a busy period of working, she balances it with a domestic season or rejuvenation season. In order to be truly happy, it is important to shift and flow with the different seasons of life.

How does Jade balance these seasons of life? Her advice is to balance your emotions, balance your reactions to what’s happening in life, and balance your expectations. You can’t manage the outcome of every situation. Jade explained to put energy and effort into doing the best you can be. If you are able to do this, the rewards will usually turn out better than what you first imagined.

Jade created this thought process by understanding that people have identity revolutions over time. During different periods of your life, you will have different roles. Life is easier to receive and accept when people are open to their personal transformations. You are not the same person you were yesterday. Every day you change and evolve.

Something that Jade is very passionate about is leading others to live an audacious life. She explained to live this life you must be recklessly brave. You must harness the boldness within yourself. Jade encourages people to live a life that is bigger than what most of us dare to live. In doing this, it can be possible to find your passion, which will lead to discovering your purpose and finding true happiness.

Each week the radio show educates audiences on varying current topics. To listen to this episode of Bring back the Balance, click here.

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 Jade Simmons