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Living Your Life With Purpose

Living for what matters most changes everything. Behavioral scientist and keynote speaker, Vic Strecher, knows that finding his purpose actually saved his life. After his daughter passed away, he felt that he lost his reason to live. However, Vic researched the science behind living your life with purpose. His findings proved that people with purpose live a longer and more fulfilled life.

So, what does living with a purpose look like? Many people make the excuse that defining their purpose is too hard and abstract. Vic argues that to find your purpose you need to spend time alone. You need to figure out what is important to you. Your purpose is most likely right around you and you don’t even notice it. The questions to ask yourself is, “What do you care most about in life?”

In answering this, do not feel discouraged if you feel that your purpose is not important enough. Some people think they need to be something they are not. The thing to remind yourself is that everyone has different roles in life. If you transcend your ego, you will be much happier and the rewards will come back to you.

Once you discover your purpose, you need to continue to pursue it with energy and passion. To help you achieve your goals, Vic encourages everyone to pay attention to: sleep, presence, activity, creativity, and eating (S.P.A.C.E.). If you truly commit to your purpose and living with purpose, many of your static problems become noise in the background of your life. You will no longer focus on what issues you are facing, but you will focus on what is really important to you. It’s not time management, it’s energy management.

To listen to Victor Strecher's full podcast interview from WCHE 1520 AM Radio, click below!

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