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Living in the Moment

To live in the past is to create depression.
To live in the future is to create anxiety.
To live in the moment is to create peace.

Coach Paul Assaiante has always used the past as a tool to teach and motivate his squash players at Trinity College. While this suits the mission of helping young players to grow, it has a tragic flaw. In this approach, almost no attention is given the time to simply be in the present.

In contrast, when people are not learning from the past, they are looking forward to “what is next”. What is the next goal, what mountain are we going to run up next, always look forward.

What is wrong with just simply staying in the moment? Savoring for a few seconds, the good feelings of a job well done. In order to reach a higher level of peace, Paul has come to understand that if you are never in the present, you never really live. Live the day like it will be your last. It is a gift that should never be taken for granted.

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 Paul Assaiante