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Future Factors Reshaping Our Workforce and Marketplace

Kim Lear is a speaker, writer, strategist, and researcher who explores how emerging trends impact the future of our workforce and marketplace. She is at the forefront of cutting edge research to uncover the cultural shifts that revolutionize how organizations engage employees and consumers. Goodman Speakers Bureau is proud to be partnering with Northstar Meetings Group and sponsoring Kim at Destination Florida.

Kim explains that we live in a world of information overload and continual distraction. Our minds cannot process everything at once. As a result, our minds wander and we give in to distractions. The impact on organizations makes overwhelmed and unfulfilled employees. With so many disruptions and stress, Kim’s research has shown that having present, happy, and focused employees are essential for business success. Within Kim’s presentation, she provides actionable solutions for leaders to better engage their workforce.

If you are interested in learning more about mindfulness at work, check out Kim’s blog.

We are looking forward to learning all Kim has to offer at Destination Florida. See everyone there!

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 Kim Lear